Read This If You Can’t Sleep Without Your Dog [5 Tips]

Read This If You Can't Sleep Without Your Dog

We are die-hard fans of dogs, and most of us love to cuddle and sleep with our dogs. Are you worried about sleeping without your dog because you are already used to it? Let’s see why that is.

You can’t sleep without your dog because you are alone and scared of darkness. You have already got used to it. You want warmth, you need a trustworthy person, you love your dog, and it gives you a comfortable sleep. A comfortable sleeping area and toys around the bed will help you sleep without your dog.

Although you have gotten used to sleeping with your loving dog, have you ever noticed the consequences of sleeping with your dog? Keep reading this for more important details about this.

Why can’t you sleep without your dog?

Oh, that’s so comfortable. How can I sleep without my dog? It has become part of my life. Have you ever thought of it Like that? It’s not a surprise because we love them so much.

The majority of dog owners are fond of taking their dogs to bed. I also let my dog get onto my bed because it satisfies me. But here the point is, why can’t you sleep without your dog?

Getting used to sleeping with your dog isn’t a bad thing. My point of view is that it’s a personal matter. Here are some reasons if you want to know why you can’t sleep without your dog. Look and see whether it is relatable for you or not.

1. If you are living alone.

Love, care, and affection are the most significant things for humans and animals. What will happen if you live alone with your dog in your home? For sure, your dog will become the major in your life more than anything.

At a time like that, you will get used to taking dinner with your dog, going to picnics, playing, and sleeping in your bed. So you see, not only you but also anyone would love to sleep and cuddle with your loving dog. If you have a partner and kids, this might change a little.

2. Scared of darkness.

I have heard some people are terrified of darkness. That’s not an abnormal thing. At a time like that, if we need a little comfort, we take our dog to you and sleep with him/her.

In time to come, that incident becomes a habit. Because you get used to sleeping with your dog, you can sleep well.

3. You already got used to it.

If you are already used to it, you cannot look back for any reason.

4. You want to be warm

You already know your dog’s comfort if you have felt how warm they are. Omg, that’s amazing. Believe it or not, sleeping with your dog is very helpful for the winter season. You will feel just like you are in heaven.

5. You need a trustworthy person.

Everyone has a trustworthy person, such as a mother, father, siblings, relatives, friends, etc. Hanging out with them or spending a little time with them can relax your stubborn mind.

If you can make your dog your trustworthy friend and tell you all your secrets, that will be cool. Sleeping with your only trustworthy person, you will have a good sleeping time.

6. You love your dog very much.

I know you are obsessed with your little pooch at the time. Like that, sleeping with your little buddy isn’t a crime. Everyone does it. That is one of the ways of showing your love towards your little doggy. Loving and affection make you sleep with your dog.

7. It gives you a comfortable sleep.

This is very true. I can remember her soft and smooth hair. How comfortable it is. It makes me feel as if my head is in the clouds. Once you get used to sleeping with your dog, there is no return.

How to get used to sleeping without your dog?

Sleeping with your dog may interrupt you. At a time like that, you know how to get used to sleeping without your dog. If you are already addicted to sleeping with your dog, let’s see how we can sleep without our dog.

Provide a good sleep area for your dog, and keep his/her favorite toys in their bed. Make sure his/her bed is close to your room. You can change the place you sleep, set some boundaries around your bed, teach your dog to obey commands, and relaxing music for you.

1. Provide a good sleep area.

Although you can control yourself, your dog cannot control itself. So your dog may try to come to you to sleep. So if you can provide him/her with a good sleeping area and a comfortable dog bed, this problem may solve.

2. Keep toys around the bed

If you can keep your dog’s favorite toys around the bed, he/she would like to stay there.

3. Make sure to keep your dog close to your room

This thing is good for both you and your dog. It will be more comfortable if you can see each other while sleeping.

4. You can change the place you sleep

If you sleep downstairs, you can move on to upstairs if you wanna live and sleep without your dog. Changing the place may help you to sleep without your dog.

