Do Dobermans Attach To One Person? [Complete Guide]

Do Dobermans Attach To One Person

Do some Dobermans tend to attach to one person more than others? Let’s figure out why and explore related concerns.

Do Dobermans only attach to one person?

In general, Dobermans bond with the entire family. However, they may have a natural tendency to select one person as their Alpha. Typically, they become attached to the person who feeds and spends the most time with them. Additionally, they may bond with those who provide obedience training, treats, and affection.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at why some Dobermans may bond with just one person, what you can do in such a situation, and other tactics to ensure that your Doberman likes everyone in the household.

Why Do Some Dobermans Get attached To One Person?

Of course, If they are obsessed with one person, Dobermans will follow the person around all the time.

Even though Dobermans have a high level of personality, confidence, intelligence, they will race to this individual the most and try to stay underfoot whenever possible.

In fact, they would love to sit or take a small nap on their lap.

If there is another person in the house, they will most likely feel abandoned when this happens. But, some Dobermans love to grab the person’s attention that he adopted, giving treats, and care about him.

Remember that this does not mean that every Doberman does so.

If everyone in the household takes the responsibility to care for him and spend some quality time with the dog by playing, giving attention, giving walks, and doing other things. Have some fun with the dog. The Doberman will attach to everyone in the house without any doubt.

It’s not uncommon for Dobermans to stay connected with all the family members because they are kind of creatures that tend to distribute their love and attention to whoever is giving it to them.

But, note that Dobermans are not one-person dogs!

Check out the list below to easily digest the reasons why some Dobermans get overly attached to one person. They make the bond with the person who

  • gives the most attention, affection, and time.
  • Cuddle them.
  • Gives treats.
  • Feed them.
  • Plays with them.
  • Gives basic obedience training.
  • Takes out for interactive walking.
  • Sleep with him on the settee together.

What Should You Do If Your Doberman Is Attached to you?

If your Doberman is attached to you, that’s a good sign. That means you have been able to make a good bond with him by fulfilling all the needs and wants.

It can make them feel comfortable spending time with you, so he finds you one of the closest members in his pack!

Though, the problem here is that if they are attached only to you. They are more likely to ignore other family members and don’t like to give any attention whatsoever.

Don’t worry, I got you. We gonna discuss that before the end of this article.

If your loving Doberman stays attached to you while maintaining a closer bond with other family members, I want you to continue to do that same process. And I promise you that this Bond will never break and they are much happier to live closer to you forever.

You need to bear in mind that there are two sides to this.

If your Doberman is a little too attached to you While having a good connection with other households, that seems to be ok. You don’t wanna do anything.

But, when it comes to the worst side, the dog is only attached to you, which seems your and your family members the approach to care about the dog need for adjustments.

Having such a dog can cause many troubles and disadvantages, including,

  • Since he only obeys your commands, managing the dog is kind of a difficult task.
  • Resource Garden issues may arise. That means He may attempt to guard you against the family members, just like some dogs protect their foods and other belongings.
  • Perhaps, he may be prone to separation anxiety if the owner away from home for an extended period of time. Besides separation anxiety, psychological issues like stress, boredom can arise.
  • You have to waste a tremendous amount of time due to the fact that no one can provide them exercises, food, or even a bath.
  • If you are married, having such a dog can be caused to family disputes. If you are unsure about that please read this article: why does my dog growl or bark at my wife.
  • Sometimes, he will start chewing on your stuff like shoes and clothes. If you really wanna read more about it, check out this article: Why does my dog only chew my wife’s shoes?
  • Your dog can go nuts because he can be jealous of you every time you deal with another person.
  • Maybe he’s a little aggressive, and no one but you can control him. What do you think? Is that something you want? Of course not.

So, these awkward things are really unnecessary, and doing something to eliminate them is worth considering.

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How To Create A Good Bond Between You And The Doberman?

Of course, there are so many ways to create a healthy and secure bond between you and the Doberman.

One of the easiest and really important ways to do this is to spend some quality time with the dog. So, if you wanna form a bond closest to your Doberman must spend adequate time.

The main reason that a Doberman has more affection and love for a specific person in the household more than other is mainly that the individual spends the most time with the dog.

Take a look at some ways that you can use to spend some quality time with your dog.

  • Teaching commands
  • Playing Fetch in the backyard.
  • Try to provide the obedience training by yourself.
  • Groom your dog.
  • Go on a walking season.
  • Have an interactive running session. You know what, the Dobermans are one of the best running partners in the canine world.
  • Cuddle him.
  • Talk with your loving pooch.
  • Try to take a day off.
  • Go to a pet-friendly store together.
  • Have some fun by exploring the world. You can go on a hike, long adventure walks.

Besides the methods mentioned earlier, you can use treats to increase the bond between you and the dog. In fact, it is an excellent way to establish Who is the Alpha is.

However, you wanna understand that this motivation should not be improving the bond between you and the Doberman. Because if the dog is attached to you due to the food motivation, that is something you don’t want.

Even though spending time together is necessary, sticking with a proper daily schedule is also crucial because dogs have a very accurate internal clock. Doing so can create a healthy and secure bond because it gives them something they can depend on.

