Can You Use Dog Clippers on Human Hair? [With Pros & Cons]

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We all have to use dog clippers if we want to keep our dogs trimmed and neat. Especially during the quarantine period, most people had to break them out at some point. So today, I will evaluate how we should react to using dog clippers on both dogs and people.

Well, here is the short answer.

Although dog clippers can be used for human hair, they are inappropriate for this task because they will mess up most hairstyles. Also, dog clippers don’t have as powerful motors as human clippers, are harder to cut with, and have higher speeds. But they produce less noise and vibration.

Although you can use dog clippers on humans, there are some hindrances to consider. So, what are they? They’re all in here, and all you have to do is keep reading this article.

Can Dog Clippers Be Used on Human Hair?

What makes us do this? It could just be our curiosity, or it could save time and money.

As I said, most people tried to do this during quarantine. Even my father did it. That’s why I suggest you do it.

But keep in mind there are some things to consider. Although you can use dog clippers on humans, you cannot do it without safety.

Please keep reading to ensure the safe use of your clippers, and then you can clip, clip, clip away! Make yourself your priority. Ok, ok, I am not going to scare you anymore, so let’s talk about the other aspects you should know about this simple matter without further delay.

Because the above details are not enough to make a decision, you have to innovate. Therefore, follow my leads.

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What Are the Differences Between Dog Clippers vs. Human Clippers?

If you want to understand the difference between dog and human clippers, you have come to the right place.

When studying this subject, your curiosity will make its way to this question. Don’t worry; I’m here to help you. Let’s discuss the above aspects.

What is the difference between dog and human clippers?

Dog Clippers

These clippers are made according to the dog’s coat, not human hair. I’ll explain. When we talk about dogs’ coats, there are various coats we can see as examples — long coats, smooth coats, heavy coats, double coats, etc.

When people make clippers, they consider these two coats mainly: double coats and single coats. Those two are priorities when making clippers for dogs.

And also, the blade of the clipper is essential here. Let’s see why that is.

We can divide it into two categories according to the type of blade. These are fine-tooth blades and skip-tooth blades. Why are they so important?

1. Skip-Tooth Blade

This blade is suitable for double-coated dogs because it has long teeth, which also help prevent your dog from hurtful pulling or painful rubbing.

The skip-tooth blade has gaps between the teeth. This blade is less harmful and more comfortable for your dog. If your dog has a thick double coat, this blade is for them.

This blade has been marked using numbers, and others have been marked using both numbers and English letters. So, you can easily recognize them.

2. Fine-Tooth Blade

When we move toward fine-tooth blades, they are marked using both English letters and numbers. So, you will be able to identify which is a fine-tooth blade and which is something else.

Look carefully; the fine-tooth blade has gaps between teeth, and the gap is less than the skip-tooth blade. So, these types of blades are not suitable for thick-coated dogs. When you buy a clipper for your dog, please, consider it.

Now you have a good understanding of this subject, that’s why I rationalized the above things. As a result, now you can speculate on this topic wider. So, let’s come back to the major point.

Next, I will discuss the differences between human and dog clippers. This will be a neat comparison.

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When We Discuss Dog Clippers…

1. They don’t have powerful motors: Yup, they have tranquil and soft motors because dogs are often scared of noises and strong vibrations. So, it is good to have a smooth and quiet motor with which to tackle this grooming showdown with your dog.

2. They are not too close to the skin: We cannot easily judge a dog’s mental state; your dog can be nervous and excited anytime. As a result, your furry friend can run away from you at a key—sometimes dangerous—point during grooming! If the clippers are not too close to the skin, your dog will not become nervous. Crucially, using this kind of blade can prevent your dog from getting harmed.

3. Speed: Dogs are not like us. They cannot understand what is happening around them. So, if you want to calm your dog during grooming, you must buy fast clippers because you cannot hold your dog for long. Low-speed clippers should only really be used for grooming your dog’s face.

4. Blade: I have mentioned the two blades you can use when grooming your dog. I shouldn’t want to repeat it because you already know about blades.

5. Cord type: Two types of cords are available to buy. These are corded and cordless. So, which one is good for your dog, and why should we choose it? Choosing a cordless clipper is better because it has a comfortable movement and helps your dog keep their mental and physical stimulation. Most of the dogs need to become more familiar with the trimming process. So, if you can choose a cordless clipper, it will be good for your dog.

Human Clippers

1. Made for short-length hair: Human clippers are made for shorter-length hair, and it takes a short period to finish the work.

2. Powerful motor: They have powerful motors, which help to save time as well as your hairstyle. Furthermore, clippers are cored.

3. Heat: The motor of the human clipper heats up quickly because it has a strong motor. You have experienced this!

4. Cutting: These clippers can cut closer to the skin. Although good for people, they aren’t suitable for dogs.

5. Vibration: Human clippers have a stronger vibration system than dog clippers. When the clipper is working, the buzzing sound easily comes out of the clipper. These vibrations and sounds are uncomfortable with dogs, but using them for people is okay.

So those are the differences between dog clippers and human clippers. Now you have a brief idea of how far you can agree with the above title.

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Advantages of Using Dog Clippers on Human Hair

Less noise: This is a good point to consider if you are fed up with the noise when you groom your own hair. Dog clippers do not make any noise.

Safer: Dog clippers are safer than human clippers. Because it’s the blade doesn’t get too close to the skin, you can better protect your skin.

Fast: You can save valuable time because these clippers work very fast.

Travel-friendly: Are you looking for a travel-friendly clipper? Then you have come to the right place! Dog clippers are easy for on-the-go use and are travel-friendly.

When changing blades: Changing the blade of a dog-hair clipper is quicker and easier. So, that’s one less thing to get frustrated over!

Disadvantages of Using Dog Clippers on Human Hair?

Can be damaged easily: You should keep an eye on the clipper unless it cannot be repaired again. You have to check the clipper blade, oil, etc. Keep it in good condition. It can be damaged easily.

Skin can be damaged: When you use dog clippers, you have to use the right blades, otherwise your hair can get messed up, and your skin can be damaged.

Uncomfortableness: Only use it once you are comfortable with it.

Obviously, we know dog clippers are made for dogs, not humans. Although we may have to use them suddenly or by chance, you should know about them. So, maybe this is only a temporary switch.

Things to Be Aware Of

Use the right blade and clippers: Given the information discussed in this article, you must use the right blades and clippers for you.

Quality: When you use dog clippers, be careful with the product quality. Some are cheap and lack the same level of safety required for human clippers or are simply not of good quality. You are responsible for choosing a branded and safe product for you and your dog.

Replacement duration: You have to change your blade at least every three to six months, and you have to clean it very well because not doing so can affect your health. Beware of dirty blades.

Purpose of the clipper: Depending on the clipper type, its purpose can differ according to the hair length it was designed for. Usually, dog clippers are made for short hair. Also, the blade gap and size are different from human clippers. So, take note of this before use.

Cleaning: To wash your blade, you should consider using rubbing alcohol washing it. You must wipe your blade properly.

Check the numbers: The blade has been marked using numbers to indicate the hair length it can cut. So, when you buy a clipper, consider the number on the blade and the length of your hair.

Heating: Clippers for human hair heat up in only a short time, but dog clippers take much longer to heat up. This is because humans don’t have a large area to trim, whereas you have to groom your dog’s entire body. That’s why it takes a long time to heat. It has the power to tolerate more than human clippers.


That’s a lot to digest. We’ve discussed a lot, including the consequences of using dog clippers, the differences between human and dog clippers, and finally, the advantages and disadvantages of using different clippers on human hair. I hope you now have a good idea about today’s topic. Happy clipping!


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