Can Great Pyrenees Be Left Alone? [Owner’s Guide]

great Pyrenees be left alone

Are you ready to learn about the lovable Great Pyrenees? These affectionate pups can become extremely attached to their owners, making it a common concern for owners to wonder if they can be left alone.

Well, fear not! With proper training, positive reinforcement, mental stimulation, adequate exercise, attention, affection, and relieving boredom, your Great Pyrenees can be left alone for up to 4-8 hours. However, it’s important to note that being alone for too long can increase anxiety, stress, destructiveness, restlessness, and even aggressiveness.

To successfully leave your Great Pyrenees alone, reliable and practical training methods are key. In fact, there are proven techniques that can help increase the amount of time your pup can be left alone. So let’s dive right in and discover how you can ensure your Great Pyrenees is comfortable and content when left alone.

Can great Pyrenees be left alone? – the in-depth answer

Many people are aware that the great Pyrenees are affectionate, gentle, and very close to owners. So they seek a lot of care from you.

So it’s somewhat difficult to leave them alone. As I mentioned above, they need to be trained to be alone with a proper plan.

In fact, it’s extremely hard to be left alone, young great Pyrenees for a long time. Because they are super playful and they don’t wanna be isolated at home.

But when we look at adult great Pyrenees, they tend to sleep more during the day. So it’s slightly easier to train them to be alone.

But the fact of the matter is if you left young puppies alone for a long time, they can be so destructive.

I mean if you are away for a long time, they can even destroy your furniture. To confirm, check out the video below.

watch this and realize what they can do

How was it? In general, any type of dog doesn’t like to be alone for a long time. This is why proper training to be alone is recommended.

The other major thing is, young great Pyrenees want to go out frequently to pee or poop. But the mature ones can hold in for a considerable amount of time.

So, let’s find out how long can great Pyrenees be left alone.

How long can great Pyrenees be left alone?

I have mentioned above that great Pyrenees can be left alone up to 4-6 hours. But here is the reality, It really depends on the age of your dog.

The age of the dog Possible time (hours)
8-10 weeksUp to 1
2-3 monthsup to 2
3-4 monthsup to 3
5 months + up to 4-6

Great Pyrenees puppies

When we consider about 8-10 week great Pyrenees old puppies, they were just separated from their mother. So they require tons of caring from you.

But the fact of the matter is commonly these puppies tend to sleep about 15-20 hours per day. But it’s not straight away.

More often, they may wake up every hour or two filled with energy. At this moment, they may feel so hungry and try to find food just like their newborn time used to do.

Pyrenees webbed feet

But as they grow (up to 5 months), you can increase the time with your proper procedures.

6-18 months old great Pyrenees

When we look at 6-18 old great Pyrenees puppies, they may have been somewhat socialized with proper basic obedience training.

In fact, if they received positive reinforcement training, they could easily stay alone for a bit longer.

Mature great Pyrenees

Matured the Great Pyrenees can be left alone for about 4-6 hours in a row. As I mentioned above, we can increase that time by using several handy tactics.

But when we think about the old great Pyrenees, it really depends. Because they may be prone to have several health issues.

Thus old great Pyrenees can be left alone 2-6 hours per day.

How to left your great Pyrenees alone?

Okay, now is the time to be aware of how you can afford to do this.

In fact, to succeed in this process, patience, confidence, consistency are a must.

But before the dog keeps alone, you need to make sure the dog’s surroundings should be hazardless.

Make sure to be aware of the following.

  • Start slowly and left them alone for about 5 minutes. Practice this and gradually increase the time.
  • Make sure to give exercises before you go to work, and let them be tired. Then their energy will be released. So they can stay calm throughout the day.
  • Don’t forget to keep them mentally stimulated.
  • Confine them with a dog gate or using a crate.
  • Do not let them feel hungry
  • Keep a potty pad.
  • Provide chew toys or other favorite toys to keep them busy.
  • Keep fresh, clean water.

Tactics that help to left alone your great Pyrenees.

Here I’m gonna show you some of the tactics that will help your great Pyrenees be left alone when you are away from your home.

Here is the list of those tactics.

  • Give a nice walk before and after work.
  • Try to Hire a dog walker or dog sitter when you are away from home.
  • Find a workplace which is near your home.
  • Get a doggie camera
  • If you crate them, think about the crate size
  • The place you locate the crate
  • Bring him a companion.

Give a nice walk before and after work.

Try to give about 20-30 minutes walk before you go to work. In fact, it will be so worthwhile for you too.

By doing this, we can help them to release some of their energy. It will make them stay calm and peaceful throughout the day.

Moreover, try to give a nice long walk, just after you came home. Or else, you can try some of the backyard games with your great Pyrenees.

Play fetching would be nice.

Try to Hire a dog walker or dog sitter when you are away from home.

To be honest, dog sitting or dog walking services are somewhat cheap. I would say it will be better rather than keep your great Pyrenees alone throughout the day.

great Pyrenees like to swim

You too will get a huge advantage. I mean these people are dog lovers. Mostly, they may teach some of the things that your dog needs to know.

