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Miniature Dog Breeds

Miniature Dog BreedsMiniature Dog Breeds (Yorkshire Terrier)

Miniature dog breeds are those that are small and stay small throughout their life. 

Are you ready to be owned by a miniature or small breed dog?  Most small breed dog owners usually feel that way. 

Let's face it, you are their companion and protector.

You are also their nurse, food server, hair stylist, pedicurist, mother/father, taxi driver, custodian, and anything else that your opposable thumb can do for them.

Sounds like a lot of work without much pay, but most owners will tell you that small dogs are simply the best.

"Why", you ask?  Well,

  • They are easy to transport, making them excellent travel companions
  • They don’t eat much, so food costs are reasonable.
  • Many were bred for centuries solely to be companions, so they have learned how to do this job very well.
  • They are easier to manage overall.
  • They make excellent choices for first-time dog owners.
  • They thrive in virtually any environment

Beyond the obvious similarities, miniature dog breeds vary widely according to temperament, activity levels, grooming needs, trainability, friendliness, and affection levels.

So, if you are interested in a pint-sized pooch, a little bit of research before you buy is essential.

Remember, the one thing that all miniature dog breeds have in common is that cuteness factor. It's hard to resist that tiny puffball with such a big personality.

All of these Dogs are 22 pounds (10 kg) or smaller.  You may notice that some of these breeds are also listed on our Medium Size Breeds Pages.  That is because their weight range falls into both categories.

Miniature Dog Breeds


Height:  10-12 in (25-30 cm) 

Weight:  8-13 lb (4-6 kg) 

Origin:  Germany 

Ease of Training:  Moderate

Miniature dog breeds

Alaskan Klee Kai

Miniature dog breedsAlaskan Klee Kai

Height:  Up to 13 in  (33 cm)  (Toy)
              13-15 in   (33-38 cm)  (Miniature)
               15-17   (38-44 cm)  (Standard)

Weight:  Up to 9 lb.  (4 kg)  Toy
               9-15 lb (4-7 kg)  Miniature
                15-22 lb  ( 7-10 kg)  Standard

Origin:  USA

Ease of Training:  Moderate

American Eskimo Dog

Height:  15-19 in  Standard
               12-15 in Miniature
                9-12 in  Toy

Weight: 20-40 lb Standard
              11-20 lb Miniature
                 6-10 lb Toy

Origin:  USA

Ease of Training: Moderate

Miniature dog breeds

American Hairless

Miniature dog breedsAmerican Hairless

Height: 10-18 in (25-46 cm)

Weight: 7-13 lb (3-6 kg)

Origin:  USA

Ease of Training:

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Australian Terrier

Miniature dog breedsAustralian Terrier

Height:  Up to 10 in (Up to 26 cm) 

Weight:  Up to 15 lb (Up to 7 kg) 

Origin:  Australia

Easy of Training:  Easy


Height:  16-17 in (40-43 cm) 

Weight:  20-24 lb (9-11 kg) 

Origin:  Central Africa 

Ease of Training:  Challenging

Miniature dog breeds


Height:  13-16 in (33-40 cm) 

Weight: 20-24 lb (9-11 kg)

Country of Origin:  UK 

Ease of Training:  Moderate

Miniature dog breeds

Bedlington Terrier

Height: 16 in (41 cm) 

Weight:  17.5-23 lb (8-10.5 kg) 

Origin:  UK 

Easy of Training:  Easy to Moderate

Miniature dog breeds

Bichon Frise

Height: Up to 12 in ( 30 cm) 

Weight:  6-13 lb  (3-6 kg) 

Origin:  France/ Belgium 

Ease of Training:  Easy

Miniature dog breeds

Biewer Terrier

Miniature dog breedsBiewer Terrier

Height:  Up to 8.5 in (22 cm)

Weight:  Up to 7 lb (3.1 cm)

Origin:  Germany

Ease of Training:  Moderate


Miniature dog breedsBolognese

Height: 10-12 in  ( 25-30 cm) 

Weight:  5.5 - 8.8 lb  (2.5-4 kg) 

Origin:  Italy 

Ease of Training:  Easy

Border Terrier

Border Terrier  Height: 13 in (33 cm)

Weight: 11-16 lb  (5-7 kg) 

Origin:  UK 

Ease of Training:  Easy to Moderate

Miniature dog breeds

Boston Terrier

Height:  15-17 in (38-43 cm)

Weight 11-24 lb (5-11 kg) 

Origin:  USA 

Ease of Training:  Easy to Moderate

Miniature dog breeds

Brazilian Terrier

Miniature dog breedsBrazilian Terrier

Height:  13-16 in (33-40 cm)  Males are larger

Weight:  Up to 22 lb (10 kg)

Origin:  Brazil

Ease of Training:  Moderate

Brussels Griffon

Also Known As Griffon Bruxellois  

Height: 10 in (25 cm) 

Weight:  About 9 lb ( 4 kg) 

Origin:  Belgium 

Ease of Training:  Easy to Moderate

Miniature dog breeds

Cairn Terrier

Miniature dog breedsCairn Terrier

Height: 11-12 in (28-31 cm)

Weight:  13-18 lb (6-8 kg)

Origin:  UK 

Ease of Training:  Easy to Moderate

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Height: 10 -13 in ( 25-43 cm) 

Weight:  10-19 lb (4-9 kg) 

Origin:  UK 

Ease of Training:  Easy

Miniature dog breeds

Cesky Terrier

Miniature dog breedsCesky Terrier

Height:  10-13 in (25-32 cm) 

Weight:  13-22 lb(6-10 kg) 

Origin:  Czech Republic

Ease of Training:  Moderate


Height: 5 in (13 cm) 

Weight:  1-6 lb  (0.5-2.5 kg) 

Origin:  Mexico 

Ease of Training:  Easy

Miniature dog breeds

Chinese Crested Powder Puff

Height: 9-13 in  (23-33 cm) 

Weight:  Up to 12 lb  (5.5 kg) 

Origin:  China 

Ease of Training:  Easy

Miniature dog breeds

Coton de Tuléar

Miniature dog breedsCoton de Tuléar

Height: 10-11 in (25-28 cm) 

Weight:  12-15 lb  (5-7 kg) 

Origin:  Madagascar  

Ease of Training:  Easy

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