Your Dog Got Water In Their Nose During Bath Time [Do This]

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Bathing can be a dreaded experience for some dogs, particularly due to the risk of water inhalation. If you’re concerned about your furry friend getting water in their nose during bath time, this article is for you.

Even though bathing is enjoyable for both owner and dog, it will be horrible if your dog inhales water while bathing. It can cause difficulty breathing, a runny nose, loss of consciousness, pulse instability, the production of weird sounds, hypothermia, cyanosis, and death.

Keep on reading this article because the above facts are not enough. It would be best to have a comprehensive explanation because this can be a severe case. So let’s get started!

What Happens if Your Dog Inhales Water While Bathing?

Sometimes we have to become overprotective because every moment can be critical. Just as for a baby, accidents may occur when you walk away or take your eyes off your pooch for even a second.

Bathing is as critical a time as any other because your dog might also have an accident during bath time. How does this happen?

Have you been concerned about your dog getting water in their nose during bath time? Well, you should be concerned, and all things doggy-nose-water are what we’ll cover in this article.

Let’s discuss what happens if a dog gets water in its nose during bath time.

1. Trouble Breathing

Have you ever dealt with this problem when your dog gets water in their nose during a bath? I have experienced it with my dog, and let me tell you, it’s not pleasant to watch your dog breathe weirdly.

I know you’ll feel the same way. So, dogs can have trouble breathing after getting water in their nose during bath time.

2. Runny Nose

One day I was bathing my puppy, and it only took her an instant to get water in her nose. She didn’t seem any different immediately afterward, so I didn’t think any more about it.

After I dried my puppy off, water continuously came out of her nose. I got so frightened, and I started to shake from anxiety. As I’m typing this, I can even sense those feelings resurging!

I got a piece of cloth and wiped my puppy’s nose. The whole ordeal affected my poor puppy a lot.

So, a runny nose is another result of a dog getting water in their nose during bath time.

3. Psychological Damage

Yes, it’s true. Have you ever gotten water in your nose while bathing or drinking water? It would be weird if you haven’t; I expect most everyone has experienced it!

So, can you remember the sensation you felt at the time? For me, it’s always a huge pain. However, we can tolerate it because we’re big humans and can stand up to such a minor incident.

But what can an innocent, young, inexperienced pooch do? Nothing. So, the pain makes them unstable. Damaging their mind is another result of this horrible incident.

4. Unstable Pulse

Yes, this can happen when your dog gets water in their nose during a bath. Usually, every dog’s average pulse rate is roughly 120–160 per minute.

The pulse rate can change according to the dog’s size, but usually, there is a specific rate. The pulse changes when something unexpected happens, as in the above issue.

So, getting water in their nose is not suitable for your dog’s heart rate. Moreover, your pup needs help to tell what is going on. Keep an eye on their pulse rate.

5. Making Weird Sounds

Most people will know what I mean by this. Your dog can make weird sounds when breathing and sleeping after a bath. Usually, an odd sound will come from your dog’s nose.

This is one of the effects of getting water in your dog’s nose during a bath. If your dog has already gone through this, be careful not to let it happen again.

6. Your Dog Can Get Sick

So, you already know what happens if a dog gets water in their nose during bath time, but this situation is different. Have you heard about hypothermia and cyanosis? Let me explain a little bit.

Hypothermia is a disease brought about by excessive coldness. It can reduce your body temperature faster than the heat your body generates. Dogs can also get it, so the cold temperature of the water can affect your dog’s brain and their ability to move.

Cyanosis can also occur. Oxygen levels reduce, which means less oxygen binding to red blood cells and less oxygen being transported to essential organs. So, when your dog gets water in their nose during a bath, they might not be able to function normally. If they inhale a large amount of water, that could be very serious.

Now you know what hypothermia and cyanosis are. Please understand how it impacts your dog when your dog gets water in its nose during a bath. Please don’t act blasé if this happens.

The cases of the above diseases are rare, but they can happen. It’s good to keep your eye on your dog during bath time.

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7. Sudden Death

Sudden death can happen because of your dog inhaling water, but it is very rare.

Death doesn’t occur from a small amount of water; they can die when a large amount of water gets in their nose. Do not let this happen to your dog.

This can be very painful. I know bathing can be a delight for both you and your dog, but please consider the safety of your innocent pooch.

