Is Your Dog Too Much For You To Handle? [Reasons + Do This]

Owning a doggy friend is not always a journey through a bed of roses. Sometimes, they are too much to handle, no matter how lovely and accompanying they are.

A dog becomes too much to handle when you have a busy schedule, unstable economy, extended dog training periods, feeding issues, tiring you, and misbehavior. It can be solved by adjusting your time, buying or adopting a maintainable dog, seeking vet advice, proper training, and catering to the dog’s needs.

Before giving up the dream of becoming a caring dog parent, try to understand this full guide. You got the solution here.

Why do you feel like your dog is too much to handle?

Everyone talks only about the sweetest phase of having a four-legged doggy friend. Yes, owning a doggy pal is one of the best investments you create for yourself. But, there can be days or months that you might feel your doggy is too much to handle.

It is a natural feeling when you are super busy, or your doggy starts acting weird in a way you cannot handle. There can be other fair enough reasons as well.

Let me solve this. First, we’ll understand why you feel your doggy is too much to handle.

1. When you have a busy schedule.

Your schedule affects when you have a dog friend. If you are busy at work and your free hours are very few, you might not have extra time to cater to your doggy friend.

 It happens, and you come looking for the bed, and your doggy waits for you to do his feeding, bathing, and almost everything.

When you feel like you miss weekend trips or Friday nights with your friends because of your doggy, it sucks. Sometimes you will not be able to go on a vacation with a relaxed mind as your doggy ball is home alone.

These are emotional damages where you feel like your dog is too much to handle as you do not have enough time.

2. Unstable Economy.

Owning a doggy friend is a full package, including expenses as well. Usually, a dog requires regular vet visits, grooming, feeding, and training sessions.

When you don’t have enough time to pamper your doggy with the above needs, you need to hire a nanny too. So, everything needs money.

But, if your economic status is unstable and you pass a harsh time of your life with many other expenses, you will feel like your doggy is too much to handle.

3. Hard to train.

It is your luck if you adopt a dog familiar with basic commands like sit, come, and shush! And no! But suppose you have a pup who needs proper training from the beginning.

There are some pups and young dogs who are hard to train. They often grow beauty, and you will end up with a rascal who chews everything, barks all the time and runs like a crazy robot.

Sometimes these dog training sessions might take longer than you think, yet he is not improving his good behavior. There’s a higher probability of feeling like your doggy is too much to handle in such instances.

As a result, you might give up the dream of becoming a caring dog parent.

4. Tire you out.

Dog ownership is a tiring out deed. Suppose you have to wake up in the morning not when your alarm goes on but with a howl or whining of a dog who needs to go out, pee, or eat.

Once you return home from work and prefer some calm ‘me time,’ you do not like to get disturbed by the nonsense of your dog crossing his boundaries.

Indeed, a doggy ball does not understand his human companion’s busy schedule. Perhaps he just needs a few cuddles and hugs, which are fair enough from his side.

But if you are already tire of walking him out, feeding, grooming, and training sessions, it is natural to feel like your pooch is too much to handle.

5. What to feed?

Feeding your doggy is tricky when you do not have any idea regarding what to provide.

You might get bewildered by millions of dog food options. You feel helpless if you do not know exactly what to do regarding his diet. Eventually, it creates the feeling that you can’t handle your dog anymore.

Completing the food needs of your dog and fulfilling his nutrition is a must and can be a headache at the same time.

6. Misbehavior.

Suppose you return from work to a messy place filled with accidents, chewed sofas, and scattered bins. Your little rascal is just sitting as if nothing happened.

Yes, dogs can be such nasty fellows who prefer to misbehave often if they are not adequately trained. They might not know that it is their misbehavior. They might have just tried to enjoy a little while you are not home. That’s all!

You will feel like it is a mess when you can’t take him on a walk as he barks crazily at everyone and runs all over. Waking up to accidents on the floor and cleaning will not happen daily.

How hopeless are you to see your doggy pal behave in such a manner? So, obviously, in such instances, you will feel like your dog is too much to handle and he is no longer under your control.

Most importantly, when you are not mentally ready to manage your time and attend to the needs of your doggy friend, you might automatically feel that he is too much for you to handle. Yes, a dog is a sweet and big responsibility.

If you still feel like you want to adjust your time and be a good dog parent, the next part will be crucial. Keep on reading.

What to do if your dog is too much for you to handle?

