Here’s How To Keep Your Puppy Awake In The Evening

The sleeping schedule of a puppy can be full of confusion. Under that, keeping them awake during the evenings results either positively or negatively in their daily routine.

Puppies can stay awake in the evening by allowing them to play and exercise. Puppies who awake in the evening have a proper sleeping schedule, stress-free mental condition, good behavior, get sufficient exercise, and healthy physical condition. On the other hand, they are less prone to diseases.

So, we have to put together some essential facts and information regarding the pros and cons of keeping your puppy awake during the evenings. Let’s see what you can do with them to keep them awake if needed. Come have a close look.

Should you keep your puppy awake in the evening?

Basically, a puppy needs to sleep around 18-19 hours per day which is quite normal as they also like little human babies. So, they prefer to stay awake for about an hour, and for the whole day, they might stay awake for about 4-5 hours, which is not continuous.

Therefore, you can decide when to keep your little fur baby awake. Whether it is evening if it is not disturbing or distracting their daily routine.

The benefits will be great if you train him to stay awake during the evening and let them engage in exercises or just play. Since those activities provide them with mental enrichment, they will have a productive time before bed.

Perhaps, some of the puppies prefer sleeping during the evening and staying more active during the day. It will be somewhat hard to keep them awake in such incidents, no matter how much benefit it brings.

Frankly, keeping your little pup awake during the evening is not a MUST thing, but it will result positively in their growth.

But, keep in your mind that even though it gives your pup and you many advantages, do not ever force them or pressure them to stay awake. If they do not prefer to stay awake during the evening, let them sleep.

It is pretty normal with your little fur baby to stay awake during the evening since they are not yet trained with a proper schedule. Sometimes the wise versa can happen if they jingled for the whole day without sleeping for a second.

As a result, they become quickly exhausted at the end of the day. Then fall into sleep within a blink. So, be concerned about the above facts.

If you want to put them through good training with an effective sleeping schedule, make sure that you use specific training methods. It can be initialized without forcing them with pressure.

Advantages of keeping your puppy awake in the evening?

As highlighted earlier, a pup can have numerous advantages in staying awake during the evening. Further, your little pup and you can also benefit by training your puppy to stay awake during the evenings.

Go to bed when they get tired enough to enjoy a comfy sleep without disturbing you for the entire night.

So, now we will have a clear account of the advantages of keeping your puppy awake during the evening.

1. Proper sleep.

Do you know that puppies need more sleeping time in one 24 hours? They are just like little human babies who cuddle for comfy sleep. So, keeping your pup awake in the evening helps them have a good sleep with a proper sleeping schedule.

Having proper sleep is a must for the health of humans and dogs. Therefore, guiding your little furball to get accustomed to an appropriate schedule of sleeping results positively in their physical and mental conditions.

Making your puppy stay awake during the evening while guiding them in different activities will lead them to have a night of proper and comfy sleep.

2. Makes them relax.

Engaging in different activities, doing exercises, and playing games with your pup during the evening without putting them to sleep brings more benefits to your pup and you. Most importantly, it makes them relax mentally and physically.

A puppy should be active in order to maintain its health condition at a reasonable level. So, doing exercises or just playing with their friends makes them more relaxed during the night and healthy and strong.

3. Helps in good behavior.

You can train your puppy in the evenings, giving him extra time to develop his good behavior and manners.

This can be done only when your pup stays awake during the evening and can be more advantageous.

Then automatically, they will get used to your daily routine, and it will become easy for both of you.

4. Less prone to ill conditions.

One of the crucial advantages of keeping your puppy awake in the evenings is that they become less prone to physical and mental diseases. This is because they are actively engaging in different activities.

Those specific activities make them physically strong and mentally stable as well.

I know you are much worried about your little fur ball’s mental and physical condition, and you want him to stay healthy and happy.

So, keeping them awake in the evening can be a very productive decision as they get more time to spend time with you.

As a result, they won’t suffer from anxious conditions.

5. Makes strong and healthy.

Making your little pup stay awake during the evening and walking, playing, and working out with them will result in a good and healthy life.

Indirectly, it makes them stronger and more good in health since they engage happily in games and training. 

But, most importantly, all of the above advantages can be effective if only your pup prefers to stay awake in the evening.

