The Dog Upstairs Barks All Day [7 Steps To Solve the Issue]

Dog upstairs barks all day

Living in an apartment can be challenging, especially when a neighboring dog barks incessantly. But fear not, dear friends, we’re here to help you find a solution!

If you’re dealing with a noisy neighbor dog, here are some quick tips to consider: leave a note on the door, record the noise as evidence, gently talk to the neighbor, recommend dog training, offer to take the dog for a walk, contact the property management company, or reach out to the animal control or non-emergency police department.

While you have every right to enjoy peace and quiet in your home, it’s important to approach the situation with empathy and understanding. By identifying the root cause of the barking and taking appropriate action, we’re confident that you and your furry neighbor can coexist happily and harmoniously. So let’s dive into how to handle a barking dog upstairs!

Why do dogs bark? [A brief description]

It is better to understand why dogs bark during the day prior to frustration. By doing so, maybe you can help the upstairs neighbor to solve this issue.

First, Find out when this dog barks, means whether only during the day or even when neighbors are at the apartment.

Often, this annoying barking can happen during the day when neighbors are away from home.

Here are the main reasons why this happens.

Anxiety: Often, anxious dogs tend to bark because they find self-soothing. Here, the barking can be high-pitched combined with occasional whining. If the dog has separation anxiety, this type of barking can be expected.

Boredom: When a bark feels boredom just by staying apartment alone for long hours, they may get bored. So, they do this just to hear their own voice in order to get rid of boredom.

Because of pain: If the dog upstairs suffers from some kind of pain, it won’t stop barking. This barking is belonged to high-pitched barking and feels so annoying.

Protectiveness: If the dog upstairs belongs to the guard dog category, it won’t stop barking whenever someone walks on the passage. (Actually, Any dog can exhibit this behavior. But, guard dogs tend to bark more)

Although there are several other minor reasons for this to happen, now let’s move toward the solutions you can take.

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What can you do if the dog upstairs barks all day?

You may be a person who falls in love with dogs, maybe hope to get a dog whenever you home to home.

But, when you have to listen to a noisy and annoying barking for hours in a row and have your valuable free time and sleep disrupted by this barking, you should do something for that.

In fact, going directly to the landlord or taking legal action isn’t something not acceptable for human beings.

So, I urge you to follow the following steps in order.

  1. First, leave a note on the door
  2. Record the noise.
  3. Meet the neighbor upstairs.
  4. Recommend a training.
  5. Be kind to give a walk.
  6. Contact property management company
  7. Contact your animal control department or non-emergency police department.

1. First, leave a note on the door.

It’s always better to leave a note on the neighbor’s door in the first place. Because they might don’t know that their dog is barking during the day and when they are away from home.

Being polite is always better.. why? Because we are human beings. If a person raises a dog while living in an apartment, that person is a true dog lover.

So, you don’t wanna ruin that bond by just taking legal actions in the first place, do you? A compassionate person cannot do such a thing whatsoever.

If we continue to think, that dog could be a therapy or service dog. (This is because some landlords have allowed therapy or service dogs to be brought into the apartment, even the legal contract says not to do so. because it’s more kind of humanity thing.)

So, I would like to write the note as follows.

Hi there,

It's James. I live downstairs, number 211. It's pleased to meet you. I hope you are Benjamin (Forgive me if I'm wrong). I just wanted to say that your dog often barks when people pass by your door. It's a little annoying, and it bothers me that something went wrong. Perhaps, someone will take legal action or report to the landlord. 

Don't get me wrong! I just wanted to inform you. 

PS: I'm a huge dog lover, just curious to meet your loving pooch. If you invite me, it will make my day.

This is a great way to let the owner know that the dog upstairs is barking loudly. In fact, They are more likely to invite you to visit their apartment. Of course, you can use your own words.

Side note: If you are looking forward to buying a suitable dog for the apartment, consider reading the following articles.

2. Record the noise.

As I mentioned earlier, the dog owner is more likely to invite you to introduce the dog. Because most dog owners are so excited to show and talk about their loving pooch.

So, you got to record the noise of the dog barking upstairs. Maybe you can show the audio clip and explain to the owner how bad this bark is.

3. Meet the neighbor upstairs.

Suppose your neighbor invites you to come to their apartment block. (You should go there even they don’t invite you. Then introduce yourself and talk well to get his / her attraction.)