Dog parenting is not always about rainbows and cute little faces that fill you with immense love. Sometimes it is all about hard work and dog crap on your sofa.

Doggy friends can drive you insane with their wagging tails, unconditional love, and the feeling of giving up. You know the situations when you feel like your pooch is too much to handle.

So, now you might be wondering what you should do when your dog is too much for you. We’ll look into solutions you can quickly try out with your doggy when he gives you such trouble.

1. Adjust your time.

Adjusting your time and daily chores when you have a slight pooch at home is crucial. You must think about dividing your time with considerable space for your doggy.

Dogs are innocent and do not know what you are going through in a day. So, when they lack your attention and care, they tend to be nasty and misbehave.

They do not ask for hours; if you can manage your time effectively, your pooch will have what he wants. Then he will not be a burden for you any longer.

If you frankly want to take care of your doggy without feeling ‘too much, then adjust your time and spend some valuable and productive time with your dog. 

2. Be Economically stable.

Before adopting or buying a little pup or dog, make sure you are economically stable. Goddy balls require regular vet visits, grooming, and sometimes nannies, walkers, and behaviorists.

Remember not to be jumbled with your daily expenses and dog expenses. Managing your income is of utmost importance when you have a doggy belly to fill.

Bonus tip: try your best to buy budget dog food, which is more effective if you have time to make your meal at home without going much with dog food.

Then you can save money to boost him up with the required nutrition and vitamins.

In short, when you are economically stable, you won’t feel like your pooch is too much for you.

3. Go for an affordable and maintainable dog breed.

You should consider this step before buying or adopting a doggy friend. Choosing a dog breed that matches your pocket is crucial and reasonable.

Always try to go for an affordable dog. But, if your expectation is to have a Bulldog, you should be able to maintain him while attending to all his problems.

In any case, if you have decided to have an expensive dog with a high maintainable cost, obviously, you will feel like he is too much for you.

Be wise when choosing a dog breed.

4. Do not blame the dog friend.

Blaming or yelling at your little pooch is not the solution to any issue. First, you should understand that he does not understand what’s going on in your mind or how busy you are.

Sometimes, he does not even understand your language. So suppose how alienated he is. Therefore, you have to be more tricky and patient at the same time. 

Instead of yelling at your pooch, say nicely that you’re gonna take him to the track.

5. Give a proper training.

Training your doggy pal with a proper training schedule while motivating his good behavior is one of the important steps when vanishing his beasty nature.

Focus on what you want from your doggy friend and keep it in mind during his training sessions. Majorly, training a dog involves creating good behaviors. A well-trained dog is a gift and makes your life easy.

Most importantly, lack of proper training gradually makes them behave in a nasty manner that encourages the feeling of ‘too much to handle.

So, the challenge is not to give up on your doggy friend. Instead, teach him a strong recall while having some management tools to prevent him from chewing all the valuable furniture.

Always break down the training sessions into small goals and work on them step by step. Make him responsive to your commands even in public. Eventually, you will feel that he can still handle it.

Great training makes a great dog without letting your life down with messy dog crap. 

How do you control a dog without being cruel?

  • First and foremost, DO NOT EVER BLAME your doggy. Give him enough reasons to do what you ask him.
  • Reward your pooch for every good deed he does. Use his favorite treats or toys. Remember to say you value them in your own words.
  • Do not raise your voice at your dog, and calm yourself. Always try to use a cheerful voice and motivate him.
  • Discourage nasty behaviors and do not encourage Excitement.
  • Teach him basic commands first and reward him for doing them correctly.
  • If you cannot do it yourself, consult the vet and seek advice.

Things to be aware of.

  • Be very careful during training sessions, and do not punish your pooch.
  • Attentive when your doggy is chewing substances, as some of them can be allergic or poisonous.
  • Be kind and stay on alert.
  • Do not ever make them mentally depressed with nonstop blames.


It is quite natural your doggy goes insane and makes you feel like you are done with him. There are more reasons to give up the dream of becoming a caring dog parent since you have so much work to do at home and in the working place.

But, if you still have that spark of becoming a proud owner of a well-disciplined doggy friend, you can try the above tips, and trust me, they’re gonna work.

It is not about giving him to an orphanage or back where you adopted your little pooch. Always remember why you took him home with shining little eyes. Yes, it is because you love him to the moon and back.

Cheers till next time!

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