Are Springer Spaniels Good With Cats? [Owner’s Guide]

Are springer spaniels good with cats

Have you ever wondered if Springer Spaniels get along with cats? This is a common question that many pet owners ask, and we’re here to provide you with the answer.

While many Springer Spaniels have a high prey drive and energy level that may make it difficult for them to live with cats, they can be trained to coexist peacefully. Proper introduction, socialization, obedience training, adequate physical and mental stimulation, and positive reinforcement techniques are all essential for successful integration.

As hunting dogs, Springer Spaniels have a natural instinct to chase anything that moves, including cats. However, with the right training and guidance, they can become excellent companions for cats and their owners.

In our upcoming discussion, we’ll explore the specific process for introducing Springer Spaniels to cats and provide tips for ensuring a harmonious pet household. Don’t miss out on this valuable information!

How to make Springer spaniels and cats good companions?

I have had 3 cats 5 dogs in my entire life. I repeated the same process to introduce each other.

So you also can do the same thing. So let’s dive right in.

Let’s say you bring a new adult Springer Spaniel to your cat’s environment, What will happen?

Probably he will start to chase after the cat. Since they were initially bred for hunting purposes, the situation can be somewhat dangerous.

But as you know that cats are like ninjas. I mean, they can hide very quickly. But the problem is how long they can play this game?

So that’s why introducing cats and dogs should be in a perfect manner.

Here is the step-by-step process.

Step 1: Prepare your cat and its surroundings before bringing the Springer Spaniel.

The new dog can be a rescued one, or It could be a dog that already had a house.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Before bringing the new dog, you have to prepare your cat and its surroundings.

So, arrange two different safe rooms that are easily accessible to your cat. In fact, those places should be your cat’s favorite places.

In my case, that safe room is our laundry room.

Then I wanna strongly recommend you set up a baby gate to the safe room door.

Why? Sometimes there might have unexpected situations where the Springer spaniel can chase after the cat. So the cat can easily go through the baby gate. But the dog cannot.

Now, provide all the needs for your cat to the safe room.

So provide the following things.

  • A litter box
  • Food
  • Water

Okay, now the cat’s environment is perfect. Now keep the cat in that safe room.

Since that room is the cat’s favorite room and he has everything he needs, he is more likely to stay there.

Step 2: Keep the cat in a safe room and shut the door

After one or two days, you can bring the new Springer Spaniel. But you wanna make sure that the cat loves to stay inside the safe room.

Now you have to keep the cat inside the room and shut the door. Actually, you don’t wanna worry too much.

Because the cat has everything, he needs. In fact, this is temporary isolation.

If the new dog had a previous owner, Perhaps he was trained in basic obedience. But if you bring a rescued one, he has no idea whatsoever about commands.

Look they are perfect companions.

What can you say after watching the video above? Are Springer spaniels good with cats or not? You know the answer.

Okay, back to the topic.

So the first thing you have to do is train him to respond to the “focus” command. You can do this with plenty of puppy treats.

How to train to the focus command? Well, when he focuses on other things, grab his attention, saying, “Focus.” When he looks at you, immediately reward you with treats. Then say, “Good boy.”

Springer Spaniels are one of the intelligent dog breeds. So do this over and over, and eventually, He will get used to this command.

Okay, now let’s back to the topic.

Important: Before closing the door, you should always make sure that the cat has everything it needs.

Do not allow them to meet each other until the end of this introduction session. If there is any chance for that, eliminate it.

Actually, you have already started the introductory session.

How? Even though Cat and Springer Spaniel remain separate, each of them can feel the scent of each other. So the cat knows that there is a dog, and the dog knows that there is a cat.

Let them stay that way for about a day. Do each of these steps correctly, Then you can understand that Springer Spaniels are good with cats.

Well, now is the time for the next step.

Step 3: Spend time alone with the cat

Now, keep your Springer Spaniel in a safe place. Those places can be,

  • A crate
  • In a separate room
  • With your family member

Important: Do not allow them to meet face to face.

Now go to your cat’s safe place and spend some time with him. Don’t forget to close the door.

So can you guess what the cat feels from you? Actually, he can feel the scent of the dog through you.

Step 4: Let them sniff through the door

After about 2-3 days, your dog most likely approaches the door of the cat’s room.