Anyway, if they show any dislike for such activities, do not ever force them or punish them since they are just cute little furballs who do not understand what is good for their health.

Make them gradually into the procedure, and if you want, you can talk with the vet and get guidance. We recommend taking your new puppy for a short walk at about 6 pm as the bedtime routine. If not, let them play outdoor for 10 to 15 minutes.

After that, you can provide your dog with dinner and take him to the backyard for the toilet. Now your puppy is ready to sleep. Let him sleep alone.

Disadvantages of keeping your puppy awake in the evening?

As well as the advantages mentioned above, there can be disadvantages to keeping your little pup awake during the evening, especially if they do not want to.

That is why it is crucial to consider their likeness regarding staying awake in the evening while engaging in different activities or playing.

If it is done by force in any circumstance, it will only become disadvantageous for your pup and you.

So let’s dig into the points.

1. Over tiredness.

Puppies can become easily tired even after a little walk around your apartment. So, suppose making them more active in games and evening workouts will bring more tiredness.

Excessive tiredness is not good for their physical and mental health at any point. If he is overtired, he will reject learning what you teach him.

As a result of being overtired, they will exhibit destructive behaviors like barking at children and jumping and running. Then if he is not having enough sleep as being excessively tired, they will only become uncontrollable and restless. Be careful!

2. Over-exciting.

Puppies obviously become excited about almost all the things they see. So, it increases as long as they stay awake since they are connected with the outer world.

Being awake during the evening can make them excited over different things. This excitement is not good for the pup as it does not encourage them to sleep. As a result, they start to exhibit destructive behaviors and become uncontrollable to you as well.

Also, it is not good for their physical and mental health.

Well, with some of the breeds, there can be situations like becoming weak as a result of staying awake during the evenings. As they are actively engaged in different activities that cost more energy, they tend to become weak if they are not strong enough.

If it is done by force, your pup will become anxious, which can develop into anxiety conditions.

So what is best to do is first observe your pup’s normal routine and how much time he sleeps. If he is fine with the sleeping schedule, you do not need to bother.

Then decide whether you keep him awake in the evening or let them be as they want. But, remember to separate a time for their training and make sure they do not disturb your sleep during the night after enjoying their sleep for the whole evening.

How to keep a puppy awake in the evening?

Suppose you want to keep your puppy awake during the evening. In that case, you can try the below-mentioned tips and methods while enjoying time with your little furball.

1. Exercises.

Exercises or workouts are important for the growth of your puppy. If you want him to be healthy and robust, you should motivate him to engage in activities.

You can spend 10-20 minutes with him in the garden or park. Make him active but do not exceed the limit.

By the way, if you do not give your puppy exercise in the evening, trust me, your puppy will try to play at night just like human babies do.

2. Playing.

You can just take your puppy outside and play with him. Run a little here and there. Throw him toys and train him to bring them back to you.

They will enjoy the evening if you do what they prefer to do with you

3. Take a walk.

Take your little furball on a walk in the evening to keep him awake. Talk with them while walking and reward them with love for being a ‘good buddy’ for the whole day.

4. Playing games.

Playing games of tugs or making them interested in some other games will help you to keep them awake in the evening.

Participate in such games with the puppy and let them enjoy the evening until it becomes a little late.

What should you do with your puppy in the evening?

Apart from everything mentioned above, you should take him for a ‘pipe’ and prepare him to go to bed.

After playing or visiting his friends, you can feed him whatever they prefer. But remember to give a healthy diet. Then spend a little more time until he becomes so sleepy on your couch or on the rug near you.

Talk with them and appreciate their good behavior. Cuddle him with love and reward him for being a ‘good buddy.’

Then gradually, your little pup will fall asleep.

Things to be aware of.

  • Be careful when engaging in exercises and playing.
  • Do not force your puppy to stay awake during the night as he rejects it because of a physical or mental ailment.
  • Consider the weather conditions before going out.
  • Consult the vet if you need more advice on keeping them awake in the evening. 


A puppy is a little baby like a human baby who needs more rest time. Of course, you should train them well without being strict on them with a tight schedule. Prioritize their needs as the needs of babies and then make the plan.

Hope you have a complete idea about keeping a puppy awake during the evening and its pros and cons. So, stay happy with your pup.

Cheers until next time!

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