How To Stop A Dog From Jumping Out Of Its Pen [Do This]

It seems that some dogs are secretly watching the TV series Prison Break, as they’re escape artists who are always successful at jumping out of their pens. Have you ever wondered how to stop this from happening?

Well, here’s the short answer.

Dogs jump out of pens due to loneliness, separation anxiety, lack of love and attention, lack of comfort, and the need for exercise, which can all affect their health. Bumping up the ex-pen using techniques with cardboard, PVC pipes, and lattice wood are methods and techniques to handle this problem.

Although this might seem like a simple issue, it directly relates to your dog’s safety. So, it’s important to understand what makes your dog do this and how to avoid it. But don’t worry – I’m here to guide you through the process.

Why do dogs try to jump out of the pen?

Because dogs don’t like forcing them in, there will make them more stressed and unhappy. They’ll use their teeth on the bars and try to chew, and they jump out of the pen.

Dogs should have cuddle time, potty time, playtime, walk time around the garden, and of course have sleep time. They want freedom, So we should understand it.

There are several reasons behind this. Let’s consider them one by one.

1. Loneliness

Your dog may want to be free from a pen as she feels lonely being inside it. They are sad because no one is around them. Their mind becomes weak. It may affect their mental health.

2. Separation anxiety

Dogs are not human, but they have emotions. They want to be around someone with them. They like to play with their owner spend time with him.

In a case where you went outside, your puppy is alone at home. Then there is the worry of separation.

3. Maybe a health issue.

Dogs want physical and mental health. Do you know it? You need to maintain both the physical and mental health of your dog.

Walking, playing, feeding, and spending time together with dogs are the most valuable things for dogs’ health.

4. Lack of comfort in the pen. 

Even in the pen, your dog should be able to stay comfortable. Dogs also need to be able to look around the environment.

They like it because they want natural and fresh air for their breath. It affects dogs’ health.

5. Lack of attention.

Dogs want attention because they have emotional and physical contact with their owners.

If you have a dog that is sensitive to touch, you must give any physical contact that is rewarding for your dog. What do they like most? That is love, affection, and attention. You must know about it.

6. Need for exercises

Dogs need a daily walk, but you are busy with your work. But they need exercise. Exercise helps maintain the dog’s health. It is a major factor affecting health.

In the pen, they get tired of being in the same position. So, they want to jump out of a pen.

In this way, there’re several reasons why dogs are reluctant to stay in a cage. When taken into consideration, these factors affect the health of the dogs, so they do not want to be trapped for a moment or so.

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How to stop your dog friend from jumping out of the pen?

Do you know that? You leave home for your work until you come back; your dog is in the pen. You might think he is happy and free in the pen. But it is the wrong decision. Dogs don’t like it.

Considering the reasons I mentioned above, your dog jumps out of the pen. So, I am going to tell you how to stop a dog from doing that. Let’s see what the steps and methods we can take for this problem are.

If you have a puppy at home, you know they always like to play, so they don’t like to be in the pen most of the day.

They like to spend time having fun playing with you, and they are keen on everything carefully and try to do something new like an experiment.

If you have a puppy in your house, they feel lonely. So they always think to come out of the pen and put toys in the pen to stop their activity.

Another important thing is to apply a cover over the pen with the help of PVC pipes to prevent it from jumping out.

And there are many options to stop a dog from jumping out of the pen. Some are temporary solutions. But they will help you. Let’s see what they are.

  1. Attach the mesh screening
  2. Attach the lattice wood panels
  3. Use a piece of the cardboard box
  4. Bump up the height than ex-pen.

Normally dogs like to chew everything, so you should know to cover the pen strongly as well as comfortable options when it is easy for your puppy to stay in the pen.

So, you can try out one by one. These solutions may help you.

How to make your dog love its pen?

If you want to stop a dog from jumping out of the pen, You should not make your dog’s pen like a prison. He shouldn’t even be allowed to think so.

You must change your dog’s feelings about his pen. You make a pen-like free and comfortable place. When he likes it.

There are several ways you can use to make your dog love its pen.

1. Keep pen clean

Your dog likes the pen to be clean because It’s easy for him to feel comfortable.

When he is always in the pen, he can get a fresh, healthy scent when he has a clean pen or he may be unwilling to stay in the stinking foam any longer.

Then, It will be one of his favorite places because it’s clean.

By the way, read this to understand how to keep a pen from getting muddy.

2. Keep food and water inside the pen

Pack the delicious food your dogs need. Dogs like fresh food. And they always drink water because they are always thirsty. So be sure to water them as they need to.

Feed them with yummy meals. Then it will not be a problem for them to be in the pen.

3. Don’t keep the pen in a dark place.

You must be a safe place and also not a dark place. Keep it outside or near a window to get ventilation. It gets fresh air and sunlight, but he can see outside by keeping it in a cool place, and his restlessness goes away.

4. Use eye-catching blankets

Give your dog a comfortable mattress and more eye-catching blankets. He will like it by being comfortable in the pen.

5. Try to communicate with the dog while he is in the pen.

Give your time to your dog. Place the pen near to your room or near to where you are often. When your dog sees you often, loneliness disappears. Always talk with your puppy and play with him. Pay your attention to him.

Apart from all the above solutions, there are other things you can do. I have given my dog ​​a place which is a play area in his pen. His most favorite toy I put on it.

When he feels alone, he plays with his toys and chews them. When he wants to go out and come in, you can open the pen’s door. Then he will surely get used to the pen.

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Things to be aware of.

I think now you know what to do to stop your dog from jumping out of a pen. Dog’s pen is not a prison. It is a safe place where he can always stay.

Do you know how to treat your puppy? You can do a few things for your dog.

  1. Don’t hit your dog.
  2. Walk with him.
  3. Play with him.
  4. Do not forget that your dog is alone in the pen.
  5. Feeding food on time.

You have to keep in mind some of the things I mentioned above. Those things are important to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. So you can try those things. It may help you.


Dogs do perfect things always. Before you read this article, your dog’s behavior has changed after you read. Because the pen is not a prison, it’s a comfortable and safe place for dogs to stay.

The dog is an animal who has an intelligent working brain so he can choose the right things that he wants. You must understand his feelings and behavior. It may help you to work with your puppy. You must train your pup that the pen becomes his favorable place. Eventually, your dog won’t try to jump out of its pen.

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