Then he will start to sniff through the door. Maybe both of them might be stand by the door and sniff.

Be mindful, the dog may start to bark at the door.

If so, use the “Focus” command to grab its attention. Then give the puppy treats or show him his favorite toy.

When you do this, the dog tends to think, “If I pay attention to him, I can get rewarded rather than bark to the door.”

So do this for about two days. Especially, you can try this multiple times per day.

Step 5: Be prepared to introduce them to each other.

Okay, now is the best time to meet them face to face. But here, we do not allow them to approach each other.

But how do understand the best time to do this?

When you are on step 4, think about his body language. I mean, the springier Spaniel knows there’s a cat on the other side of the door.

If he behaves completely, ignoring the cat, that is the best time.

But here, the dog should be leashed. Then open the door for about two-inch. Then do the same things as step 4.

The next day opens another two inches. Then do the same things as we did in step 4. So continue this for about 2-3 days.

Here, both of them can see each other. If the dog behaves completely normally, everything would be fine.

But what if the dog suddenly becomes aggressive? Here I would say You didn’t follow the steps correctly. Absolutely, Springer spaniels good with cats. But if you don’t follow the steps, that would be a sign of a problem. So here I would say, again, Start with step 4.

Step 6: Yeah, it’s time to meet your cat and Springer Spaniel.

Okay, here is the last step.

If you didn’t face any trouble during step 5, now is the time to let them stay close.

So now bring the dog into the living area.

Remember: The dog should be leashed.

Then open the cat’s room door, and open the baby gate as well. Then let the cat come outside naturally. I mean, don’t force him.

When he comes out, keep your complete focus on the dog. Now give some puppy treats to the dog and let him feel everything is okay.

If he looks differently at the cat, grab his attention by using the “Focus” command. Then reward him.

So your cat and dog will gradually get used to each other. Both of them can feel the sounds, smells, and movements of each other. So they can get used to it.

Important: Keep the baby gate always open all the time.

If the Springer spaniel chase after the cat, do not punish anyone. Instead, start everything with the first step.

But what if you bring a Springer spaniel puppy? Actually, you don’t wanna worry too much. Let them stay the way they want. Here the cat is relatively large when compared with the puppy.

So he cannot make any trouble for the cat. let him grow up in the cat environment. That’s all

By the way, here is whether Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Are Good First Time Dogs?

Are springer spaniels good with kittens or early age cats?

Yes. They do. Please watch the below video. But in some cases, it might be huge trouble. Because kittens need more affection from you. Because they are babies. You have to spend your time with him too much.

Even your springer spaniel is a fully grown dog who can get very jealous and aggressive on these occasions.

If you think to bring a new kitten to the fully grown dog’s environment, separate him until he got a little bit grown. If it is impossible for you don’t bring a kitten.

I saw in some forums, they have mentioned some photos of their dogs that are staying gently with kittens. Probably those dogs had previous experiences with cats.

If you are willing to bring a cat to your home and the dog hasn’t been experienced with cats, go to parks and let him stay with cats. Probably those cat owners will not allow it. That’s why your dog should be well-trained.

So ask them and get the dog near to you and a cat as well. Likewise, stay with them until that dog gets used to cats. If you do this as a hobby over time, he will get the qualifications to get a new cat friend to his pack. 

Whether Springer Spaniels are good with cats depends on the owners.

But please note that everything depends on the owner. If you are willing to meet springer spaniels and a cat, the dog needs proper training. Make sure to give him basic obedience training. He should be very socialized.

springer spaniel playing in the ground

You need to you will face some problems when they are eating. Because cats usually tend to eat from dog’s bowls. This can sometimes happen while the dog is eating.

If you haven’t trained your Springer Spaniel to stop food aggression, it can be a big trouble no matter how much he loves your kitten. This means you have to stop your dog’s food aggression.

Some people tend to spend time with only with kitty. It can be a sign of trouble. So, you wanna spend some time with your dog as well. Keep your eye on both of them in the first few days.

But do not leave them alone when you are away from home. It’s better to keep them in crates. Otherwise, you can keep a separate room for the springer spaniel.

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In this article, I have discussed whether springer spaniels are good with cats or not. And you can see how they train to remain good friends.

Thank you.

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