Why Does My Dog Drool Around Other Dogs? [9 Reasons]

Why does my dog drool around other dogs?

Have you ever noticed that your furry friend starts to drool around other dogs? Well, my friend, you’re not alone! Even my 2-year-old Husky had the same behavior. But, don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through it all!

So, why does your dog drool around other dogs?

Usually, dogs drool around other dogs due to anxiety, stress, nervousness, happiness, jealousy, excitement, being naturally droolers, being scared, sexual desire, or health problems. But, don’t worry, my friend, there are several possible solutions, including proper socialization, attention, exercises, and consulting with a vet.

Since dogs tend to drool around other dogs due to both normal and abnormal circumstances, it’s important to be aware of that as a responsible owner. So, let’s dive right in and learn more about our furry friends! With proper care and attention, your furry friend will be able to enjoy the company of other dogs without any drooling surprises!

Your dog may drool around other dogs due to stress

One day, when my dog was around 1.5 years old, a friend of mine, Cristy, invited me to lunch. (At that time, his Vizsla was about 4 months old.)

So I went there with my Husky. Suddenly he starts to drool accompanied by white foam around his lips. That was pretty strange to my friend. The problem is, It was the first time his dog ​​meets another dog. 

In this kind of case, dogs don’t know what to do. Because he never meets another dog. Therefore, it can lead to increased levels of stress. 

So, excessive drolling in dogs and their stress levels have a huge correlation.  

If you have any experiences with an occasion that introduces a new puppy to an adult dog, you may have noticed excessive salivation from the adult dog.

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But why do some adult dogs drool around young puppies? 

The main reason is stress. Maybe your dog is well socialized, but it doesn’t matter. Because he or she was the only dog ​​in your house until the new puppy arrived.

When the adult dog is in a stressful situation and stay around the new puppy, it’s very imperative to be mindful about both of them. 

Because the stress of an adult dog could lead to hurt the pup.  As I mentioned above, foamy saliva can occur when your adult dog is under stress.

Warning: If your adult dog has a high prey drive, it seems to have a high chance of chasing over the new pup. So be mindful! 

Because if your dog drools around other dogs, that is not a good sign. 


  • Poor socialization
  • Lack of basic obedience training
  • Ignorance to behave around other dogs 
  • Ignorance of stress management. (This responsibility rests primarily on the owner’s shoulders.)


If your dog wasn’t well socialized, start to socialize him. Go for a walk every day. Make it a habit to go to a dog park.

Give proper basic obedience training. Try to grab your adult dog’s attention and wipe his chin with a towel. Give some puppy treats and make him calm down.

Don’t bring the same sexual pup as your adult dog.

Why does your dog drool?

Your dog may drool around other dogs because of anxiety.

Often dogs tend to salivate when they see other dogs due to anxiety. It’s reasonable to occur separation anxiety on dogs once you bring them up for the first time. 

It takes time to recover. When considering a young pup, he misses his mother. If you bring an adult one, he misses his family. 

So if the dogs have separation anxiety, they tend to drool when they smell, meet, see other dogs. 

Because they cannot express their feelings to humans. A puppy may find his mother’s warmth from other dogs. 

Nowadays, people are very busy. So they used to leave their dogs alone for hours. It can lead to increased separation anxiety.


  • Human activities that increase separation anxiety.


  • Give excellent attention to the new puppy/ dog once he brings.
  • Always cuddle them.  
  • Give treats.
  • Give good exercises.
  • Give proper training to stay alone for hours.

Your dog may drool because of Sexual desire

Every dog may start to drool around other dogs because of sexual desires. Actually, this is pretty normal and a thing. Because as they become mature, it’s fair to happen such kinds of feelings. Just like humans. 

In these cases, naturally, male dogs tend to howl or cry. 

It is not essential to see each other. Assume you have a male dog. But your neighbors have a female dog. So they can feel the sense of each other through the air. 

Obviously, you may recognize that your dog may slobber/salivate in this situation. This can also happen when you are in dog parks.


  • The sexual desire


Get advice from a certified veterinarian from your area. 

Your dog may drool around other dogs because of scared.

Some dogs used to drool propitiously around other dogs. Sometimes those dogs can be way smaller than them. Furthermore, you can notice that they will be standing there without barking.

But if you look carefully, you can spot that dribble comes out from the sides of their mouths. This can happen because they are afraid of other dogs. 

I also have similar experiences. When I brought my husky ​​to the dog park, he behaved strangely for the first two or three days.

The behavior was the same as described above. He started to drool excessively, and then I realized that my poor dog was scared of other dogs.  

Ironically, some dogs that suffer from this problem are not going to take any action on other stranger dogs that came to his territory. 

But the main mistake is on the dog owner.


  • Scared to other dogs.


Once I realized that my dog was scared of other dogs, I decided to give proper socialization to my dog.  I usually used to give him exercises in our backyard, but I decided to go for walks along the road. 

