How To Keep Dog Pens From Getting Muddy [Do These 5 Things]

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As dog owners, we all know the frustration of dealing with a muddy dog pen. This can be a huge problem, but there are solutions that can help you keep your dog’s pen clean and dry. In this discussion, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for dealing with muddy dog pens.

To keep your dog pen from getting muddy, you can use artificial grass and hay cover, put wood chips without a trap, use a raised bed like the Kuranda style, slope the drainage, and clean your dog before entering the home. While some of these solutions may be temporary, they can be effective during the muddy season.

While dealing with a muddy dog pen may not seem like a big deal, it’s important to remember that this is your dog’s living space, and it can have an impact on their health and wellbeing. By following the tips and tricks we’ll discuss in this conversation, you can help keep your furry friend happy and healthy. Don’t miss out on this informative discussion that can help you keep your dog’s pen clean and dry.

Why do dog pens get muddy?

This problem occurs during the rainy season. It’s because your atmosphere is full of muddy holes. Every rainy season most dog owners suffer from this issue.

Before discussing the solution it is better to talk about reasons. I’m gonna be frank with you all and keep reading this. Trust me; this is gonna be very interesting.

Dog pens get muddy because your yard is full of muddy holes. Dogs are fond of playing with water, especially muddy water, because they like the fragrance which is coming from the muddy holes.

I have seen most dogs fond of jumping on it, laying on it, and playing with muddy holes. They come to it as soon as they see a muddy hole.

If your yard becomes a mess during the rainy season, you will not be able to stop getting your dog’s pen muddy. And this is the most important thing.

Although your yard is full of grass, your dog can dig some holes. Dogs are looking forward to digging holes in the garden.

This is also another reason for getting your dog’s pen muddy. Dogs are very good at making messes. Don’t worry; it is not a big deal. They should have that kinda experience too.

Besides, if your dog goes outside with his doggy friends, you cannot stop getting the pen muddy. Especially during the rainy season.

When they are together, in short, they bathe in mud. At a time like this, the pen will become a mess. To tell you in brief, it will become a muddy hut.

Where is your dog’S pen situated? If the area is so wet, try to keep the house in another place.

(Only if the house can move here and there) After entertaining with muddy water, they directly come to their houses. If the house is situated in a wet area, the problem becomes worse.

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How to keep dog pens from getting muddy?

As responsible owners, we must keep the dog healthy. When it comes to the wet season there is a risk of being sick than in other seasons.

Trust me being wet can make your puppy unhealthy. So we should have a plan to keep the dog pen from getting muddy during this rainy season.

Specifically, keeping his/her pen dry is very vital. Because in a wet atmosphere spreading viruses can increase. So let’s move on to the solutions.

1. Using artificial grass or hay cover

How can this method work? Just listen. I know you have a big dilemma now. Where should we keep artificial grass or hay cover?

Think wisely. You can keep them in front of the dog pen., just like a carpet. When they try to enter inside the pen, the mud will disappear because of artificial grass or hay cover.

Further, you can keep them inside the pen. It will be more comfortable, but when you are going to use a natural thing like a hay cover, please consider these things as well because some are so itchy.

 2. Putting woods chips

Did you know these woods can absorb water? Yes, of course. Woods chips can absorb liquid things more than artificial grass and hay.

So this will be a nice and quick solution for your issue. What do you think about it? Just listen, but there is a risk of being injured because your dog will bite them, dig them, etc…

So you have to be careful when you are dealing with this solution. Safety first.

3. Using raise bed

What is the meaning of this? Lemme explain. Dogs are fond of lying on Miranda beds. As a result of this, your doggy friend will spend his/her day on the bed.

Because they feel more comfortable with it. You can bring a bed just like Kuranda style and what you have to do is, introduce it to your lovely pooch.

He/she will spend his/her day with it, and the dog will forget to get muddy. And also, both your dog and dog pen will be safe.

4. slope the drainage

Haven’t you thought about this solution yet? What is the reason for having mud holes in your garden? Or near your dog’s pen?

The place is so flat that water can not run away from your garden. Technically, it would help if you slope the place where there are muddy holes.

