Pitbull Breeders in Florida | List of 9 Local Breeders

The influence of Pitbull breeders in Florida stands prominent when it comes to the world of canine companions. These breeders play a pivotal role in shaping the characteristics and traits of these dogs. With their expertise and dedication, they cater to the demand for well-bred Pitbulls. From American Pit Bull Terriers to Staffordshire Bull Terriers, these breeders in Florida engage in responsible breeding practices to produce dogs that reflect physical prowess and gentle temperaments.

List of Pitbull Breeders in Florida

Art of War KennelsMiami, Florida(305) 970-1040https://www.artofwarkennels.com/[email protected]
Prestigious BulliesTampa, Florida

(813) 644-3400https://www.prestigiousbullies.com/[email protected]
Titanium Kilo KennelsFlorida

(904)-405-5699https://www.titaniumkilokennels.com/[email protected]
Champagne KennelsFlorida

(941) 306-7790http://champagnekennels.com/[email protected]
727 Pitbull KennelsTampa Bay, Florida

(727) 641-9353http://www.727pitbullkennels.com/[email protected]
Xtreme Champion BullyOrmond Beach, Florida

(368) 405-4600http://www.xtremechampionbully.com/[email protected]
Tropical Winds KennelVero Beach, Florida

(772) 925 4481https://www.tropicalwindskennel.com/N/A
Kaboom Bully PitbullsBoca Raton, Florida

(561) 231 4790https://kaboombullypitbulls.wixsite.com/kaboomN/A
Best Blue KennelMike Hazan

N/Ahttp://www.xtremechampionbully.com/[email protected]

Art of War Kennels

Since 2009, Art of War Kennels has been the residence for XL American Pit Bull terriers. Situated in Miami, Florida, they deliver their puppies worldwide. They focus on breeding XL Pit Bull and XL Bullies in Merle and Tri-Color variations. They boast extensive expertise in this realm. The owners claim to possess exceptionally rare Merle tri XL American Pit Bull puppies compared to other breeders.

At Art of War Kennels, their goal is to produce XL Bully Puppies with immense bones and heads, prioritizing a great temperament. They exclusively breed XL-sized American Pit Bulls, never settling for average sizes. A one-year health guarantee backs all XL American Pit Bull Terriers. Before being placed in your care, they ensure the puppies receive vaccinations and deworming.

Their website offers comprehensive details on their currently available pups, including prices, height, weight, bloodline, and color. You can also peruse adorable pictures there. This recommendation is worth considering if you’re interested in having your own XL Merle or Tri Color Pit Bull. Feel free to contact them via email or telephone for further inquiries.

Location: Miami, Florida
Website: Art of War Kennels
Phone: (305) 970-1040
Email: [email protected]

Prestigious Bullies

Prestigious Bullies is a prominent American Pit Bull producer on my roster. With a 15-year experience, they excel in breeding. They’ve honed their craft in Tampa, Florida, over the years.

Beyond American Pit Bulls, Prestigious Bullies also specializes in American Bullies. Their color range spans black, white, champagne, blue, red, and merle tri. All dogs are registered with UKC/ABKC, showcasing their authenticity.

Operating within a family environment, they nurture American Pit Bull Terriers, fostering a friendly demeanor. They aspire to cultivate top-notch breeds, focusing on robust frames and a sound physique. A noble aim is to challenge misconceptions around these breeds, reflecting their benevolent intent.

This breed is a blend of athleticism and amiability, evident from the positive feedback shared on their Facebook page by satisfied customers.

To acquire one of their pups, a fee of $1000 applies. For further insights, reach out via the provided email or contact details. Interactions are also possible through their Facebook page, facilitating ease of communication.

Location: Tampa, Florida
Website: Prestigious Bullies
Phone: (813) 644-3400
Email: [email protected]

Titanium Kilo Kennels

Titanium Kilo Kennels operates as a family-driven dog breeding initiative. Established in 2012, they maintain a presence across Pennsylvania, North Florida, New Mexico, and the West Coast. Jaime and Jari, at the helm of this endeavor, specialize in XL and XXL American Bullies and Pit Bulls. Their distinction lies in superior white Pit Bull females and premier XL champagne breeds globally.

