Should You Allow Your Dog Upstairs? [Complete Guide]

Should you allow your dog upstairs?

My doggy got used to going upstairs recently. It was a severe problem for me. Is that good for both me and my doggy? Omg, that problem was a kinda headache. Let’s understand this problem in detail.

So, should you allow upstairs for dogs?

In general, the upstairs is not an acceptable place for energetic and playful dogs, especially puppies and adults. Because they are at risk of Joint pain, being injured, vision transformation, hip pain, loss of their stability, hyperactiveness, fatigue, over-exercise, and destroying things.

Whatever it may be, some owners love to keep their dogs upstairs. So, are there any safe methods? Or how to train them? Let’s come to the deeper of this matter through this article.

Should you let upstairs for your dog?

When we consider all dog breeds, most of them are very active, playful, energetic, and hyper. Under this circumstance, you have to think twice about letting them be upstairs.

This is a famous secret that dogs never become calm when they stay at their favorite place. Don’t let your home become an insecure place for your dog.

Why shouldn’t you let upstairs for your dog? There are plenty of reasons for this.

  • Risk of being an injury
  • Hip pains
  • Joint pain
  • Visions changes
  • Destroying your place
  • Potty train problems
  • Risk of falling down

How do they get injured while staying upstairs? It’s a well-known fact that puppies are more playful than the other two eras.

It is because puppies always try to do new experiments. New House, new members, the new atmosphere, and they are so curious about those things. As a result, they attempt to go here and there.

The very first moment they see upstairs, they take the following steps for going there. That’s how it is. Curiosity is common for everyone. That Little fresh buddy can injure while going upstairs because they are still unripe. Their little legs might be harmed.

Adults are not like that. They can manage themselves at all. They have enough energy, experience, activeness, etc. The bad thing is, although older dogs have sufficient experience, they don’t have enough physical stimulation. So you have to keep both puppies and older the same way.

But, when we consider short-legged dogs such as Basset Hound, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and Dachshund… you have to look after them without age changes.

In this breed, puppies, adults, and older are very risky to go upstairs because they are too short and have a physical imbalance.

We usually sleep upstairs, and if your dog takes to your place, you will not be able to sleep continuously. Because your dog might bark through the night or bite your furniture, sofa, pillows, etc.

Another problem is potty training. If you don’t have a manageable system for removing them, it will be a big issue.

And most of the puppies and older dogs suffer from joint pain and hip pains because of this upstairs problem. When they get used to going here and there all the time, it will directly affect their physical stimulation.

An adult can manage it most of the time. So if you don’t wanna become sick of your dog, you have to avoid them staying upstairs or at least limit the situation.

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Should you let your dog sleep upstairs?

As I feel this is kinda personal matter. You know what, this thing changes from person to person. Some owners love to be with their dogs all day and all the time. It’s their pleasure.

Some owners wanna keep limitations and boundaries with their doggy. How we can be involved in their personal life, therefore I decide to express to you some pros and cons of letting your dog sleep upstairs.

Let’s move towards Short and sweet explanations

The question of whether you let your dog sleep upstairs or not is a private thought. Nowadays, we are living a monotonous lifestyle. Dogs can change that boredom easily.

Because of that, these things can get you. A good cuddle time, reducing loneliness, mental stimulation, releasing stress, increasing companionship, protection, and satisfaction.

However, the consequences are difficulty to clean, ruin children’s toys, damage furniture, and reduce personal space.

Why should you let your dogs sleep upstairs? Generally, the majority of people are sleeping upstairs. That’s the reason why dogs love to sleep upstairs too.

Dogs always try to be close to their owners. That is their nature. So if your dog is curious about sleeping upstairs, these are the benefits you can get.

  • A good cuddle time
  • Reducing loneliness
  • Mental stimulation
  • Protection
  • Increasing companionship

However, if the dog is a bit heavy and you want to take her upstairs, there are a few things you should consider.

A good cuddle time

Dogs love to cuddle their owner at any time. Don’t be shy, you are in love with it, aren’t you? Yes, both you and your dog can get a sweet experience in cuddling. It will refresh your boredom timetable.

Reducing loneliness

Are you single? Or are you having mental or physical pain? The dog is good at healing the above condition too. It is a well-known fact that, as humans, we cannot bear loneliness.

A time like that lets your dog come to you and feel freedom. You will see how sweet it is. Therefore, give your dog a chance to come upstairs.

Mental stimulation

What kind of dog do you have? Is he/she a puppy, adult, or older? These 3 eras need good mental power. Being with you will improve their mental strength.

