Pitbull Breeders in California | List of 6 Local Breeders

When finding reputable Pitbull breeders in California, prospective dog owners have a vital task at hand. California boasts a diverse community of breeders dedicated to producing healthy and well-socialized Pitbulls. In this article, we will delve into the world of Pitbull breeders in California, exploring the factors to consider when choosing one to ensure you bring home a loving and well-cared-for companion.

List of Pitbull Breeders in California

Anderson PitbullsSacramento, California

(916) 439-7295http://andersonpitbulls.com/[email protected]
Riverside County PitbullsRiverside, California

(951) 285-2182http://www.riversidecountypitbulls.com/[email protected]
California Pits Pinon Hills Estates, California

(951) 544-4497https://californiapits.com/[email protected]
Strongside BulliesLake Elsinore, California

(951) 210-8833https://strongsidebullies.com/[email protected]
Bossy KennelsMurrieta, California

(530) 521-6246http://www.bossykennels.com/[email protected]
Empire BullyRiverside, California

(951) 347-8851N/A[email protected]

Anderson Pitbulls

Anderson Pitbulls

In Northern California, Anderson Pitbull operates as a family venture dedicated to breeding Pitbull dogs. Their pride stems from cultivating the finest bulldogs globally, emphasizing exceptional personalities and family-friendly temperaments devoid of aggression.

Anderson Pitbull collaborates with prospective owners to match them with their ideal Pitbull, whether for service, running, showing, or leisurely companionship. Their range encompasses diverse Pitbull colors for sale in California, including tri-colored coats red and blue-nosed Pitbull puppies.

Strategic planning governs Anderson Pitbull’s breedings, focusing on superior bloodlines marked by positive temperaments, robust health, sound structure, optimal functionality, and appealing aesthetics. Though shipping costs apply, their Pitbulls are distributed across the U.S. and internationally. The result is a joyful and robust Pitbull from a reputable breeder.

Location: Sacramento, California
Website: Anderson Pitbulls
Phone: (916) 439-7295
Email: [email protected]

Riverside County Pitbulls

Riverside County is home to sizable Pitbulls including Bane, focusing on XL and XXL Pitbull bloodlines like Butthead, Ganghis Kon, and Iron Cross. Among the finest are their blue-nosed and tri-colored Pitbull puppies, a highlight in California.

Their breeding endeavor centers on uplifting the Pitbull breed and its reputation. This mission involves selective breeding for heightened intelligence, robust well-being, serene demeanor, innate working aptitude, and substantial proportions. Not all Pitbulls warrant a negative label for being aggressive or causing harm to other dogs.

At Riverside County Pitbulls in Southern California, securing a Pitbull dog costs approximately $2500.

Location: Riverside, California
Website: Riverside County Pitbulls
Phone: (951) 285-2182
Email: [email protected]

California Pits 

California PitsĀ 

For the past 38 years, Tekla Castillo has dedicated herself to raising premium American Pitbull Terriers. Her name resonates worldwide as the originator of the renowned Castillo Pitbull Bloodline. These dogs boast exceptional genes with ancestry tracing back to the finest Grand Champion and Champion UKC Purple Ribbon lines.

Castillo’s Pitbull offspring in California excel as family companions, watchdogs, and show contenders. Tekla Castillo, from California Pits, subjects every parent dog to thorough health assessments to ensure the well-being of both them and their progeny. The Pitbull puppies are nurtured by people, children, and other animals, receiving constant vigilance 24/7. Expect your puppy to have acquired social skills in a caring household environment.

For inquiries regarding pricing and shipping, you can contact Tekla using the provided information. California Pits stands among the longest-standing Pitbull breeding establishments in California.

Location: Pinon Hills Estates, California
Website: California Pits
Phone: (951) 544-4497
Email: [email protected]

Strongside Bullies

In Southern California, Strongside Bullies specializes in breeding American bulldogs, particularly those with short pockets. These Bullies have origins traceable to Razors Edge, and Strongside Bullies incorporates other breeds like Miagi blood, Daxline, Gottiline, and Bullseye into their Pitbull breeding program.

