Can You Use Human Scissors On Dogs? [With Pros & Cons]

Can You Use Human Scissors On Dogs

Grooming is a crucial aspect of raising a furry companion. Scissors are an essential tool in the grooming process. However, the question arises: Can you use human scissors on your dog, and is it safe?

It’s not recommended to use human scissors on dogs during grooming due to their sharpness, thickness, and inability to cut bulky dog hair effectively. Using human scissors can result in a bad finish to your dog’s fur. Nevertheless, it is possible to cut dog hair with human scissors if done correctly.

Let’s explore all the facts, information, and pros and cons of using human scissors on dogs. With the right approach and tools, you can ensure that your furry friend looks and feels their best after every grooming session.

Can you cut dog hair with human scissors?

Since human scissors are commonly used for most cutting purposes, you might think that it is not a big issue to use a pair of scissors to cut your dog’s hair as well.

Yes, of course, you can cut your dog’s hair using a pair of human scissors. Still, you should know that there are advantages and disadvantages to using human scissors on your dog.

There are more specialized sets of grooming tools that are only fit for the purpose.

On the one hand, you can use both types of tools. But remember, they are NOT SAME. Some human scissors and razors cut the hair only on short surfaces and do not run deep.

Though the purpose of cutting your dog’s hair can also be done with human scissors, sometimes it might give them pain.

And also, you won’t be able to give your doggy a smooth and looking haircut by using human scissors. So, it’s better to try to avoid using human scissors on your dog.

The professional dog scissors will provide you with many more options regarding the length of your doggy’s fur and thickness. That is why it’s advisable not to use human scissors on dogs’ hair cuttings.

What are the pros of using human scissors on dogs?

Using human scissors on your dog’s haircuts sometimes might be advantageous for you. It depends on your proficiency in handling grooming tools or any kind of scissors.

So, we will look into some pros of using human scissors on your dog.

1. Time saving.

Though it takes a considerable time to get a good and looking dog hair cut through scissors, it will scissors even the minute parts smoothly if you are clever at doing home haircuts. You should have good practice regarding the matter.

2. Go for reach-hard places.

Especially with the type of curved scissors, you can go for places that are hard to reach and give him or her a nice overlook after all.

3. Smooth and blended haircuts.

Using scissors-like shears will give your doggy a nice and well-finished haircut. One side of the shear scissor is with the usual scissor blade, and the other side is with a comb.

You can give your doggy a more blended look if you use the shear scissor professionally.

Moreover, it can be used to cut out bulky and tricky coats and small mats, which are important in giving a smooth finishing.

4. Too sharp.

As human scissors are too sharp, you can complete the haircut within a short period of time if you are very familiar with the scissors.

But remember, a single mistake or a slight hand movement can cause severe damage to the skin of your doggy. Be careful!

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What are the cons of using human scissors on dogs?

When we talk about the cons of using a pair of human scissors on your dog, there are many more to point out.

Because dogs have their own grooming tools, including specialized professional scissors.

Under such a circumstance, using a pair of human scissors is really challenging and has the risk of damage most of the time.

The same set of pros themselves can sometimes become the cons of using human scissors on your doggy’s haircuts. That means the advantages pointed out in the above section can turn out to be disadvantaged.

1. Safety issues.

If you are using human scissors, the most important fact you have to consider is safety. Human scissors are made for human haircuts and not for dogs.

A slight wrong movement of your hand might give your doggy serious bruises. Since human scissors are designed for humans, using them on dogs is always in a risky red zone.

Animal scissors, or dog scissors, are made with needed safety levels and options, considering the sensitivity of dogs’ skin and their behavior.

But, if you are using it safely on your dog, you will get a nice haircut for them as you are more familiar with human scissors than dog scissors.

2. Too sharp.

The sharpness of human scissors is in their extremes. This might cause unexpected damages to your doggy when cutting their hair.

Though it will save time since the blades are too sharp and well-formed, a single mistake might have the risk of creating severe bruises on your dog’s skin.

3. Too thick.

Well, sometimes human scissors might be too thick and will be difficult to cut out the bulky hair of your doggy. And also, it will give them pain as well.

4. Bad finishing.

A pair of human scissors has the probability of not giving the expected outlook of the new haircut of your doggy.

This is because, through dog scissors, you can manage and handle any edge or any bulky fur placed on your dog than using human scissors.

How to cut dog hair with human scissors?

If you are out of options and the only option left is to cut your doggy’s hair with human scissors, at least follow the following steps and tricks. It will give your doggy partner a safe and good finishing.

1. Get a full set of human scissors.

Before going for a haircut, first, go for a professional set of scissors. You will need more than a pair of just single standard scissors as you are going to cut your goddy’s hair. 

Go to a shop, select a professional set of scissors, and remember each scissor has its own purpose.

Basically, you will need,

  • Straight grooming shears – general cuttings
  • Curved scissors – round of hair layers
  • Thinning shears – to deal with problem areas and to give a natural edge
  • Rounded safety tip scissors – for trimming

Then make sure all the scissors are well sharpened and waxed before going for the haircut.

2. Set up a place.

Select a suitable place where your doggy won’t get distracted by the sounds and surrounding activities.

Use a mat, and it will make the cleaning process after the job is done.

If you got a little puppy, take a table and keep him or her on it. It’ll be easy for you to reach for his or her sensitive and reach-hard places when cutting the hair.

3. Comb your doggy’s coat.

Then start combing your dog’s hair smoothly using a brush that you use regularly. Make sure every nook and corner of their body is well brushed and even.

Let the process take time and slowly get the work done without hurting your friend. No hurries!

4. Decide the length to cut off.

Before starting the process, you should have an idea about how long the hair of your doggy should be cut off. Usually, It’s all up to your personal preference, and use your finger to get the measurements and follow them until the end.

If you do not want to cut all the hair to the same length, you can go for a different haircut with different lengths of hair.

But make sure you are pretty familiar with the procedure. If not, your doggy will get an ugly-looking haircut. Be careful!

5. Decide the length to Start cutting from the front.

Now, you can slowly start the cutting from the front body to the back very smoothly. Use the shear scissors at the beginning.

It will be easier if you start cutting from the area at the top of the dog’s neck. Then gently make your way down to the tail but do not trim the area at once.

After, go for the hair in the belly and legs. Give a clear trim.

6. Keep sensitive areas for last.

It is better to save sensitive areas like the face, ears, and tail from trimming at the end. They are somewhat difficult areas to trim as well.

When cutting the hair in these sensitive areas, do not plan to remove a lot of hair. Just cut out unnecessary hair which comes across your doggy’s eyes or ears. It is just enough.

It is better to use rounded tip shear scissors in these areas since they are the most sensitive and most important areas of your doggy fellow.

Things to be aware of.

When trimming or giving haircuts using human scissors, you must consider more about safety.

Make sure to sterilize the scissors and keep them clean without opening them for germs. Use Lysol or Clorox to clean them well.

Do not use dull scissors and when it comes to ears, make sure not to go in-depth. Just cut only the outside hair.

Take a note about the breed of your fellow, as the sensitivity of your fellow depends on the breed as well.

Do not hang that they are able to bear up any problematic situation since they are barking so roughly. Dogs are more sensitive than human beings.

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Well, I suppose now you have a complete idea about using human scissors on your dog’s haircuts and the pros and cons. If you really want to use a pair of human scissors, now you know how to use them step by step with the provided guide.

Keep your doggy clean and good-looking with different haircuts while considering their safety as the utmost factor.

Cheers to your journey with your doggy partner!

See you next time!

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