Is Your Dog scared Of Phones? [5 Reasons + 5 Solutions]

Have you ever wondered why your furry friend is scared of your phone? It’s a common concern among pet owners, and we’re here to shed some light on the issue.

Dogs are highly sensitive to sounds and vibrations, including the beeping and ringing of phones. They may perceive phones as a threat, especially if they haven’t been properly trained or socialized. However, with proper training, exposure to positive phone experiences, and socialization, you can help your dog overcome their fear of phones.

But don’t stop reading yet! While the above facts are helpful, there’s more to consider when it comes to understanding your dog’s behavior. In our upcoming discussion, we’ll dive deeper into the reasons why dogs may be scared of phones and provide tips for helping your furry friend feel more comfortable. Don’t miss out on this valuable information!

Why is your dog afraid of your cell phone?

You know what, understanding your dog is a piece of cake if you can become a caretaker to your hound. You’re committed to taking care of your dog, feeding your dog, and consoling your lovely pooch.

You have to find out what your dog is afraid of and what they love. Have you ever seen your dog fearful of your cell phone? Yes, you have.

That’s why you keep reading this article. So I’m mentioning some extremely important reasons for this issue. Let’s see what they are.

1. Dogs are afraid of the sound.

Not all dogs, but some dogs are afraid of the sound of your phone. Some of them are vibration, notification sound, and the sound of your ringing tone (you have various types of apps, software, and such).

Although sounds are not physically harmful to your dog, they try to get rid of them. Normally dogs get used to running away from that place, barking continuously, hiding, and getting upset.

Ringing your phone is not a planned thing; it happens without pre-announcement, and at that time, your dogs might be scared suddenly. When we talk about vibration, it is a kinda strange thing for dogs. Sometimes it is related to us as well.

If you wanna read more about this, consider reading this article: why most dogs are scared of musical instruments?

2. They consider the phone as an animal.

It is well-known that dogs can’t understand electronic things because the capacity isn’t working that much. Although we can train dogs harder to deal with electric devices because electronic devices are often found in the house.

Sometimes they get used to thinking of phones as animals. Actually, they are little noisy animals. As a result, they run away from phones as soon as the mobile phone begins to ring and get notifications.

So you see how pathetic this situation is. Your innocent buddy doesn’t deserve it.

3. They have no idea what the phone is.

Sometimes they wonder what this little thing is. Because suddenly, it makes noises and people use it every time and has a light. The curiosity of the dogs is extremely wide, but they are scared of it too.

That’s because they know how to secure themselves. Normally this issue affects the new dogs. They are still learning about the atmosphere, so it will take time to get along with all of them.

What you have to do is wait and see. Don’t push your dog to do anything because self-learning is the thing that your dog can improve. You can let them study. Don’t limit your dogs’ freedom. Watch and see what they are going to learn.

4. Phones lead to depression.

For us? No, no, This time, it’s for dogs. Woah, wait, what? How can mobile phones lead to depression in your innocent pooch? The answer will leave you devastated.

It’s because of you. Yes, it’s true; usually, humans are addicted to mobile phones already. So they dunno what happens outside, and they have no feelings for others. When you use your phone over your innocent dog, they get very upset.

Dogs are extremely sensitive, and they cannot tolerate things like humans. That’s why they suffer from depression very quickly. Yes, that is a very pathetic situation to hear.

You have to pay attention to your dogs and your daily work. Dogs are fond of getting care, love, attention, and affection. How can you give them to your dog while you are on the phone throughout the day?

5. Did your dog get proper training?

If you have an idea of adopting a dog, you have to do pre homework. What are they? You should find a clinic for your dog; you have to repair your backyard (if it is not suitable for a puppy). Consult a doctor, dog trainer, dog behaviorist, etc.

So have you ever imagined how your puppy reacts to electronic devices such as mobile phones, Television, etc.? If you don’t understand how to do it, please consider it from today.

If your dog is still afraid of mobile phones after the training, that’s a real problem. The first thing is if you are not good at training your dog, you can hire one.

Only professional trainers can train your dogs because they know and understand well. Moreover, they have lots of experience. So get proper training for your dog from an expert.

What can you do if your puppy is scared of cell phones?

When your dog is afraid of cell phones, we cannot leave them out. Because it’s not good for their mental health as well as physical. Sudden fear can make your dog weak, and it is possible to do dangerous things.

