Why Do Puppies Prefer To Sleep On Cold Floors? [Here Is Why]

Have you recently noticed your pooch sleeping on the cold floor, curling up as if it’s the coziest couch ever?

You might have given them the most comfortable bed ever, or so you thought. But your furry friend might have a different opinion, leading them to believe that the floor is much cozier.

Puppies may sleep on the cold floor if their bed is too hot, hard, small, or dirty. Some dogs don’t like the sound of the fabric used in their mattress, while others may sleep on the floor due to pain or discomfort.

Of course, some dogs just love to sleep on the floor. To prevent your dog from sleeping on the floor, you can make their bed more comfortable and inviting. If your dog is in pain or discomfort, it’s best to consult a veterinarian.

Now, let’s dive deeper into why your puppy might prefer to sleep on the cold floor.

Why do puppies sleep on the cold floor?

Seeing the twirling and sleeping on the floor for a few seconds might be adorable. Still, when it’s always the same situation, our heart breaks as dog parents. So, let’s explore the why’s much more descriptively!

1. “It’s too hot.”

Is it the summer around the corner? Then it is a matter of concern on why your little fur creature might get attracted to the floor. Simply, even your little toddler would cry intensely if the baby feels too warm, won’t they?

So coming into this, the mattress and the blankets might be making the pup intensely warm. As you know, pups are not eligible to sweat. They will obviously have to find another way to cope with the warm weather, isn’t it?

Their adorable little brain might then have come up with the idea of napping on the cold, cozy floor to make them feel cold!

2. “The bedding is too hard.”

“Dude, the mattress is too hard for me to sleep” he might try to point you out in this by sleeping on the floor! Who would like to sleep on a bed that gives them a bad vibe?

Maybe the bedding is too hard, and the puppy might be in desire soft bedding. Moreover, the material might be making him itch his body throughout the night without letting him sleep! Poor puppy!

3. “I hear noises around.”

As we all know, canines have a perfect sense of smell and good ears! His tiny ears can hear the slightest things, which can be pretty annoying sometimes!

If you have used tough fabric cotton for the bed, it’s time to go for a change if you feel like the pup hates his bed.

4. Not spacious bed.”

Your little pup might have trouble adjusting to the little tiny bed you might have thought spacious enough for the pup.

Puppies are more into rolling and a bit playing on their beds. So they might need some open space for it.

5. “I made my place dirty.”

Puppies are usually social animals and explorative. They might definitely walk around and dirt their little paws with all debris and garbage he came across.

Then they might have got into their bed and had some, which makes them feel uncomfortable later on.

As a result, he might have just found a new fantastic place for his thoughts.

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6. “I’m in pain. Can you hear me?”

Puppies are not eligible to talk as we humans do, are they? So they will try to explain their pain with different gestures.

They might even have a health condition at a young age. We might never know.

If your pup has issues jumping onto the bed and feeling sad and depressed, you have to be concerned. Your blossom buddy is going through something all alone!

7. Just, just, just.

Your puppy might be in the mood of “I love being on the floor, dude”.He might have been used to it, whatever the way, and now having fun lying on the floor.

Now this a moment, you need not worry much about your pooch! He is just chilling out so that you can relax!

So these are 7 reasons why your cute pup might be sleeping on the cold floor!

What can you do if your puppy sleeps on the cold floor?

Let’s check into a few remedies so that you will be able to minimize the trouble.

1. “Super comfy bed.”

Make sure you give him the most incredible bed ever! Adopting a puppy or doggy means you have another child! So he deserves the best!

Check whether the mattress is hard to be in. You can try it out by changing the bed into a soft, comfy mattress.

Moreover, check out the fabric which has been used for the bed. If it is a fabric that can make even the slightest noise, maybe you can try out another suitable fabric that helps in this case.

2. “Clean bed.”

As I might have mentioned earlier, a clean bed would do better. Whenever you find it messy with dust, try cleaning it out! Yes, it’s quite a lot of work, but our pup should have good bedding, isn’t it?

3. “The fave spot.”

Have you noticed that your pup prefers to happily stay in this “one place”? We can assume that he loves that place!

You might be able to consider changing your pup’s napping position over that “fave place.”

4. “Checkup, checkup, checkup.”

Do your instincts say that your puppy is in some kind of pain? Then, make sure you don’t wait for so long and take him to a veterinarian. The little one might really need help!

5.  “Nothing wrong.”

If your pup is just lying there instead of going on to the bed just because he loves that place, maybe you can give a chance for him to enjoy the place.

Life is there to enjoy in the most straightforward ways, too?

Does sleeping on the cold floor hurt puppies?

It’s both a yes and no. If your adorable puppy sleeps on the floor in cold weather, it would quite be a problem.

If he is used to sleeping on the floor no matter what the weather is, if the weather is cold and the floor is cold, this puppy might get sick, and his joints may tend to stiff and cause the poor one discomfort!

So, it’s not the best idea to let your pup sleep on the floor if it’s freezing cold!

Then covering up for no, puppies or older pooches often find the best comfortable way to lie. They are not materialistic to get attached to a bed which they don’t feel comfy.

So, in this case, if they are just napping on the floor just because they feel like it, why not let them try it during the hot weather?

You can lie by the side with a blanket and have chitchat and a giggle with your blossom buddy! They say to enjoy the moment, don’t they?

How to make your puppy sleep on its bed?

If you don’t feel right when you see your pup napping on the floor, let’s try to make him nap on the bed!

1. “Be the Santa for his life.”

Yes, Santa, the Santa who gives treats! Whenever he listens to you when you ask him to nap on the bed, you better give him a little pleasure!

Tryout first by giving the doggy treats, which include the kong toys, something to chew, and maybe something to eat would do as well.

Along with that, praise him with a head pat. Continue this for a few days. This will vastly aid in making the task successful for the good of you and the puppy!

2. “Comfy bed, the better.”

As I mentioned earlier, make sure you give the best bedding ever, so he’ll be ecstatic to jump for it after a long day!

3. “Take a walk with him.”

Now, take a walk with him to his bedding. Then maybe you can stay there for a while with him, having a good night’s talk and relaxing both yourself and the cute blossom buddy!

The above are just a few tips to make your lovable doggy sleep on the bed!

Things to be aware of.

After all, there are some vital things that we should be considering as dog parents.

1. “No punishing.”

It is important not to be harsh to your puppy as a dog parent.

Still, he is young, and the raise in your voice or punching him off from whatever it is would make him scared to death, and this might even traumatize him and cause issues that might affect his whole life. Always be kind!

2. “Be vigilant.”

Keep an eye on your puppy’s behavior, including the facial expressions and movements. If you feel like something is wrong, do not hesitate to get him to a veterinarian!


In conclusion, I hope you enhanced your knowledge of why your puppy might be sleeping on the floor, what to do about it, and many more.

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