Then greet the neighbor and ask, “Where is the dog?” and also ask what his name is.

After that, you got to cuddle the dog while explaining things very politely to the owner. Everything should go so smoothly.

Then say, “Ï recorded his voice, take a look at this for a second, please.”

Subsequently, the owner will definitely understand how bad this bark is.

Here is what to do when a neighbors dog cries all-day.

4. Recommend training.

Since this seems like you love canines and are willing to help, the owners are more likely to accept your suggestions.

First, Take a look at the above reasons for this barking behavior, and let the dog owner about them.

Suggest him to get the help of a dog trainer.

Better if you can suggest a dog trainer number or any service. But, be sure to pretend to act very normal.

Let him know the importance of playing or spending some time with the dog and telling them you can understand the situation and their busy schedule.

Tell them the importance of giving the dog at least a short walk. Convince them to hire a dog walker or dog sitter in a case when they don’t have sufficient time.

But, the thing you wanna understand is that if your upstairs dog used to bark heavily, it’s not gonna be fixed overnight. Because it seems like the dog might have separation anxiety problems or boredom.

When they feel that you are truly willing to help, they are more likely to put some extra effort into solving the issue. Yeah, it’s totally understandable how frustrating it can be to hear an endless dog barking noise from upstairs.

5. Be kind to give a walk.

Although this doesn’t belong to your area of responsibility, tell them that you are in a habituate of going on daily morning walks. Then tell them you are willing to give a good morning walk to the dog if they want.

Think about this for a second. How wonderful is this! In fact, It is very beneficial for your physical and mental health.

6. Contact the property management company

Suppose you tried everything you could by reaching out to this dog’s parents. However, if they don’t seem like trying to deal with this issue or refuse to meet you, you cannot be more polite than this.

Disclaimer: These steps 6 and 7 are just suggestions, and it’s totally up to you.

If the dog upstairs won’t stop barking, and the dog’s parents not gonna do anything about this, consider complaining about this concern to the property management company.

It is best to be as detailed as you can.

Important: Don’t try to be accusatory.

So, I would like to write them as follows.

The upstairs dog barks constantly every day from 9 am to 4 pm, and it's a bit audible in my apartment block, and it's quite annoying by causing me to lose the peaceful atmosphere of my home. 

Looking forward to your reply.
Thank you.
James (unit number 211)

Important: Never put something like “the dog upstairs barks all over the day and the dog parents aren’t doing anything regarding it. “

If you don’t receive any response from them, leave notes from asking other occupants in the apartment building whether they hear this annoying barking from that specific apartment unit. If the answer is yes and they also find it frustrating, try to get them involved to write to the property management company and get quick action.

7. Contact your animal control department or non-emergency police department.

If step number 6 didn’t solve your issue, it’s time to contact the animal control department or non-emergency police department and ask about the barking laws and what is the procedure is.

But, you have to go through a step process in order to let them handle this barking complaint.

Those steps are most likely as follows.

  1. The first action will be taken after the first report has been made for the department, and this action is most likely a warning letter. Mostly, they will give around 30 days in order to correct the issue.
  2. Suppose 3 neighbors report this issue to the department, or if you are able to provide sufficient evidence for this noise violation, the police department is most likely to send an officer to check what’s wrong.

You can learn more about this procedure and other legal details on the Los Angeles animal service.

Other little things that can help.

Okay, now you know exactly what to do. But, few other minor things will undoubtedly help reduce the noise if the dog upstairs barks all over the day.

  • Consider insulating the ceiling.
  • You can get a dog whistle and blow it wherever the dog barks.
  • There are few apps you can find from the app store that can avoid dog barking. Basically, it does the same thing that the dog whistle does.
  • If the upstairs dog bark all over the day, and the dog parents don’t care about that whatsoever, that may indicate the dog is in some kind of unhealthy situation, and probably someone needs to help the dog. It’s so frustrating when a dog has to live inside an apartment all over the day, and if the dog stays inside the crate, that anxiety, frustration, stress can be triple. So, find out if there humane society in your city. If so, consider informing them.


Currently, most of the tenants have to face so many frustrations when the dogs upstairs bark all over the day. Since most people are curious to know what to do about this, we created an in-depth article that explains a whole bunch of knowledge you need to do. Hope you found this helpful. Have a nice day.

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