Why Do Dogs Drip Water After Drinking? [Reasons + Do These 5 Things]

Parenting a dog is just as hard as looking after a toddler. They adhere to every rule, but most of the time the rules are Not on your diary!

After a sip of water, your house is spotted with several watermarks on the floor or maybe your newest comfy sofa! And the culprit for your messy house with all watermarks is your fluffy-Duffy dog, isn’t it?

Wiping off the water spots every time your doggy is dripping water is just not easy and you might wonder why your dog drips water after taking a sip of it and how you could stop it!

Moving on, as dog parents, we just know for a fact that dogs are “slobber drinkers”, dripping water just after drinking water.

Usually, Dogs don’t just pull out their tongue onto the surface of the water; they would dive their tongue deeper than just the water’s surface. Some dogs intentionally split water to get some attention & have a little bit of fun. You can use a mat or an elected bowl & train the dog to minimize it.

Let’s budge deeper into why and how to minimize your dripping dog water all over the place.

Why does your dog drip water after drinking water?

Here are 5 reasons why your dog keeps dripping drinking water:

1. “Mama, I don’t have cheeks.”

Cheeks are not just doggy things! Look at your doggy once and a while when he takes a sip of water. Do they seem to have cheeks? Yes, but incomplete cheeks.

As a human being, you would just go to the kitchen, grab a cup and fill out your cup with water or your favorite drink, and somehow or the other, you will quench your thirst.

Simply put, you can sip water into your mouth between your cheeks. And do you ever drain your water while you drink from the cup?

The answer is “no,” as for toddlers if water is dripping out of their mouth, the parents would inquire hilariously whether they have a little hole in either their chin or the cheeks or would just teach them how to adjust the cup correctly.

Yet this is “never-ever” the case for our adorable fluffy- Duffy blossom buddies! They just don’t get help from” cheeks,” so they are not eligible to suck water like humans.

In that case, if our dogs try to drink water as we do, the air would just pop out, and they would never get to drink the sip of water. Instead, our pooches use their tongue to quench their thirst. When they drink water, their tongue gets “scooped up.”

The fun fact is the more their tongue is scooped backward, the more they are in the front of our dogs’ tongues to sip water into their tongue! Now, this curling, scooping technique makes loads of sense, doesn’t it?

Moving on, so when our pooches just try to get a certain amount of water, they give their fullest effort to take a larger sip, and here goes dripping of water on your grounds!

2. “I am gonna have some real fun, mama.”

Our pooches are social animals, and they are often playful. As you keep your steps, they would think you are trying to play off with them even when you and in a rush. And here they are, running around you, whoofing and smiling with you.

The same goes when he is on his way to getting hydrated. Goes off, wagging his tail near his bowl of water. At this moment, have you ever noticed that tiny-innocent yet cunning grin on your dog’s face? Mama, he is up to something!

You guessed it right. He is going to have a few minutes of playtime with water. He would scoop up big amounts of water on his tongue, and yes, then try out splashing for fun! Or maybe, at times, we really can’t scold them on how their tongue is designed! Isn’t it?

3. “Give me your attention, please.”

Do you feel you give more attention to your doggy when he splashes water? Have you ever taken your dog to your hands and cuddled as if he did something adorable when splashing or dripping water around?

So here goes your attention-seeking, a little spoiled, adorable blossom buddy!

He is just dripping off the water to get your attention back to him.

4. “Not going to be second.”

Do you own both a cat and a doggy? Now, this might be the case too. Your cat has its own way of drinking water with its tongue, just like your doggy.

When cats drink water, they touch their tongue on the liquid surface, and our pooches go beyond the surface. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be second to the furry cat, and then again, here goes dripping water!

5. “I do not feel well, papa.”

If your dog has acid reflux, he might not be dripping water. It might be a “water brash.”Water brash is the excess accumulation of saliva and some acidic chemicals from the stomach back from the lower esophagus from the mouth.

Along with the symptoms of water brash, if your dog is subjected to acid reflux, he may also show the following symptoms,

  • The unpleasant smell of breathe
  • Asthma
  • Whining while eating
  • Vomiting at times
  • Eating less

So, better be careful!

How to keep your dog from leaking water after drinking?

Here we move on to a vital part, where we can minimize our dog leaking water after drinking!

1. The easy-peasy mat remedy.

Have you thought of the mat remedy? Just place a water-absorbent mat just under your blossom buddy’s water bowl. This way, you won’t have to clean up the area each and every time your doggy takes a sip of water and drips it all over.

Now, if you got a flooring material that will get damaged by water, this would be an easy remedy.

Moreover, you can add a “whole mat in your living room if your doggy is messing up with it, dripping over water everywhere. Make sure that the mat also adds elegance to your living room!

Microfiber mats are recommended to prevent the dripping of water by the dog.

Just to highlight, the disadvantage of this remedy is that this won’t prevent every part of your house from getting wet, as you can observe.

2. Just a teeny tiny bit, elevated water dish.

As you know how your doggy drinks water, ensure the water bowl is not just on the floor. Keep the water bowl on height, yet make sure your doggy can easily poke his head onto the bowl. 

The elevated water dish method will prevent your dog from dripping water everywhere as he just doesn’t have to make s much effort when he is trying to get his head out of the water bowl!

3. Area of the water bowl.

Teeny tiny bowls are not for our blossom buddies; they would be dripping and splashing water all over the place if you do not give them the right size of the water bowl. Make sure you give them a bowl in which they can poke their head, so they are at ease.

Giving a bowl with a huge opening is not recommended since it can take you back to the same issue. It better be a bowl that is spacious yet medium!

4. Slow training.

Maybe your beloved doggy needs a little bit of training. Positive reinforcement would be ideal in these cases. Just try it slowly. Begin by letting your dog understand when he didn’t drip water on the floor or your most elegant cushion, he would be able to get treats.

Giving him his favorite toy or maybe even praises would work for a specific time ratio so that he did not spill water after drinking!

5. Sloppy stopper bowl.

Last but not least, sloppy stopper bowls are one of the best remedies you can use to minimize your sloppy drinker from messing all over your place.

The sloppy stopper bowl would slow your dog’s drinking, yet your blossom buddy would have the same amount of water. Different sloppy stopper bowls are available, so make sure you choose the right size for your beloved dog!

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Things to be aware of.

Do you feel like yelling at your blossom buddy for messing everything up for you at your place? I recommend keeping the harsh words to yourself cause these poor pooches are not eligible to take a lot!!

They would get scared, which would make them mentally stressed and traumatized. So, be vigilant when handling matters with your beloved blossom buddy!


In conclusion, this article implies why your dog drips water whenever he is drinking water and how to overcome them in various ways, such as keeping a mat, elevating the bowl, considering the water bowl area, using a slipper stopper, and so on.

Hope you will be able to get rid of your trouble bubble sooner!

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