Dog Chew Toys – Useful for Aggressive Dogs?

Dog chew toys are typically made of silicone or rubber and are optimized to protect and train the dog’s jaw and teeth. They almost seem like the ideal investment, if you consider them as part of a treatment for aggressive behavior.

However, it might be unfair to claim that dog chew toys are useful, if we don’t look closely at what they are and how they work.

So, what can dog chew toys do for your dog?

dog chew toy for aggressive behaviour

Any dog can be (or become) aggressive, regardless of his size and breed. Aggression has two leading causes, which are anxiety and unconsumed energy. The owner comes and goes, the dog spends a lot of time alone, at home, having nothing to do. The larger the dog is, the higher are the chances he destroys everything around the house.

Moreover, aggressive behavior leads to excessive barking which might disturb neighbors, cause the dog to chew the furniture and household items and even make walks or vacations more difficult.

Dog Chew Toys

You will need to work your way to having a happy dog. One of these ways is to keep him busy while he consumes energy. To this extent, indestructible chew toys are the best bet.

Made from sturdy materials, they come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. All you need to do is study the pros and cons of each toy to determine which is bet for your furry companion

A Boxer with a chew toy

Benefits of chew toys
These toys minimize the symptoms of destructive or aggressive behavior because they help the dog focus his/her energy. It’s a way to vent their aggressive impulses, and the sturdier the toy, the more fun the dog has.

Plenty of possibilities

There are more types of chew toys and deciding on one is a personal matter. However, you can find toys which:

  • Bounce back and forth to keep your dog running.
  • Include holes and designated areas where you can insert treats for your dog.
  • Look like colorful bones that they will love to try to eat.
  • Compensate the tough material they’re made of with soft areas that train the dog’s gums.

Less barking
A dog who is busy chewing also barks less. He may occasionally bark as if talking to the toy. However, he will be happy and tired after playing, and you will be glad to care for your dog.

You can develop the playing time and set up a schedule which mixes quality time spent with your dog and a playing routine. This way, you will increase the hours when your dog is silent rather than noisy.

More focus
Your dog focuses on playing, even solving a chewing puzzle to get a treat. The dog therefore dedicates all of the attention to chewing and won’t pay much regards to the surroundings.

Meanwhile, you can clean up or stop worrying that your pet might chew furniture, socks or laundry sheets.

Labrador retriever with bone is waiting at home.

Disadvantages of chew toys

  • They’re not wonder-treatments
  • Chew toys for dogs are practical when you’re looking for solutions to solve aggressive behavior issues. Cesar Millan recommends using dog chew toys to rebalance the dog’s behavior.
  • However, you shouldn’t exclusively rely on these items. They are parts of a big puzzle which should also include training your dog, spending time with him, setting boundaries and focusing on the cause of aggressive behavior.

They’re not indestructible

Chew toys for dogs are highly resistant, but not indestructible. There isn’t a toy which can last forever. So, make sure it’s made from a top-notch material, and it’s adjusted to your dog’s breed.

Also, you should stay away from grey products or counterfeits. Cheap toys do more harm than good as the dog might chew the toy into pieces, and swallow some bits.

Not always right

Chew toys for dogs are practical. However, you should follow the instructions. If an item requires your monitoring, then don’t let the dog alone with the toy, as it might harm his teeth.
Also, don’t allow your dog to use the toy near windows, or objects which might break and damage near your dog.

Final thoughts

Dog chew toys work well when you use them wisely and in a calculated manner. They might not be indestructible, but they can change your dog’s behavior and reduce aggressive behavior, barking, chewing and biting.

Integrate dog chew toys into your pet’s schedule and notice their benefits!

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