Can You Put Two Dog Crates Next To Each Other? [Full Guide]

putting two dog crates next to each other

If you are a multi-dog owner, it is important to consider whether it is possible to keep two dog crates next to each other. This article aims to offer guidance on this issue.

To put it simply, keeping two dog crates next to each other can be challenging due to various factors, such as lack of crate training, lack of socialization, gender issues, aggressiveness, lack of mental stimulation and attention, health issues, and psychological issues. However, these issues can be addressed and resolved.

Dogs are sensitive animals that crave love and attention. They may not like to share their belongings with another dog, making it challenging to meet all of their needs and wants.

Let me help you figure out what is possible and what is not.

Is it possible to put two dog crates next to each other?

Dog’s crates are never used as punishment because crates provide safety cozy, and it acts as a bedroom. In your house, you have two puppies who have some problems with their behavior.

It’s usually a situation because sometimes your two puppies can keep each other company perfectly; on the other hand, it may be difficult.

In this article, I suggest how you place two crates for your dogs, and I show that it is possible to put two dog crates next to each other.

We can manage this problem if we know the reason is.

When you place two cages together, one or both of your dogs’ behavior changes nearby.

These behavior differences are affected by some of the reasons for dogs. I will give you several reasons below, and you can understand this issue.

 1. Dogs are not socialized

Some dogs are alone in the house because they do not socialize with others. They don’t like living with other dogs because they are not socialized and fearful.

The reason for this is they have behavior issues, Such as inter-dog aggression, irritability, and nervousness.

Our dogs live in limited areas most of the time. They see the limited environment, and they live in crates lonely because they don’t like the arrival of another dog, living with him, and the unpleasant behavior of another one. In this issue,

If you have two dogs, one dog or both two dogs don’t like to live with each other, and also they don’t like their crates to be together because they are not socialized.

2. Lack of crate training

You should train your dog to live in the crate if you don’t train your dog correctly, the puppy doesn’t like living in it, and the crate will be a dog’s disliked place.

Then he exhibits his bad qualities and behavior. Such as, he tries to come out of the crate, howling, anxious about the crate, and also barking always.

So, you know that I should train my doggy daily. I spend time with him if your dog is behaving badly. The reason for that is maybe a lack of training, and also training can be inadequate.

If you have two dogs, you want to place two crates in the same place. It is a problem if your dog has bad behavior and doesn’t like others.

There are several mistakes for your lack of training.

  1.  If you command the same thing over and over again.
  2. commands are more like a nuisance.
  3. Lack of obedience
  4. Emotional issues
  5. If the puppy has not proactive
  6. If your thoughts are inconsistent with the puppy’s feelings
  7. You don’t have confidence in the dog’s behavior

I mentioned the mistakes above. If you do them, your dog does not obey you, and he doesn’t like to have his crate next to each other, and he rejects it.

3. Gender issues.

If you have two dogs, but they have different genders, you will face the problem of two crates near to another one.

Because some females don’t like males, you should understand their feelings. If you have same-gender puppies, it will also perhaps be a problem.

In different situations about this problem, I will explain to you the reasons for it. Sometimes dogs are more attracted to one gender or both of them.

It may change in different breeds, so I can’t answer directly.

Different genders have different personalities. Such female dogs are moodier, sweeter, and more aggressive.

On the other hand, Male dogs are more playful, more human aggressive, and don’t like to live with other ones.

This sex difference is affected by this issue. So, there are some explanations about the difference between male and female dogs’ behavior.

  1. Biology is the reason for some different qualities.
  2. Social and cultural differences.
  3. Aggressive behavior
  4. Weak interaction with humans.
  5. Differences of genealogical personalities.

So, I explain the above reasons why the dog’s crates are placed next to each other and dogs don’t like it.

4. Aggressive breed

If you have one puppy and if you want to adopt a dog, you think about what breed of dog is suited for you.

In this crates’ issue, we will need to handle it. And If you have two dogs of different breeds, you have this problem. Dogs have different personalities because they react to different behaviors.

If you have aggressive breed dogs, it is difficult to put two dog crates next to each other. They have an aggressive attitude.

I am looking for some breeds like examples. If you have Rottweilers, their reputation for being aggressive.

If you have Chow Chow, they are aggressive toward strangers and also have aggressive behavior. If you have Boxers, they also have aggressive behavior. Dachshunds are also the most aggressive.

So, I am showing some examples of aggressive breeds. Now you can get ideas about what aggressive breeds are. And you can imagine what’ll happen if you put two dogs’ crates next to each other.

5. Lack of mental stimulation

Dogs are like humans who don’t like living in the same way and the same routine. They don’t like to stay lonely because they suffer from separation anxiety and mental stress.

If you have two dogs, they want different things, but they want you, your attention always, and spend time with you.

If you spend more time with your one dog than your other one, one of them will be jealous of the other one.

Then, they have psychological issues, and their health will decrease. So, that is the reason why you can’t put two dog crates next to each other, And one of them or both of them don’t like it.

6. Lack of time with pups

If you go out for your work and you are busy with your work, your dogs are so lonely but don’t forget them.

It’s evident that dogs prefer to spend more time with their owners. If you have two dogs, you should arrange a time for both of them similarly.

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What should you do if you cannot put two dog crates next to each other?

If you cannot put two dog crates next to each other, you should do several things and try several methods. So, I am going to explain them.

1. Don’t forget physical exercises

Dogs want to do physical exercises daily because they need to maintain their health. Physical health is the main thing in a dog’s life because They are always active.

So, you need to make time for your puppies because it is the most important for them.

If you remember your dogs’ exercises on time, you can handle their problems.

2. Obedience training

You can train your puppies perfectly if they misbehave. So, you can train patiently; your puppies will obey you and respond to you nicely for your commands.

You will put two dogs’ crates next to each other because they obey your opinion.

3. Crate training

If you use professional behavior training, you can handle your dog’s behavior. Because dogs have a good memory, they can quickly understand the crate training methods.

Dogs’ bad personality problems can change in professional crate training. So, you can get an idea for this issue.

4. Arrange playdates

Most problems are about your time because you don’t spend more time with your puppies, and you face many issues.

So, you arrange playdates for your puppies; it is a good opportunity. You can do different things such as play with them, walk with them, give them favorite food.

5. Positive reinforcements

If you make your dog work by hiding his favorite treats, your dog becomes familiar with another dog. Because He wants his favorable treats.

6. Socialize behavior 

Some dogs are not socialized because they live in the crate only. It is the wrong thing. Dogs should socialize because they can live with another one comfortably.

So, if you have one or more than two, you must train them how to collaborate with another one apart from all the above solutions.

I want to tell you something about my experience. In my home, I  have two german shepherds. They are properly socialized and understand another one.

So I need to tell you if you choose a dog breed for another dog crate, you want to know if they can collaborate with every breed.

Not only breed but also dog’s behavior, personalities, and gender, you want to know all things. Then you can easily put two dog crates next to each, your dogs will get used to living with others.

Things to be aware of

1. Don’t rush.

You don’t rush decisions about your puppies because you properly know your dog’s personalities and feelings.

2. Be patient with your dogs.

Dogs are more playful, and they don’t like to share their owners’ love and attention with each other. So, you should be patient when working with your dog.

3. Give him new toys

You need to give new toys to your puppies, and they will be happy with toys. If your dogs stay in dogs’ crates comfortably, they will be happy with new toys.


I suppose that I answered your all issues with this article about putting two dog crates next to each other. You should understand clearly how to take care of your two puppies equally because it is very important to handle your puppies’ behavior and personalities and keep them happy and healthy.

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