Read This If you Cannot Handle Your Puppy [Helpful Tips]

Are you already tired of your little rascal? Typically, you can’t handle your puppy sometimes. Have you ever thought about why they are so nasty and what to do when he starts to act beastly?

So, join me. We will have a complete account of handling your pup.

The dogs become hard to handle when they’re hungry, ill, tired, anxious, or weak. A good diet plan, exercise, positive reinforcement, and adequate sleep can solve this problem. If the dog is physically ill or weak, seek the help of a vet. When it comes to anxiety, your attention & love can cure it.

Continue reading and stop regretting having a little pup rascal in your home.

What makes it challenging to handle puppies?

No matter how cute and adorable your puppy is, they become nuts in a minute. Sometimes there’s no specific reason for them to act beast all over your home.

They are just babies is the most crucial fact that you should admit patiently.

Before finding the solutions and ways to handle them, first, you should observe them well and identify the reasons for them acting in such a manner. This vital stage helps you start away from ‘puppy blues’.

A shrewd observation of them for a couple of days will explain why it is challenging to handle your pup. Well, you might encounter some of the below-mentioned causes.

1.  Hunger.

When your little puppy is hungry, they do not understand how to go to their bowl of food and hand their meals quietly. They are small in age and just know to make noise or disobey and show that they are hungry.

In such situations, precise observation is much needed. You should understand their behavior, and no matter how hard you attempt to control them, it will not work out.

Their hard-to-handle level might exhibit different behavioral patterns, and the sounds they make might also vary. That is why it’s essential to stay alert to their hard-to-handle movements.

2. Physical illnesses.

Perhaps, your puppy starts barking and making disturbing noises due to a physical ailment they suffer. In such situations also, they might become hard to control and handle.

In such situations, the best alternative you can think of is to take him to the vet if you cannot identify what is wrong with him.

This will deal drastically more negatively with your puppy than you since an illness is not an easy-going reason. Pups are just little fur babies who do not know how to tell you that they are ill or not feeling well.

They just stay without listening to you as they are suffering from the illness.

So be patient and carefully attend to them since they need much love on such days. Don’t think that they are intentionally doing it.

3. Fewer exercises.

Even though your little puppy ball looks more energetic and active generally during the mornings, they become quickly exhausted if they are not trained with a proper routine of exercises.

This might become a reason for the uncontrollable behavior of your puppy. Some dogs start to run all over your house, destroying and breaking one or two favorite statues.

But if they have had enough exercise for the day, they will go on with the other activities during the day. If you train him with a proper exercise routine, you won’t regret a nasty pup who is very hard to handle.

4. Lack of sleep.

You might observe a horrific increase of nastiness within your pup during some days. On such days have you ever considered that they get enough sleep?

Not having enough sleep also results negatively in handling them. Since they are like human babies, they need a proper and comfy sleeping schedule per day.

If the program gets distracted, they might become hard for you to handle by any chance.

So, be alert regarding their nap times.

5. Anxious conditions.

This is very common among little puppies as anxiety can hit them at any moment. They are taken to your place while separating from their mother and siblings. Obviously, it is hard to overcome.

Under such conditions, you won’t be able to handle them quickly as they are down with anxiety. Anxiety can result in them either silently or as a tornado. Whether it is; a tornado or a silent phase, your puppy, will not listen to you.

This is a pathetic situation where your little furball needs you closer than other days.

Thus, the most crucial fact you have to consider is that you have to be patient and kind. Observe their behaviors and identify their reasons to behave uncontrollably. Then gradually, you can look into the solutions.

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What to do if you can’t handle a puppy?

By now, you have a clear image of how to identify and mark the reasons for the hard-to-handle behavior of your puppy.

Now, let’s see what you can do about it and how to take control without harming them physically or mentally. I know how you suffer from hard-to-handle pups and how you have become exhausted. But do not give up on them because they are the love springs on earth.

All you have to do as the owner is take the bull by the horn. That’s all. So, try the following tips and tricks if you cannot handle your pup. You will not regret it.

1. A proper feeding routine.

A proper feeding routine is very much needed for a puppy since they feel hungry most of the time.

If they are well fed with main meals and treats under a proper and active routine, you will not have to face hard-to-handle situations.

Please be aware of nutritious meals and do not give excess treats if you worry about their health. Make a meal plan on your own, or take the vet’s help if needed.

A full tummy puppy will never disobey you and stay happy while playing all over your house.

2. Attend to physical illnesses.

If your puppy is hard to handle because of a physical ailment or an illness, you better attend to them carefully.

You obviously have to consult the vet and take your pup for diagnosis and treatments in this phase.

Then you will notice a change in their behavior, and they will become easy to handle unless the issue is not something else.

3. Create a workout routine.

It is better if you can make them a routine for workouts, which will positively develop their behavior from puppy age.

Since you are dealing with a tiny pup, you should be careful when selecting workouts. Short runs and rounds of fetch and making them chase a toy or a teddy bear will do nicely.

Engage them in more games before going through extreme workouts. This will help them to release their energy. Afterward, they tend to sleep without making any fuss or hard-to-handle situations. Try to continue this procedure every day and get good results.

4. Impose a sleeping schedule.

Train your pup to a proper sleeping schedule which will help to reduce half the burden.

Instead of waiting for your pup to sleep on their own at any preferable time, it is better and more effective to train them with a sleeping schedule as they do not have any idea about how long they should sleep per day.

Usually, a puppy younger than 18 weeks old needs two or three hours of sleep per day, and it is better to repeat the nap time once again, which means twice a day.

Keep them in their crate or playpen and give them some toys and let them feel that they need to sleep. This is not gonna be easy during the first days. Still, if you continue the routine, they will automatically get adjusted.

5. Treat anxiety.

If they have become hard to control because of an anxious condition, you would better consult the vet. He will help and guide you and your little furball to overcome the challenging situation of anxiety.

Anxiety is not easy going with puppies since they are not old enough to understand to stay calm like older dogs. Then imagine, they will obviously become hard to handle.

Try to stay with them as much as you can. Do not keep them alone for a long time until you return from work.

Then gradually, with the treatment, your little puppy will be easy to handle.

At what age do puppies get easier to handle?

Considering the age at which your puppy gets easier to handle depends on their behavior. It is you who is responsible for developing their behavior from a very young age.

If you train your puppy with a proper sleep routine, meal routine, and workouts, you will get the chance of handling him easily from the very beginning.

Thus, there’s no specific age where pups become easier to handle. There are older dogs who behave according to their own wishes without being able to be handled by humans.

So, the quicker you train and guide your pup on a proper routine, the more you will get the chance to control him easier, even from a little age.

Things to be aware of.

Be careful when preparing meal plans and treat them with nutritious food.

Do not engage them in exercises and workouts unnecessarily since they are little pups.

Be patient with their behavior and do not punish them. Attend the issues with a proper approach in a systematic manner.

Be aware of their mental health and physical ailments too.

Pour them more love and care.


Puppies are cute little furballs who need your full-time attention and love. They indeed become uncontrollable and hard to handle in some situations.

But suppose you manage to overcome such situations with a proper routine, as mentioned in the article. In that case, you will not regret having such an adorable pooch in your household. So, be careful when attending to the puppy matters. Cheers until next time!

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