How High Can Pugs Jump? [Complete Guide]

How High Can Pugs Jump?

Are you curious about your pug’s jumping abilities? You’re not alone! As a fellow dog lover, I’m here to help answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

When it comes to jumping, pugs, also known as Dutch bulldogs, are not known for their high jumps. Due to their small size, they typically can’t jump as high as other dog breeds and are limited to jumps of around 3 feet. However, with proper training, mental and physical stimulation, daily exercise, and providing toys and barriers such as fences and walls, you can help prevent your pug from developing a jumping habit.

Although pugs are small, they are still capable of engaging in hyperactive behavior. It’s important to understand that there may be other factors beyond their size that contribute to their jumping abilities. With patience, love, and proper training, you can help your pug develop good behavior and limit their jumping habits.

Do pugs like to jump & How high can they jump?

When you are curious about your pug’s jumping attitudes, the first thing you should consider is their nature. By and large, we can get a simple idea by studying their behavior patterns. Who are they?

This wonderful dog breed is very famous as apartment dogs.

This is because their adaptability to living in an apartment is very high and they can even adapt to new novice owners very well. And also, these breeds are kinda sensitive with their family.

Not only that but also they are double affectionate. The bad thing is pugs are a little stubborn, but it is not harmful that much. So leave it out. Pugs can keep good companionship with kids, other dogs, and strangers too.

I should tell you this, although pugs are active and playful, the training ability level is not very good. Being alone is another matter if you have this kinda puppy.

The most important thing is they can not tolerate both cold and hot weather. So keep your pug buddy comfortable.

Do Pugs like to jump? Of course they do. Like I said before, they are very playful with everyone.

When you are on the bed, they will jump on you, bite your ears, lick your mouth, and cuddle you. They are fond of jumping on your bed, couch, sofas, etc.

From my research, they cannot jump that much. The maximum jumping capacity is 3 feet or so.

Rarely can some dogs jump over the above limit because of their energy? That’s why it always depends. If you can keep an eye on your dog, you will get every moment of your Pug buddy.

We’ve also taken a look at how high Boxers, Mini Schnauzers and Aussie Shepherds can jump.

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Is jumping high bad for Pugs?

It depends. Each dog has a variety of energy levels. If your dog is so energetic and healthy, that will not be a big deal.

However, when we turn into the Pug’s side, that little buddy can’t jump very high. Jumping high is a risk of injuries, joint pains might be breaking their bonds, heart cases.

Don’t worry. If your dog has proper training, exercise, enough energy, nutrition, the above issues will fade away.

My advice is, do not to let them be over-energetic and hyperactive. We should not take a risk because they can easily become sick. Protecting your dog is on your hand.

What are the safe jumping heights for pug puppies, adults, seniors?

Although we cannot define a definitive opinion, I can confirm that each era has various types of limitations.

For example, as a puppy, your pug should not be so hyperactive because they are still fresh and babish. Under that condition, over-acting can harm their physical stimulation. So do not let puppy pugs jump on too much.

Elders are also on the same track. When they are getting older, there are a lot of differences happening inside a pug’s body.

Jumping causes joint pain, muscle pain. It is your responsibility to keep the pug away from dangerous attitudes. Adults are always healthy; you should not worry about them so much.

Why can some pugs not jump onto a couch or bed?

Before finding a cure, we have to find how or why the disorder starts. Likewise, here we should consider why Pugs do not jump on the couch or bed before treatments.

There are various reasons for this issue.

  1. Nature
  2. Laziness
  3. Physical disorders
  4. Mental disorders
  5. Not enough height


Most of the pugs are not good at doing hyperactive activities. They like to stay calm and quiet when they are in the house and anywhere.

From a puppy like that, you cannot expect that kind of attitude. You have to adapt to their nature and stop being worrying.


Out of five pugs, only two can jump on the bed. The rest of the pugs are not interested in jumping, running, etc., because of their laziness.

You don’t wanna worry about this. If they haven’t any sickness, they are totally fine with everything. Laziness is like a part of life.

Physical disorders

Under this circumstance, what you have to do is look carefully at your pug buddy. Only a real owner can catch their physical weaknesses. So what are the pug’s physical disorders?

  • Mussels pain
  • Bone and Joint pains
  • Injuries
  • Eye problems
  • Skin disorders
  • Seizures
  • Respiratory Issues

If pugs have the above issues, they refuse to do anything and then take them to the animal clinic and treat them. Most probably, they will recover soon.

Mental Disorders

Mental disorders affect the pugs as well as the physical. Most of the owners don’t care about these conditions.

Don’t let it grow if you get the difference. The first time they refuse to jump on the bed or couch, keep an eye on their other behavior patterns as well. And also, try to understand the hints pugs give you.

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

are the most famous issues among pugs.

Not enough height

If your bed and couch are higher than your puppy’s ability level, how do pugs jump on them? First, you have to consider that. If they feel uncomfortable with it, they will not try to jump on.

How to train your pug to jump on the couch or bed?