If you can start making it your job to hang out with your Doberman for even a short walk each day whenever it’s possible, it can give you an excellent chance to Bond with him and play a little bit while relaxing your loving pooch.

In fact, the Dobermans are love to enjoy the company of all the family members. If he has formed a strong bond with just one person in your family, the chances are that person is used to spend the most time with the dog and take care of him the most.

How To Help A Doberman Bond With More Than One Person?

If your Doberman is only attached to one person, there are few things to do that help your Doberman Bond with other people other than its trustee.

Letting the dog spend time with others in different situations will definitely help them attach with others.

This time may include playing fetch in the backyard, going for an interactive walk with another person, encouraging the other person to care for the dog, or feeding him.

In fact, this time can include some funny and affectionate moments spend between the dog and other households.

Note that Doberman is affectionate and extremely loyal to they are family members. So, they can adjust four different find situations pretty much quickly.

Suppose your Doberman is only attached to you, and he does not care about others. The most suitable way to promote this bonding with other households is to make sure that the activities they gonna do are attractive and much more enjoyable.

Consider the activities mentioned above that we discussed in the previous section.

The other person looking forward to creating a solid bond between the dog can find success a little bit early by engaging in the activities that require a lot of energy, including playing fetching, running, hiking, playing agility.

What Are Some Ways The Dobermans Will Show Their Close Bond?

It is a common concern among most of the Doberman parents to make sure whether the dog is attached to them. Some owners are a bit overly obsessed with this matter. Actually, it is the key to living a happy and healthy life together.

You don’t want to worry about this. I got you. I will share a handful of signs that your Doberman will exhibit and indicate as he formed a stronger and healthy attachment with you to relax your mind.

So, consider the following signs.

  • Sleeping in your bedroom.
  • He is excited when you get home.
  • Check up on you.
  • Some puppies tend to pee a little bit when seeing you.
  • Smile at you.
  • He brings the favorite toy to you.
  • Seek physical contact.
  • Leaning against you.
  • Love to hold eye contact.

Sleeping in your bedroom: it doesn’t matter whether you don’t let the dog sleep in your bed, but he still finds it comfortable and likes to sleep in your bedroom. That means he really loves you. If he seeks to stay close to you when you are taking a nap, that indicates he is entirely loyal to you and doesn’t like to stay away from you.

He is excited when you get home: just whether your Doberman would like to lick your face and hands, keep jumping up and down, or else attempt to bring his favorite toy, definitely he is so excited about your arrival, and that means you and your Doberman have a good bond.

Check up on you: Suppose you are on a walk with your dog if he always looks at you just to make sure that you are ok and stays nearby. Moreover, when the Doberman didn’t see you for a while, maybe you are watching TV or taking a nap, if he goes from room to room looking for you, that means both of you have a strong interaction.

Some puppies tend to pee a little bit when seeing you: not only the Dobermans but also other dogs naturally tend to pee a little bit whenever I get excited about something. Actually, that excitement is often known as submissive urination. So, if your Doberman does this when you get back home, congratulations! Excitement entirely means love for you.

Smile at you: If you think dogs cannot smile, you are wrong. Most intelligent dogs can learn how to smile by controlling its mouth. You will see a big smile with a nice happy sound.

He brings the favorite toy to you: if your Doberman Puppy brings you its favorite toy, maybe a ball, that doesn’t always mean he wants to play. They also do this just to show you affection.

Seek physical contact: If your Doberman would love to be cuddled and stay close to you, guess what? He seeks your physical connection.

Love to hold eye contact: I always felt strange whenever my dog holds eye contact with me. But later I used to do that. If we figured out why they would do that is that is a sign of a stronger Bond.

Things To Be Aware Of.

I hope you now have an excellent awareness of whether Dobermans would like to be associated with one person. But, hold on. You gotta understand few more things to become a responsible owner. So let’s figure them out.

Never ever try to be Harsh on him.

Of course, the Dobermans are not one-person dogs. But if he is attached to one person and behaves differently with other people in your house, you gotta change him, right?

But, in order to do that being Harsh or punishing, not an appropriate approach. If he is attached to you, educate others on how to make a strong bond with the dog, as we discussed so far.

Don’t use difficult rain methods

Of course, the Dobermans are highly energetic dogs. But, you know what, even the Dobermans have a specific limit to their energy.

So, don’t attend to use difficult training methods in order to strengthen the bond between both of you. Actually, they won’t stop even they get exhausted. They are super excited to play. So, you should be extremely careful during this training.

In fact, if you use difficult training methods and if the dog gets exhausted, these bitter memories will remain in his memory, leading to take away the bond between both of you. That is not something you want. So be careful about that.

Bing dominate over the owner

the Dobermans are a type of dog that tries to dominant over the owner. Because they can be strong-willed and should be trained in a fair and firm with a consistent manner.

If you do things that you are not supposed to do in order to get the attention of your dog, perhaps he may try to dominate over you. Of course, that is not something you want.

So you gotta keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what training method you used to strengthen the bond between you and your Doberman. Always introduce yourself as the Alpha. That is it.


Dobermans may get overly attached to one person due to either normal and abnormal circumstances. So, we discussed why this happens, how to avoid that, and other related concerns. Hope you found this helpful. Have a nice day.

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