5. Set some boundaries around your bed

Because of the boundaries, your dog cannot reach your bed. So it is good, isn’t it? If your dog cannot come to you, it will be easy for you to get used to sleeping without your dog. And also, if you can teach your dog to obey the command, that will be great.

What are the terrible effects of sleeping with your dog?

Sleeping with your dog? Eww, how come? Have you ever heard stuff like that? Yes, everyone doesn’t like to sleep with their dog. But why?

Because that’s their personal point of view, and sometimes people are afraid of sleeping with their dog because of the bad effects. Seriously? Yes, there may be bad effects. Let’s see what they are.

Allergies, germ exposure, reduction in sleep quality, possible aggression, and the spread of disorders. Those are the bad effects of sleeping with your dog. So I think describing them one by one helps you to understand the situation well.

  • Allergies

If your dog has any allergies, they risk spreading them to you. So be careful when you sleep with your dog and check whether your dog is ok or not.

  • Germ exposure

Dogs are dogs, and we can’t compare them with humans. There is a big difference between humans and dogs. Sometimes they have germs on their body, and they affect us badly.

  • Low  sleep quality

When you sleep with your dog, he/she may bark in the night, hit you, Lick you, and bite you. It may interrupt your sleep. So that’s why sleeping with your dog provides a low sleep quality.

  • Possible aggression

Is this true? Yes, why not. Have you ever seen a dog become aggressive in their dreams? I’m sure you have seen it. At a time like that, they may bite you because they are dreaming and don’t understand who you are.

  • Spread of disorders

Don’t ever try to sleep with your dog if your dog has some disease. It is not nice to leave them when they have sick. I mean, don’t let them sleep with you guys. I’m not saying I don’t treat them. You have to be alert to your health too.

What are the advantages of sleeping with your dog?

Do you believe you can achieve so many benefits from sleeping with your loving dog? We have so many advantages of sleeping with your dog as well as disadvantages. That’s so sweet, isn’t it?

When we talk about the advantages, sleeping with a dog helps us to stimulate mental health as well as physical health. Without talking too much, let’s see what they are.

First of all, you can reduce depression and stress. And also makes you feel comfortable, decreases loneliness, helps you feel more secure, manages blood pressure, increases the relationship between you and your dog, and helps keep a healthy heart.

  • Reduce depression

Animals always make our mental stimulation well. You know what? They have the power of healing. So sleeping with your dog helps you to reduce depression.

  • Feel comfort

Your dog is your best friend. If you can sleep with your bosom buddy, it will feel more comfortable.

  • Decrease  loneliness

Are you all alone? If you feel alone, the answer is raising a dog. If you have a dog and let him/her sleep with you, you will never feel alone.

  • Help to feel more secure.  

If you give permission to your dog to sleep with you, he/she can provide more security because dogs always keep their eye on the atmosphere. Ont only for the physical but also for they help to improve your mental security.

  • Develop the connection between you and your dog

Sleeping with your dog helps you to break boundaries between both of you.

Things to be aware of

  • Keep your dog clean
  • Keep away from your dog when he gets medicine and vaccines and applies medicine to their body.
  • Make sure your dog doesn’t have any rashes, ticks, wounds, and such
  • Don’t let your dog hang out with strange dogs if you would like to see him/her
  • Clean your dog every day. Not only their body but also their mouth.
  • Visit your vet at least twice a week.
  • Make sure your room bed pillows are not harmful to your innocent buddy.


Are you addicted to sleeping with your dog? If the answer is YES, this article is for you. You have come to the right place. Because I have talked about why I can’t sleep without my dog.

How to get used to sleeping without your dog, what effects you can have while sleeping with your dog, and the advantages of sleeping with your cute little pooch.

Although this is a huge area, we tried to consider it very interesting here. I’m sure, and I hope that you will get a good message and solutions from here.

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