On the other hand, we can’t see the way our dog suffers from. So let’s see what we should do if our dog is scared of cell phones.

We shouldn’t be excited; we can hire a trainer for your dog, avoid sounds that make your dog scared, stand by your dog’s side, and be flexible with your dog. The above facts are very useful in controlling a situation like that.

The most important thing is your dog’s health. Both mental and physical because they are very emotional.

1. We shouldn’t be excited.

Although your dog is scared of cell phones, you shouldn’t react to that incident. When your dog runs away from the situation, you must act normally. Because they should realize that there is nothing to be worried about.

2. Hire a trainer.

You know what, you can hire a dog trainer to train your dog to deal with electric devices. You can do it by yourself if you are good at training dogs. Most probably, it’s better to hire an expert to train your dog.

3. Avoid sounds that make your dog scared.

Now you have a dog. Does it mean that you are a responsible person? Yes, it is. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some things because of your innocent buddy.

I know you can avoid noisy sounds because of your buddy. Just do it, dude; your dog doesn’t deserve this.

4. Stand by your dog’s side.

Working against your dog is disgusting. I know your phone is valuable, but not as much as your dog. Some people blame your dog for being weird with cell phones.

Be strong to your dog. Let your dog feel confident and help your dog get rid of this situation.

5. Try to be flexible.

What you have to do is understand your dog. What happens to you if you are in a situation like this? You can compare it to yourself.

When your phone ring, don’t let your dog run. Give him/her a toy and let him play. Or you have to engage with your dog at that time.

Do dogs get jealous of cell phones?

Lemme give a brief answer. Yes, dogs get jealous of cell phones. Like I said before, dogs are fond of feeling love, care, attention, and affection from their owner. You mean a lot to your innocent pooch.

Because you have various friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. Your dog has only you. You are his/her best friend, and dogs can’t live without you. If you are a dog lover who works from home, you must use your mobile phone and laptop.

As a result, your dog will feel jealous of your cell phone.

Because you’re not paying attention to your poor dog. Does your dog bite your leg, try to jump on you, bark at you when you are on the phone?

When your dog gets jealous of your phone, they usually do the above things. When you behave like this anymore, your dog will be able to get sick. Such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

Once I said it. Your dog devastates you when you leave your dog alone. So what you have to do is, allocate an exact time to hang out with your innocent dog. Your dog is also essential, as well as your work. Keep it in your mind.

Why does your dog run away when your phone rings?

  • Because the sound is uncomfortable for your dog.
  • Because the sound creates fear.
  • Because the sound is too loud.
  • Sometimes that sounds irritating to your dog.
  • Your dog may suffer from noise phobia.
  • Sometimes the sound of your cell phone can hurt your dog because their hearing ability is excellent.
  • Your dog may have bad experiences with heavy sounds.

Things to be aware of.

  • train your dog to deal with electric devices such as Mobile phones, laptops, etc.
  • Don’t push your dog to teach them.
  • And also, you should not punish your dog if it reacts weirdly.
  • Try to pay attention to your dog asap.
  • Let them learn according to their way.
  • Try to give a mobile phone to your dog when it rings. (Practice it step by step until the fear disappears)
  • Don’t prank your dog using Mobile phones because they will feel more afraid. It is not good to prank your innocent pooch without a hindrance.
  • Try to comfort your dog while you are on the phone (you can keep your dog on your lap, touch your dog using your leg while engaging, talk to your dog at least once five minutes, etc.)
  • Don’t let them feel lonely.
  • Give his/her favorite toy if you are extremely busy with your office work and such.
  • Try to involve your dog in your work (when you are on a video call with your friend, let your dog join in with you)
  • You have to use soft and smooth words when you talk with your dog if he/she gets upset because of you.
  • Say sorry to your dog. Ask for an apology for the mistakes.


Nowadays, mobile phones, on the other hand, cell phones have become an extremely important device. Because we want so many electrical appliances such as mobile phones because of our daily routine. Although cell phones are handy for us, they take negative feedback about our dogs.

So here I have described all the issues you have to deal with when you have both dogs and cell phones. I have clarified the problems, solutions, and such. I hope it will be crystal clear for you. And have a well-balanced journey with your fabulous pooch.


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