The core mission of Titanium Kilo Kennels centers on aiding families in discovering suitable American Pit Bull Terriers tailored to their lifestyle—a commendable objective. Furthermore, post-purchase, comprehensive assistance ensures proper dog care.

Their American Pit Bulls are nurtured within a family context from an early age, fostering favorable personalities. Perusing their YouTube channel is advised to gain a deeper glimpse into their dogs.

Their website showcases images of robust puppies thriving in their new homes, offering insight into their current offerings. Notably, Titanium Kilo Kennels presents a selection of quality attire and accessories. Items featuring their logo, such as leather collars, show collars, T-shirts, and hats, are available, with prices outlined on the website.

A dog application form awaits prompt completion for those interested in adopting one of their endearing canine companions. Queries find resolution through email correspondence or direct calls to the owners.

Name of owner: Jaime & Jari
Location: Florida
Website: Titanium Kilo Kennels
Phone: (904)-405-5699
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Titanium Kilo Kennels Facebook Page

Champagne Kennels

Champagne Kennels

Champagne Kennels, led by Nichole and Scott Rupert, a husband and wife team, boasts two decades of animal breeding experience, which profoundly captivates them. Their focus lies in nurturing American Bully and American Pit Bull Terrier pups duly registered with the UKC and the ABKC.

Diverging from typical breeding programs, Champagne Kennels employs a unique approach to selecting breeding pairs. Only dogs holding the prestigious Champion title across two distinct registries and a Canine Good Citizen Certificate, sound physique, and favorable genetics make the cut.

Their treatment of pet dogs mirrors familial care, integrating American Pit Bulls into indoor settings with the household. This practice fosters sociable, people-friendly puppies.

Championing their ability to breed exemplary Pit Bulls, the owners encourage website visits for a comprehensive overview. The gallery section showcases delightful snapshots of their adorable furry offspring.

Whether destined for show rings or family homes, they expertly match dogs to specific needs. Adding value, their pups are backed by a two-year commitment encompassing genetics, health, and behavior.

For those intrigued by their puppies, a request for information is encouraged. Communication avenues include their website, phone calls, and text messages via provided numbers.

Name of owner: Nichole and Scott Rupert
Location: Florida
Website: Champagne Kennels
Phone: (941) 306-7790
Email: [email protected]

727 Pitbull Kennels

Charles McKinnon established 727 Pitbull Kennels thrive in Tampa Bay, Florida. Focused on refining the breed, they exclusively breed XXL Blue Pit Bulls. These efforts primarily involve infusing genes from Greyline, Genghis Kon, Watchdog, Ruffian, Zullou, and other pedigrees.

Notably, the owner takes pride in breeding Cali, a female American Pit Bull Terrier from the BGK bloodline. Renowned as the pack’s standout due to her exceptional appearance, Cali embodies their dedication. The website showcases images of both male and female dogs, accompanied by updates on their latest breeding endeavors.

For those seeking XL-sized blue American Pit Bulls, 727 Pitbull Kennels offers a valuable resource. Begin your exploration on their website, where comprehensive information resides. If their offerings align with your preferences, the next step is to contact Charles through the provided email address or phone number.

Name of owner: Charles McKinnon
Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
Website: 727 Pitbull Kennels
Phone: (727) 641-9353
Email: [email protected]

Xtreme Champion Bully

Xtreme Champion Bully

Xtreme Champion Bully specializes in breeding XL-style Pit Bulls and American bulls, with locations in Florida and Georgia. Owner Sheldon Bell takes immense pride in producing the finest XL show dogs in the United States, prioritizing their optimal health and condition.

An impressive feat is their reputation as one of the most reputable breeders on the East Coast since 2011—a testament to their credibility. To offer a closer look at their high-quality Pit Bulls, their Facebook page and YouTube channel are invaluable resources.

The Xtreme Champion Bully website is a comprehensive hub of information. Details encompass current breeding prices, historical insights, and a dedicated section showcasing images of American Pit Bulls.

Prospective buyers are welcome to initiate conversations with the owner for inquiries about acquiring an American Pit Bull Terrier. Contact information is readily available via the provided email address or phone number.

