Why Do Dog Eat One Kibble At A Time? [Reasons + Solutions]

dog eating one kibble at a time

Most of the time, my dog eats one kibble at a time, and I’ve always wondered why. So, I observed his normal behavior, and you’ll be surprised to know what I discovered.

Dogs may eat one kibble at a time due to loneliness, boredom, large kibbles, for fun, genetic behavior, lack of a comfortable environment, or as a developed habit. However, if a dog is doing this due to an oral problem, it’s essential to consult a veterinarian.

Although this is a brief answer, it’s a vast subject that could go on endlessly. Dogs are full of surprises. So, join me for more interesting details about this adorable behavior.

Why does your dog eat one kibble at a time?

Like I said before, my dog got used to eating one kibble at a time. So I just worried about this strange behavior because I’m a very careful dog owner.

But I didn’t get excited and what I did was I studied my dog’s behavior and the time I give kibble. As a result, I could get the reasons why my dog eats one kibble at a time.

I know you are also curious to know all of these because you are also suffering from this dilemma.

1. Loneliness

What happens when your dog feels lonely? Yet it has a direct bond with foods. Most of the time, dogs refuse food when they feel lonely.

But here, it is a different thing. Look most of the time carefully when your dog takes one kibble and moves into another place.

So the reason is he/she finds a friend to make companionship with him/her.

2. As a habit

Some dogs eat one kibble at a time as a habit. That is totally normal and you should not worry about it at all. Most of the dogs have this habit.

3. Because of boredom

Normally, dogs are very active, playful, and energetic. Always they want to release their energy. But what happens when they feel bored?

They try to do strange things, such as eating one kibble at a time. Strange? No, no, I mean they do kinda weird things.

Because they want to reduce boredom. They take one bite and eat peacefully. How cute they are…. Seeing their cutest behavior is one of the luckiest things, especially as a good dog owner.

4. For fun

It is a well-known fact that doggos are good at making fun. Although we can get our dog to see his/her physical behavior, we cannot read their mind at all.

Actually, they are very funny both mentally and physically. Rarely some dogs are very lazy, inactive, and such. But most of them find their own way to entertain themselves.

So this one is also a trick like that. Sometimes you can see while they are eating kibble, they take nibbles here and there and try to hide them under the table, carpet, chair, etc..…

5. It is a genetic thing

The dog is a hunting animal. When they are in the jungle, they hunt for food. After the hunt, they eat them a piece of the piece, just like the way your dog eats one kibble at a time.

So you see, this habit has been coming for a long time. So we cannot change it, on the other hand, we don’t want to change it because it is such a very cute thing.

For me, it is a very nice thing. Normally I enjoy seeing my dog’s behavior, and I’m not going to disturb him at all.

6. They want a comfortable environment

Eating is a passion. How do you want to take your lovely meal? While crowded or in a peaceful and comfortable place?

Yes, I’m sure you will choose the second answer. So you see, dogs are also like humans. They want freedom too.

They are extremely likely to take their meal to a peaceful and comfortable place with them.

That’s why most of the time, they take one kibble and move into another place and eat them because they cannot move the entire bowl.

So let your dog do it because it is not harmful and will make them happy.

7. They enjoy the moment

When you get your favorite and delicious meal, how do you react? Do you eat all of them at once or eat them slowly and peacefully while feeling the taste?

I raise my hand for the second answer. Now you have a brief idea about what I am going to say. Yes, my friend.

Dogs eat one kibble at a time because they enjoy the moment and feel the taste. Can you imagine it? They deserve it. Some dogs are fond of eating kibble.

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Should you worry if your dog friend eats one kibble at a time?

Most dog owners worry about this issue. Specifically, if you have become a dog owner for the first time, you would have worried a lot.

Because you have no previous experiences. As a result, some unnecessary things can happen. When you adopt a dog, mutual understanding is the most important thing.

You have to understand and know about your dog and also let your dog understand you.

Because of this kind of issue, your bond with the dog can be broken if you don’t know how to tackle the situation. So my advice is don’t get excited or worry at all.

When you become nervous about the things your dog does, he/she will understand it. Here I am especially talking to the new owners.

To tell you in brief, NO, YOU SHOULD NOT WORRY if your dog eats one kibble at a time. It is extremely normal behavior.

Do not panic thinking about this issue. Some owners try to involve and help the dog. Although you think it is a good thing, it is not.

You should leave the dog alone. You have already read the reasons why they eat one kibble at a time. So you know it is not a thing that you should worry about.

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What to do if a dog eats one kibble at a time?

As I said before, you should not worry about how your dog eats kibbles. Your involvement can be harmful to your dog, although your thought is good. If you want to increase the amount your dog eat

  1. You can motivate your dog
  2. You can take advice from your vet
  3. You can hire a dog trainer and let him/her involved in this
  4. Be patient and give sometimes to your dog
  5. help your dog if he/she has any mental or physical disability.
  6. Take your dog to the clinic and keep eye on your dog’s nutrition
  7. Keep a comfortable environment for your dog
  8. Give kibbles on time.

But my personal point of view is we should not push them to eat. Especially food like kibbles. The most important thing is you have to get to know the issue your dog is having.

Whether he/she has some kinda physical or mental problem. If she/he is ok with it, you should not worry about that.

Like I said before, this is an extremely normal thing among every dog. Overprotection can be harmful to the dog both mentally and physically.

So take it easy. Have a good journey with your cute little buddy.

Things to be aware of

1. Don’t push your dog to eat a lot

This is the popular mistake we normally make. Because when we see the way our dog eats kibble, we try to push the dog to eat a lot of kibble at once.

I mean more than one kibble. The reason is some owners think the dogs must eat a log for their health. Do you like when someone is disturbed while you are eating?

Or do you let him change the way we eat? The answer is NO. So dogs are also the same.

2. Don’t try to give medicine

Some owners may think their dog is suffering from an upset stomach that’s why he/she doesn’t eat much.

Yes, of course, if you’re not familiar with the dog and if you have a dog for the first time, it is fair to think like that.

So before taking action, ask your vet or someone else who is good at adopting dogs. But now you have realized that eating one kibble at a time is not an abnormal thing. 

So don’t try to do anything without an expert’s advice.

3. Don’t punish him/her

Some people get angry when their dogs do some strange things. Yes, of course, dog foods are expensive but if your dog doesn’t want to eat them, let them go away.

Giving punishment avoiding giving kibble are not solutions. Always try to understand the way your dog thinks and learn how to react according to the occasion.

4. How often can you give kibbles?

This is a good question. Generally, how often do you give kibbles to your dog? If you give them most of the time, your dog will refuse it.

There is no exact time to give food, but if you can give kibbles twice a day, that is enough.

Over-feeding will lead to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, sugar, etc… therefore, note down the time you give kibbles to your dog.

5. Don’t stop giving kibbles

Dogs eat one kibble at a time because they want to. You might think that your dog doesn’t like to eat kibbles anymore. Do not misunderstand your dog.

Your dog does it because of a personal reason. Although they eat kibbles like that, they love to eat them. Don’t stop giving them kibbles.

Dogs are fond of eating kibbles, I mean most of them. Some dogs are not good at eating kibbles. When you give kibbles to your dog for the first time, you will understand which type your dog is.

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I know most of the dog owners, just like I wondered why a dog eats one kibble at a time. Today I have clarified all the reasons solutions at once. So after reading the entire article, you will know there is nothing to worry about this cute behavior anymore. So I hope you get all the things I have mentioned above.


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