Here Is The Best Time Of Day To Pick Up A New Puppy

Picking up a new puppy is an exciting yet significant commitment. When selecting a new furry member for your family, one of the crucial factors to consider is the time of day. So, what is the best time of day to pick up a new pup?

Dogs are typically more active in the morning, making it the ideal time to interact with them. In contrast, puppies are often sleepy, anxious, and may reject food in the evenings. This means that you won’t have enough time to interact with your new furry friend if you pick them up in the evenings. Therefore, the morning is the best time to pick up a new puppy.

However, if you must pick up your new pup in the evening, there may be several cons to consider. In this article, we’ll analyze the advantages and disadvantages of picking up a new pup member in the evenings. We’ll also provide you with tips to follow when picking up your new furry friend if you have no other choice.

By following the right approach and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your new puppy has a smooth transition into their new home. So, let’s dive into the world of picking up a new puppy and learn how to make the experience as positive as possible!

What is the most appropriate time of the day to pick up a new puppy?

As mentioned earlier, the best time of the day to pick a new fluffy member of your family is the morning. So, picking up a new puppy in the mornings is considered better due to several advantages to both of puppy and you.

Let’s have a clear explanation regarding the advantages both of you and puppy have by picking up the new pup in the mornings.

1. More Time.

So, when you collect your new member from a pet shop or if you adopt him from a particular place, the puppy and you should have enough time to get used to each other.

Mornings are best since you have plenty of time till the night to introduce yourself and the surroundings to your new member.

It will positively result for your new puppy as he is getting slowly used to your home and will become free to walk here and there and confirm that he is safe with you.

2. Calmness.

Usually, mornings are really calm since your children are out for school if you have any. This calmness strongly affects your new puppy’s getting accustomed to the environment without getting distracted by noise and crowd.

3. Activeness.

Generally, puppies are more active in the morning and do not get sleepy. So, bringing your new pup home on a clear morning will be more advantageous to him and you both.

As they are more playful and active in the mornings, they will reach every nook and corner of your home and check whether the place is okay with them.

It is positive behavior to prove that he is healthy and fine.

4. Fresh.

Getting your new pup home during the morning of the day is something so fresh. Because mornings are full of light, the puppy will quickly get used to the surroundings.

Since the new pup has slept for the whole last night, he will be fresher in the morning to sniff the new place and stuff.

They are not sleepy or tired.

Apart from the time of the day to pick them, you have to consider several other factors.

Especially, you should be available at home for them until they get used to their new place. Even Though your home is already comfortable for you, it is still an unfamiliar place for the new pup. So, make sure to select days where you can stay home with them.

It is also better if you can bring him home when the home is not filled with visitors. Be careful choosing the days. If the house is quiet and calm when you bring the pup, he can get quickly settled without a big fuss.

What are the disadvantages of picking up a new puppy in the evening?

Sometimes people become out of options. So, it can be the same with picking a new puppy. Suppose you become out of options and have to pick your new pup in the evening by any chance.

In that case, there might be several disadvantages you have to be aware of.

1. Not enough time.

If you have to pick or you decide to pick a new pup during the evening time of the day, the first and foremost thing to consider is the factor of time.

Since puppies are little fur babies, they might feel sleepy during the evening as they play, jump, and dance for the whole day.

So, they won’t have enough time to sniff and get used to their new place, and as a result, they might exhibit some fear and anxious behaviors.

When considering the fact, it is also a disadvantage since you cannot spend more time with the pup walking and playing a little bit because it is evening. The pup won’t react so actively as in the mornings.

2. Pup is sleepy.

As mentioned above, puppies are like little human babies who enjoy sleeping most of the day. No matter if they are playing, they fall to sleep at once.

So, things could worsen during the evenings as they are rock and roll for the whole day and probably start searching for the place where they sleep earlier. The situation will become really hard to control.

3. Get anxious.

Collecting your pup in the evening can make them anxious due to the darkness around them. Dogs are not in their previously slept place.

They won’t try walking around the home or garden and will stay in the corner of your home. Due to that, they will become anxious and be so sad.

4. Not sleeping.

Sometimes the new pup will not sleep as the place is still alien to them. Bringing him home in the evening does not allow them to identify your place and surroundings, and it will lead to a sleepless night for the pup.

They might start crying during the night, and you will have to stay close to them.

5. Reject food.

Until the pup gets comfortable with his new place, he might reject food.

If you take him home during the evening, they will not have enough time to walk and get confirmed the place is safe, and as a result, they will not eat at least a treat.

So, be careful when you take a decition to pick your new pup during the evening since it can ghost them in different aspects. Sometimes, these incidents might become reasons for anxiety as well. 

Then, as a result, their physical health becomes weak, and they will get attacked with different illnesses.

That is why you have to be very careful and thoughtful when bringing a new pup home in the evening.

What to do if you have to pick a new puppy in the evening?

If there is no choice and you have to bring your new pup in the evening, you can follow the below-mentioned tips to keep him active and comfortable with his new place.

But, be attentive not to force them into any of the activities and try your best to participate in those without letting them feel that you are still an alien.

One crucial fact you must consider is that they are in a place where their friends are not anymore. So, they might feel alone sometimes, and your job is to move with them without letting them be.

So, we will look into the tips and tricks you can do to keep them safe and active if you pick the pup during the evening.

1. Play.

Puppies are little fur babies, exactly like human babies who prefer to play a lot.

So, playing is a better ice-breaking trick until the pup gets used to the new place.

You can try some puppy games with him.

2. Spend more time.

Make sure to stay with the new member as much as you can since they will not get a chance to roam around the house or garden.

They might be sleepy, but do not bother; stay close until they sleep well.

Sometimes, they want you to cuddle them, and I’m sure you won’t neglect them in such instances.

Talk to them and let them feel that they are safe and you love them.

3. Take a walk.

If you can take him outside, it will be better until the following day. They will see the surroundings and sniff as much as they can.

4. Favorite treats.

Do not bother to give them their favorite treats and a bowl of milk, perhaps.

It will result good until the following day when they can walk and get used to your home.

Remember, they need full stomachs to have a good sleep.

You can try the above tips to keep the pup calm till the following day, and indeed they will gradually get used to the surroundings day by day.

But, the first nights might be hectic for you until they become comfortable with their new place. The most significant thing you can do is take care of them and spend more time playing, walking, and talking.

Never let them feel alone for a bit; no matter if it is evening or morning, you take him home. But, try your best to collect him during the morning since it brings advantages to your little pup and you.

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Things to be aware of.

  • Make sure to prepare a comfortable sleeping place for the new puppy.
  • Identify their needs during the night and what they really like to do.
  • If he keeps crying for days and days, take him to the vet and follow what he says.
  • Be patient with their behaviors and do not pressure them or scold them.

DO NOT ever punish them for playing and not sleeping during the night.


Bringing a new puppy home is a complete challenge, and it could be more challenging if you bring him during an evening. But, there are instances where you are also out of options.

So, now you know what to do in such cases. Ensure to take good care of the new furballs and try your best to keep yourself calm and fine with the new pup.

Cheers until next time!