Name of owner: Sheldon Bell
Location: Ormond Beach, Florida
Website: Xtreme Champion Bully
Phone: (368) 405-4600
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Xtreme Champion Bully Facebook Page

Tropical Winds Kennel

Tropical Winds Kennel is dedicated to dog breeding and operates across Pennsylvania and Florida. The kennel’s owner has cherished a fondness for dogs and cats from a young age, but it wasn’t until 1988 that he discovered a deep connection with American Pit Bull Terriers, acquiring his first Pit Bull then.

The core mission of Tropical Winds Kennel is to cultivate Pit Bulls characterized by amiable temperaments and robust physiques. Their ardent efforts are aimed at preserving the breed’s original attributes.

Their website serves as a tribute, featuring pictures and insights into the bygone era of American Pit Bulls, ensuring their legacy lives on. Current puppy offerings are also showcased.

Diligence underscores their puppy placement process, reflecting their commitment to responsible ownership. Completing their puppy application form is mandatory to be considered for one of their dogs. For further inquiries, reaching out through their provided phone number is worth considering.

Location: Vero Beach, Florida
Website: Tropical Winds Kennel
Phone: (772) 925 4481

Kaboom Bully Pitbulls

Kaboom Bully Pitbulls

Kaboom Bully Pitbulls operates as a family-oriented dog breeding endeavor based in Florida. Specializing in High-End XL UKC American Pit Bull Terriers, their dogs exhibit a harmonious blend of distinctive traits. These encompass exceptional body structure, amiable temperament, loyalty, and friendliness.

A driving force behind Kaboom Bully Pitbulls is their dedication to enhancing the breed’s reputation, aiming to produce the finest XL American Pit Bull Terriers. They prioritize securing optimal homes for their Pit Bull puppies, and they exert diligent efforts to facilitate the adoption process.

For comprehensive insights into their offerings, the website serves as an informative hub. Captivating visuals of their dogs adorn the photo page, while distinct sections furnish details and images of male and female Pit Bulls. For further information, initiating contact through the provided phone number is recommended.

Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Phone: (561) 231 4790
Website: Kaboom Bully Pitbulls

Best Blue Kennel

Best Blue Kennel

Mike Hazan, the passionate CEO and owner of Best Blue Kennel is deeply dedicated to breeding top-quality dogs.

Best Blue Kennel’s commitment revolves around delivering high-quality XL and XXL American Pit Bull puppies, English Bulldog puppies, and French Bulldog puppies. Their diverse offerings span an array of colors, including blue, white, fawn, brindle, and champagne, providing options for customers worldwide.

These Pit Bulls are nurtured in a friendly environment from a young age alongside children, cats, horses, and other dogs. This upbringing ensures a seamless transition into your home.

Best Blue Kennel extends its services to breeders and private individuals or families, permitting adoption when the puppies reach eight weeks. Puppies are meticulously dewormed before shipment, and comprehensive guidance is provided for UKC registration.

Their website offers an opportunity to admire adorable puppy pictures, while inquiries can be directed to the provided email address. For those eager to secure a pup, a $500 deposit secures your choice.

Name of owner: Mike Hazan
Website: Best Blue Kennel
Email: [email protected]

How Much Does a Pitbull Cost?

Different factors affect the price of a pit bull. On average, people can expect to pay between $500 and $2,000 for a puppy from reputable breeders. But prices are higher for puppies with champion bloodlines or particular colorations. Adopting through large shelters and rescues averages out at about less than having bought the dog – adoption fees usually start at around $50 but run up to $300 – but it’s still important not only to take into account initial purchase price, food, veterinary expenses, training costs, as well as accessories all need taking into consideration when budget planning your ownership of a Pitbull.

Adorable Pitbull dog in Florida

Additional Pitbull Breeders

NevadaNew JerseyNew YorkNorth Carolina
Northern CaliforniaOhioOregonPennsylvania
South CarolinaSouthern CaliforniaTennesseeTexas
US based breeders


As a breeding environment that is as varied as it comes, Pitbull breeders in Florida remain influential. They are dedicated to raising robust, well-balanced Pitbulls who have good chances of being adopted into forever homes. Their dedication contributes to preserving integrity within the Pitbull breed and helps people understand responsible dog ownership by its effects. The impact made by Pitbull breeders in Florida proves that human beings will never outlive their partnership with these wonderful canine companions.

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