Their foremost objective revolves around raising robust, content, and composed American Bullies well-suited for family life. Thorough genetic and health assessments precede the inclusion of adult Pitbulls in their breeding program, with disease screenings ensuring the birth of healthy puppies.

In California, their Pitbull puppies come with ear cropping, UKC/ABKC registration papers, deworming, two vaccinations, and an optional microchip. Shipping to any U.S. state costs $400; international shipping is considered case-by-case. Pitbull dogs are shipped at nine weeks of age. If you’re searching for an American pit bull in California, Strongside Bullies could be your ideal source.

Location: Lake Elsinore, California
Website: Strongside Bullies
Phone: (951) 210-8833
Email: [email protected]

Bossy Kennels

Bossy Kennels

For those seeking top-tier Pitbulls, Bossy Kennels is the premier destination in California. Their specialty is breeding and offering Pitbull puppies featuring renowned and famous bloodlines, presenting a bully dog appearance. The breeding program at Bossy Kennels is designed to produce a range of XXL Pitbulls, varying in size from big to medium and short to tall.

Stringent health and genetic evaluations are conducted on their adult Pitbulls, with UKC listings verifying their quality. Their website provides insight into upcoming Pitbull breeding plans and available puppies for interested buyers.

Bossy Kennels facilitates shipping to numerous states and countries across the globe. Shipping costs $550 within the U.S. and starts at $600 for international destinations, varying based on location. The pricing structure for Pitbull dogs is determined by factors such as the dog’s characteristics, coat color, and litter. Prices span from $8,000 to $10,000 for a third-pick male, $8,000 to $9,000 for a fourth-pick male, and first-pick options start at over $25,000. While Bossy Kennels may be one of the pricier options in California, their exceptional dogs warrant the investment.

Location: Murrieta, California
Website: Bossy Kennels
Phone: (530) 521-6246
Email: [email protected]

Empire Bully

Empire Bully California is the prime destination for obtaining small American Bullies and XXL Pitbull Terriers. In Southern California, this breeder prioritizes health, correctness, structure, and character in the animals under her care. All blue Pitbulls they offer are registered with the UKC and possess a purple ribbon, signifying their high quality. Their overarching aim is to enhance the Pitbull breed collectively, leveraging superior genes from across the globe.

With a mission to improve the breed’s overall quality, Empire Bully California’s Pitbull puppies find homes across the United States and even in international locations like China, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, the Philippines, South Africa, and Brazil. Backed by UKC registration, each Pitbull dog has a two-year health guarantee, assuring their well-being. 

Location: Riverside, California
Facebook Page: Empire Bully
Phone: (951) 347-8851
Email: [email protected]

Short History of the Pitbull Breed

The Pitbull is a breed history dating back to the 19th century and which gained popularity in the mid-20th century. Bred initially in England for bull-baiting, then later on dogfighting, they were terriers combined with bulldogs. They exhibited traits of strength, agility, and loyalty. Their reputation suffered because of irresponsible ownership, and media sensationalism depicted them as aggressive personalities. Over time, these dogs have performed various roles that include working alongside farmers, serving in military ranks, and even featuring roles in advertisements, amongst other performances, so-called job performance by owners. Despite challenges enthusiasts face promoting responsible ownership, their friendly, trainable nature takes center stage towards demonstration among owners.

Adorable Pitbull dog in California

Additional Pitbull Breeders

NevadaNew JerseyNew YorkNorth Carolina
Northern CaliforniaOhioOregonPennsylvania
South CarolinaSouthern CaliforniaTennesseeTexas
US based breeders


Pitbull breeders in California offer a range of options for those seeking to add a Pitbull to their family. By thoroughly researching and visiting these breeders, prospective owners can find the perfect match for their needs and preferences. Responsible breeding practices and a genuine love for the breed are paramount when choosing a Pitbull breeder in California. So, take your time, make informed decisions, and welcome a happy and healthy Pitbull.

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