It would be great, right?

Find a workplace which is near your home.

We know that most people have to spend 9-5 in their workplace. Due to this, people tend to leave their great Pyrenees alone for long hours.

But here is the kicker. If you find a workplace which is not way far from your home, you can visit your home even during lunch break.

So it would help your dog to stay the evening time without any distractions.

Get a doggie camera

Another possible solution is getting a doggie camera. most doggie cameras have the following functions.

  • two way talking
  • live video streaming
  • Toss the treats

You can easily control it by using your smartphone.

Actually, this is kind of a handy method which will allow you to be left alone in your great Pyrenees for long hours.

How? Because they can hear your voice, and they can see you. In fact, you can toss a treat by calling them nicely.

Overall, this would help you to easily interact with others. Wouldn’t it be handy?

If you crate them, think about the crate size

Buy a crate that is quite larger than your great Pyrenees. If you own a puppy, be mindful, these dogs are getting gigantic over time.

I mean, the crate should be a comfortable place as your great Pyrenees grow up.

So, buy a quite bit large crate even they are small.

I will put their length and height, and you can get a rough idea about the crate size.

Male average height 27-32 inches
Female average height 25-29 inches
Male/ female average length 40.5-52.5 inches

The place you locate the crate

Believe me, this is one of the large factors in order to leave them alone for a long time.

Because we need to pay attention to their mental comfort. But some people used to keep them in a closed room when they are away.

Actually, it’s a big mistake that people make.

Staying in a large crate with a nice view is always better than being isolated in a closed room. So, be mindful of this.

Bring him a companion.

If your great Pyrenees cannot stay alone when you are away, it’s better to have a companion. It would help to stay away from separation anxiety and loneliness.

Moreover, they will stay friendly and care about each other throughout the day.

Generally, the great Pyrenees can be alone with any dog breed. But it’s better to have a large dog breed such as husky, German shepherd, etc..

But keep in mind that two mature same-sex Pyrenees and often would not be the best companions.

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How to left alone your great Pyrenees with having some fun?

Besides a doggie cam, there are multiple ways to keep your great Pyrenees entertaining when you are away.

So let’s explore some of those. Here is the list.

  • You can leave them in doggie daycare.
  • Turn on relaxing kinds of music.
  • Leave enough toys

What happens if you leave your great Pyrenees alone for too long?

Both of us know that leaving them alone for a long time is not a good idea.

In fact, leaving them for a too long period of time would lead to occur some mental and physical issues.

The sad story is many dog owners don’t care about those things.

Here is the list of issues.

  • Separation anxiety
  • Restlessness during the evening
  • Can be shown destructive behaviors
  • Long term problems.

Separation anxiety

The anxiety of separation makes it difficult to leave alone your Great Pyrenees.

So it’s mandatory to follow the instructions I have given above. In fact, you need to prove to him that he is not alone.

When you bring him for the first time, make sure to show huge love and affection, and don’t let him feel any difference between you and his mother.,

First few days, be mindful to stay with at least one person and spend time with him. Understand, separation anxiety is not an easy thing.

Think, If completely stranger carries you and if you won’t meet your family members again forever?

How is it? I invite you to treat him by assuming he is a man or your child.

Don’t leave them alone in your yard. Because of Great Pyrenees is a large dog breed and they can bark a lot. That barking may be very annoying to your neighbors.

Restlessness during the evening

To be honest, this is a huge deal. But this can impact their sleep cycle and not have a good sleep.

Can be shown destructive behaviors

No further explanation is required. If you looked at the above video, you could clearly see how much they can be destructive.

Here, they will start to chew your furniture, carpet, shoes, etc. Moreover, the situation can be even worst.

Because, if they become too destructive, they may tend to pee everywhere, dig, etc.

Long term problems.

If you leave your great Pyrenees alone for a long time on a daily basis, there might occur some long-term issues.

In fact, these issues are absolutely bad for your dog.

Here is the list of long-term issues.

  • Heart diseases
  • Blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Bladder infections.

Should you leave your great Pyrenees inside or outside?

This is a common question of all the great Pyrenees owners. Both inside and outside have pros and cons.

So let’s find out what they are.

Possible pros when the great Pyrenees be left alone outside.

  • They will receive exercise naturally.
  • It would be so helpful to maintain their mental health.
  • You don’t wanna worry about their peeing or pooping

Possible cons when the great Pyrenees be left alone outside.

  • Accidents can be occur
  • Their barking can be annoying to your neighborhood.
  • You need to build a pretty much high fence.

Possible pros when the great Pyrenees be left alone inside.

  • Safe environment for your Great Pyrenees
  • Won’t be annoying for neighborhood

Possible cons when the great Pyrenees be left alone inside.

  • Mental and physical health issues can occur.

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Most great Pyrenees lovers have a common problem. And that is, “Can great Pyrenees be left alone?”

Well, this article absolutely in-depth guide which will allow you to understand everything that you need to know. Hope It will help.

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