First, you have to consider your pug’s jumping capabilities.

Is your puppy healthy enough, grown enough, or active enough? You should discover these three things before you are going to train, jump on the couch or bed to your pug.

Besides, you have to evaluate mental stimulation as well. When everything is clear, you can start your training. Warning:- If your dog has hip problems, don’t encourage them to do this. Leggo.

How high is your bed? If your bed is higher than your pug’s jumping capacity, you should keep a little ladder or a bench. And show them how to do it. In time to come, your little pug will learn how to jump on the bed.

Does your pug have a favorite toy? Of course, everyone has. Take that toy from your dog and throw it on the bed. The very first moment, your puppy gets onto the bed and catches his/her favorite toy.

Do this theory until he/she practices. A while more,  your pug buddy gets used to jumping on the bed naturally. Look how simple it is.

Next, practice “Up” and “jump” commands. These are more acceptable. Let your pug adapt to the command. Not only this case but also while every moment you spend with your doggy will need this.

After your command, if they jump on the bed or couch, greet them, or you can give the puppy treats. This is very important because greeting and puppy treats are the basic understanding methods for the dogs.

How to train your pug not to jump on people

Although Pugs are very tiny, they can become hyperactive too. Do you like it when a Pug jumps on you? 

It is kinda uncomfortable. Some people are very unhappy with that incident. Therefore, you have to keep your Pug under your control. You cannot disregard your Pug’s troublesome attitudes because of their tiny size.  

It is very important to know how to train your Pug not to jump on people.

I’mma interprets it step by step.

  1. Keep your Pug leash on
  2. Practise command
  3. Use Puppy treats
  4. Provide toys

Keep your Pug leash on

Pugs are very interested in being with strangers. As a result, as soon as a guest comes to your home, pugs jump on them. It can be a very distinctive experience for your visitors.

All things considered, you have to keep your Pug on a leash, and as soon as Pug jumps, they take away from the guests because of the leash. Thanks to this idea your visitors can come to your place without any doubt.

Practise command

This is a very important session. Your Pug buddy should obey the command. Does it mean that you have to keep some boundaries and limits with your Pug as a reliable owner? Yes, of course. Unless your dog will not be under your control.

To take him/her on track, observe some commands and try to do it

  • Stop
  • Leave
  • Go
  • Come
  • Sit

are some of the examples you can provide. If you wanna stop your Pug’s vulnerable attitude like jumping on everyone, giving commands is very necessary.

Puppy treats

While you try to practice with your dog, you can give a small treat. This is the easiest method you can do because they are attached to the foods. After he/she does the right things, you can give the puppy treats.

When they do wrong or disobey, you have to avoid treating them. Likewise, they will get used to accepting your commands.  In time to come, your pug will not jump on people.

Provide toys

How can toys train your Pug not to jump on people? This is a simple strategy to grab your Pug’s attention towards toys.

Therefore, anyone can come to you without any suspicion. When your puppy is with his/her toys, he/she doesn’t care about the atmosphere.

Can pug jump over the gate, fences? Should you worry about that?

Of course not. I don’t think so. Pugs can jump that high. Normally we make gates, fences above 6 feet, and pugs cannot jump over that height. As I have mentioned before, they can only jump over 3 feet. So don’t worry about that.

But when we turn into the baby gates, there is a risk of escaping. Most pugs can jump over the baby gate because of their determination. If they have enough

  • Power
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Activeness

Definitely, they will cross the boundaries. So be careful when your pug is the baby gates.

Things to be aware of

Leave them alone: Pugs are not good at staying alone for a long time, so be careful when you go anywhere and keep your pug buddy in a dog care center or at your relatives.

Being harsh: Pugs are very innocent and sensitive, so you have to be smooth when dealing with your cute buddy. Although they have vulnerable behavior patterns, as a predictable owner, you have to be patient. In any case, your harsh behavior will affect the pug’s mental health. If your pug tries to jump on people anymore, you can hire a good trainer.

Greet them: Rejection doesn’t work every time. If your pug tries to jump on you, take him/her to you, cuddle smoothly, touch smoothly, and play with your little buddy. On this occasion, both you and your pug buddy must build a good companionship because only mutual understanding can keep a good partnership between you and your dog.

Toys: We know you cannot be with your pug buddy every time, so I’mma gives a satisfaction benefit. If you are busy with your daily work and don’t have enough time to allocate for your doggy, you can give them their favorite toys. Because of that, your puppy can give their full attention to the toys. Therefore they will not jump on people because their attention is on toys. Be strategic. And when you provide toys to your Dutch buddy, keep them safe and prevent them from becoming toxic.


Pugs or Dutch bulldogs are a very innocent, sensitive, and loyal dog breed. In my opinion, having a pug buddy is a blessing. As a reliable owner, you have to think about every side of your dog. This jumping attitude is kinda bad and kinda satisfying for the owner. But we don’t know how others react when your Pug buddy jumps on them. So studying the above matters are very essential. We have to think about your puppy and others as well. So my expectation is, show the right path for every pug lover.


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