Because then he could able to interact with other people and dogs. He loved it. In fact, I have often visited dog parks with my husky boy. Eventually, my dog didn’t drool around other dogs. 

If your dog is also in the same situation, try to do what I did to solve that problem. If you are still unable to remove that undesirable trait, get help from a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.

Because of jealousy

This is a common behavior among the canine world. Most dogs tend to drool around other dogs when they feel some jealousness. Often we can see this situation from Weimaraners

Honestly, this behavior is similar to humans. If you search on YouTube, you will find tons of videos of jealous dogs.

Now let’s see what the possibilities are for this matter.

When you introduce a puppy to your adult dog. 

You’ve probably experienced this one. Even though people think it’s something funny, we must think about their psychological situation.

Once, one of my friends said that “My German shepherd lived Gloriously, but when the new pup arrived, he became a frog.” then he laughed.

So I want to explain here is treat this behavior as a human of a great mind.

Think about it this way, You will have several dogs in your entire life, but dogs have only had one owner their whole lives.

You will have several dogs in your entire life, but dogs have only had one owner their whole lives.

So you can notice that the adult dog will start to drool around the puppy. Why? Because many people tend to cuddle the new puppy in front of an adult dog. 

Mostly you may be totally ignored him for hours. So it can be hurtful to your dog in a psychological way.

When you have two dogs

Assume you have two dogs. If you only cuddle and talk with one dog, it can cause you to feel something like jealousness in the second dog’s mind. 


  • This can happen because not every dog is treated equally.


Treat every dog equally. Otherwise, don’t own more than one. 

Suppose you brought home a new puppy. When you take care of the puppy, tell someone in your family to take care of the dog. 

Give him treats. Talk with him. Don’t let him feel any difference. 

Your dog may drool around other dogs due to happiness

You can see your dog’s mind through his face. Because dogs don’t know to hide their feelings as humans. 

So you can notice precisely whether they stay happily or not. 

Many dogs tend to drool around other dogs Because they think they can play with new friends. So this can happen when they stay in a happy mood. 

This is not something you have to worry about too much. Slobbering around other dogs is a pretty normal thing when they feel happiness. 

Actually, this is something you can do to keep your dog healthy physically and mentally. Currently, many dogs suffering from anxiety. If your dog has a mate, both can spend time and play throughout the day. 

When you visit a dog park, if he starts to drool around other dogs, immediately examine his behavior. If his behavior isn’t the same as fear, as I explained above, don’t worry. Let your dog play with other dogs.

Important: Your dog must have well-trained for basic obedience.

When they get nervous and excited.

Usually, dogs tend to drool around other dogs when they get excited and nervous. Do you remember a situation where your dog gets excited or nervous when he meets other dogs? 

Probably your dog may start to slobber excessively and accompanied by white foam around his lips. Mostly they will not stop it until you turn his attention toward another direction. 

You can identify whether he gets nervous or excited through the following things. 

  • Hunched back
  • Stiff body
  • Show the whited of eyes

If your dog starts to drool when he sees another dog, immediately examine if he shows the above behaviors.  If so, he may need more time to get used to another dog. 

Mostly this can happen once you bring a new puppy. In this situation, focus your eyes on the adult dog until he gets comfortable. 

If this happened in the dog park, let them interact with each other. If they are not showing any aggression, allow them to play as much as they want.

Natural droolers tend to drool around other dogs. 

Some dogs are naturally excessive droolers! Usually, these dogs used to slobber throughout the day. On hot days in summer, their slobbering can be increased extravagantly. 

So, when you bring a natural drooling dog to a dog park, you might be mistaken that he drools because of other dogs. 

If your dog starts to run when around other dogs, examine whether he has a situation that belongs to one of the above matters. 

If not, you don’t want to worry too much. Because he is a natural drooler.

The external temperament of the natural drooling dogs. 

  • They have more extensive and more jowly cheeks.
  • They have hanging jaws
  • Their lips are more prominent, and it can gather the slaver

Here is the list of the top 10 drooling dogs.

  1. Saint bernard
  2. Dogue de Bordeaux
  3. Bloodhound
  4. Bulldog
  5. Newfoundland
  6. Neapolitan mastiff
  7. Bernese mountain dogs
  8. Bullmastiff
  9. Boxer
  10. Great Dane

Due to health problems. 

As we discussed at the beginning, excessive drooling can indicate some health problems. 

If your dog starts to drool excessively around dogs, examine has, above all matters, and check whether the situation belongs to one of the above circumstances. 

If not, probably he has some health problems. So consult a certified veterinarian in your area right away.


Many dog ​​lovers around the world have a common problem. That is, “Why does my dog drool around other dogs?”. In fact, it is a fair problem, and the majority of people have experienced it.

So in this article, we have discussed that 9 possible reasons for that matter. 

So mainly dogs tend to slobber when they see/meet other dogs due to the following reasons.

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Nervousness
  • Happiness
  • Jealousy
  • Excitement
  • Naturally droolers
  • Scared
  • Sexual desire
  • Health problem.

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