Don’t let them stay around your yard. That’s why your dog makes his/her place so muddy.

5. Bath your dog

Buddy this is just the wet season. You should not worry about that. It will disappear after a few days. Try to bathe your dog before he/she comes into his place.

This is your favorite friend. It’s not a big deal if you can take care of him/her during this season. It will be over soon.

Over bathing is not a good thing because your dog can be sick during the rainy season, so you should also consider it.

So All of them are temporary solutions because this season is also a temporary one. What you have to need is a kind heart, patience, and bearing.

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How to clean a muddy dog pen?

A muddy dog pen is not good for both your dog and you. Specifically, if you don’t clean your dog’s pen at least once a day, your dog will become dirty and sick.

As responsible owners, you should have thought about this positively. A clean dog and a clean kennel show how responsible you are.

So let’s see how to clean a muddy dog pen correctly.

So, buddy, this is not rocket science. Before you clean the dog pen, you have to do some kinda things. What are they?

  1. Evacuate your dog: Keep your dog out of the pen because this is a huge procedure. Unless your dog will try to play with it and it will be very disturbing to your work.

2. Remove your dog’s foods, water bowls, toys, blankets, etc…: If you keep your dog’s pen empty, it will help you to clean the dog pen well. On the other hand, you have to clean the above stuff too. Before you give your dog’s stuff, you have to put them into the washing machine and clean up(cloths)

3. Remove soil and mud: Now the dog pen is so empty. So next you can start to remove soil and mud. If you have kept your dog pen inside the home, you would have kept it outside during this procedure.

4. Add cleaning detergents: And also you can add cleaning detergents to wash your dog pen. When you choose detergents they should not be harmful to your dog. Keep an eye on it.

5. Scrub dog pen out: Then scrub dog pen out with a brush and also the brush should be a recommended one. brush all the walls and surfaces very well. If you can use hot water to wash your dog’s pen, that would be great.

Finally, rinse and dry the dog pen thoroughly.

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What are the best practices to follow to maintain a clean dog pen?

  1. Empty the dog pen completely before you clean it.
  2. Clean the dog pen at least once a day (during the wet season)
  3. Let the dog pen dry after cleaning it.
  4. Have the right tools.
  5. If you haven’t enough time to clean your dog’s pen, you can hire someone else to do it.
  6. Keep your dog away from the pen during the cleaning progress.
  7. Consider the dog pen type (outdoor, indoor)
  8. Allocate an area to clean the dog pen. (if you use the current place to clean it, the place will become muddy)
  9. Consider the things the dog pen is made in. (woods, aluminum, iron)
  10. When you use shampoos, soaps, or detergent to clean the dog pen, consider the things the dog pen is made in. Because some kinda shampoos or detergent are not good with iron and aluminum.

Things to be aware of

  • you have to think about the time you are going to clean your dog pen because generally, we can do it during day time.  The reason is the sunlight. It can destroy dangerous viruses, bacteria, etc… And also sunlight will help you to dry your dog pen sooner.
  • You have to remove all the hay covers, woods chips, dry grasses, etc before getting them smelly. These things can work with bacteria. So it will be harmful to your lovely dog.
  • And also you have to brush all over the kennel. Not only surfaces but also walls, roofs, etc…
  • Do not use bleach while you are cleaning your dog’s pen. It is harmful to your dog.

After all this procedure, what you have to do is keep your dog pen comfortable. Doesn’t matter how dedicated you are if your dog doesn’t want to live with it.

Keep your dog’s favorite toys, blankets, water bowls… Inside the dog pen. You have to clean them too before putting them into the dog pen.

Every dog has their comfort zone. After you put the above things inside your dog’s pen, let him/her fix it as he/she wishes.


How to keep the dog pen from getting muddy? I have given simple tricks for you to overcome this issue. Anyhow every dog owner goes through this problem during the wet season because it does not affect a lot during summer. You shouldn’t worry about that because the wet season is just temporary like I said before. Moreover, I have discussed all the matters and solutions concerning the above issue. So I hope it will be a strength for you to vanquish this issue.


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