Should You Worry if Your Dog Gets Water in Their Nose During Bath Time?

Fortunately, dogs have a good immune system, so you shouldn’t worry too much if your dog gets water in their nose during a bath. But safety is our priority.

My advice is that even though dogs have an excellent immune system, you must keep an eye on your doggo for a few hours after bath time.

Confirm whether your dog has weird symptoms over the subsequent hours.

As I said before, when your dog gets a large amount of water in their nose, they might face sudden death. If your dog behaves as normal during this period, there is no need to worry or call your vet.

You can call your vet for a phone consultation. But think if it’s worth the trouble. Take your time thinking. As I said before, your dog has a great immune system.

Usually, I can only give an exact answer if I investigate the situation. Every situation is different. That’s why I’ve given you a standard solution. So, that’s why you should touch base often with your dog for the next few hours after they get water in their nose.

To know more about this, keep reading this article.

How Can You Get Water Out of Your Dog’s Nose?

Here’s how you get water out of a dog’s nose with the following steps:

  1. Hang your dog upside down, clasping its limbs; this will help to eject the water
  2. Wipe away water that comes out of your dog’s nose
  3. Check whether your dog is ok or not
  4. If your dog acts normal, you shouldn’t worry
  5. If your dog inhales a lot of water and acts weirdly, take your dog to the vet ASAP
  6. If you are not an expert, take your dog to the vet
  7. If you are not an expert, call the nearest knowledgeable person or call a pet ambulance. Until they arrive, try to dry your dog.

How Can You Keep Your Dog From Inhaling Water During a Bath?

This title is significant because your dog will be safe if you can keep them from inhaling water during bath time.

So, I will discuss tips for keeping your dog from inhaling water. Without further delay, let’s talk about them.

Try using a cloth or sponge to clean your dog’s face. Use a face cover during bath time. Don’t splash water directly onto your dog’s face. Keep an eye on your dog. Don’t give your dog toys while they are bathing.

Those are some of the ways to keep your dog from inhaling water during a bath. Let’s talk about some of them next.

Use a Cloth or Sponge

How do you wash your dog’s face? Do you throw water directly at their face? Well, dogs hate that — A lot.

So, if you want to wash your dog’s face without harming them, you can take a clean cloth or a sponge. That would be more beneficial.

Don’t Apply Water Directly to Their Face

Keep an eye on your dog. As I said before, dogs hate water on their face. If you want to wash their face, apply the water slowly and methodically. 

When you look away, your dog might be in danger because they love to play with water.

  • Use a face cover: You can use a face cover for your dog while bathing. It will help keep your dog from inhaling water.
  • Keep an eye on your dog: It is your responsibility to watch out for your dog’s safety. If you don’t do it correctly, you may regret it. 
  • Don’t give toys while your dog is bathing: What happens when you give your dog their favorite toy while bathing? They can be distracted. As a result, your attention also can be misdirected. This may increase the risk of accidents.
  • If you use a small bathtub or a pool: Before bathing, teach your dog how to swim. If they can’t swim, they may sink too far below and inhale water.

Things to Be Aware Of

  • Be patient
  • There is no need to hurry
  • Don’t punish your dog if they don’t like to bathe
  • Hot water will motivate your dog to bathe, however, don’t use too hot or too cold water
  • When you apply shampoo and soap, try to keep the suds away from your dog’s nose
  • If your dog is aggressive while bathing, you must calm them, otherwise they face an increased risk of getting water in their nose
  • Don’t let people who don’t like your dog come to the bathing place
  • Be ready for any situation
  • Don’t scare your dog
  • Do not forcibly bathe your dog


To sum it up, we have covered the reasons behind why dogs often get water in their noses during bath time and provided a solution to this issue. Although it may seem like a common occurrence, it’s important to address it and ensure your furry friend’s safety and comfort during grooming sessions. By keeping these essential tips in mind, you can make bath time a more enjoyable experience for both you and your canine companion. Here’s to happy and healthy bonding with your furry best friend!

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  1. What happens if water enters a puppy’s nose while bathing him? I was giving my small pooch a bath after he got poop all over his paws. He had some brown spots on his face too and since he moved, I think he might of….inhaled a bit of water through his nose? is there anything I can do to make sure he is okay? if something happens to my tiny burrito, I would never forgive myself……please help me. I need advice ASAP. Because I am extremely worried.

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