Puppies and older dogs are exceptional on this occasion because their mental stability is limited. They need more attention than adults. You have to keep an eye on him/her. The best solution is to allow them to come upstairs.


Puppies will try to run here and there throughout the night. If he/she is downstairs, you will not be able to give your attention, so they are in danger. Older dogs have hip pains, arthritis, and joint pains kinda.

When they cannot manage themselves, you have to take them upstairs and let them sleep. The matures know how to adapt to any situation, so need to worry about them like others.

Increasing companionship

What does it mean? If you wanna keep a good companionship between you and your dog, what should you do? The answer is “reduce physical separation.”

I know you love being with your puppy one and adult one. But how about the older one? When they are getting older, someone avoids them from cuddling, hugging, touching, etc.

Sensitivity is common so treat an adult the same way you treat others. Keep your companionship eternal with your dog. Let your dog come upstairs and play with you, cuddle you…

What are the harmful consequences?

Consequence 1

According to my research, most doggy owners have complained about personal space. What’s the meaning of it? Everyone likes to spend the nighttime with their partners.

What happens when dogs come to them? Their plan will be ruined. The majority don’t like this, and I warn you if you are taken or don’t like it, don’t allow your dog to come upstairs to sleep. You can arrange a place out of your room for sleeping your dog.

Consequence 2

Another issue they face is the cleaning problem. Most of the ladies are very unhappy when their dogs come upstairs.

Because dogs are very playful and try to destroy everything they find. You have to protect your children’s toys, sofa, pillows, furniture, etc.

Consequence 3

Sanitary stuff. You have to build a bathroom if you let your dog come upstairs. Haha, just kidding. What I mean is, if you don’t arrange a good system for sanitary work,  upstairs will become hell.

When dogs are sleeping upstairs, they do their excretory things at once because they cannot go to the backyard easily. Specifically, adult dogs and puppies do this.

Consequence 4

Besides, you will not be able to sleep continuously because your dog will bark at once, make noises, move here and there.

In view of these matters, you have to alter your dog bit. If he/she has enough comfort and warmth downstairs, no need to take your dog upstairs.

Is it bad for dogs to go upstairs?

As far as I know, it depends. But my answer is YES. I agreed with the above statement. When I was doing my research, I heard about plenty of accidents during upstairs work.

Why should we avoid dogs from going upstairs? What is the awful effect when they go upstairs? They can be injured, fall, raise joint pain and hip pain, increase arthritis, lose weight and be fatigued.

The dog should avoid going upstairs

  • Injured dogs
  • Short-legged dogs (Basset Hound, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and Dachshund…)
  • Older dogs
  • The dogs it has health problems

Dogs are curious to find new things, and when they turn into puppies, that is a huge problem. They are new to this atmosphere, new to this world, and try to do more dangerous things than others.

So the risk of being injured is very high. Especially when they go upstairs, puppies try to jump, run, stand, etc. So It is very harmful.

When they turn into adults, they have taken more experience. Not only that but also they are strong enough. But the older ones lose their ability when they turn into that era. The better thing is to make travel restrictions. Lol. Be birdbrain.

Does your dog use upstairs all the time? If your answer is YES, your dog is in danger. Because there is a risk of joint pain and hip pain later. Dogs need exercise.

Yes, I do agree, but this is beyond the limit. Although adults can bear this condition, puppies and older ones can not manage this problem. So what you have to do is keeping an eye on them, blocking the entrance, practice ‘stop’ commands, etc…

Arthritis is one of the painful diseases that can infect the dog. This issue is especially famous among older dogs. When your dogs are getting old, this pain also increases.

If a dog tries to go upstairs in this condition, it will be excruciating. So immediately take away your dog from doing it. Puppies and adults do not have much threat from these diseases.

Over fatigue decreases your dog’s mental and physical stimulation. And it is a case of both psychological and physical imbalance too. That’s why we assign a particular schedule for doing exercises.

When your dog climbs stairs, the body becomes tired and weak. As a result, they refuse even food. This condition is common among all puppies, adult and older ones.

Another important point to bear in mind is that if your dog doesn’t have much control over its bladder, It’s more likely to urinate upstairs.

How to encourage your dogs to come upstairs?

Before you encourage your dogs to come upstairs, there are such things to consider. What are they?

  • You have to check their physical strength.
  • Be supportive
  • Choose a suitable time for teaching your dog
  • Be strategic
  • Be sympathize

Regarding the above conditions, you can take your first step to encourage the dog to come upstairs.

Always short answers are sweet

How do you motivate your dog to come upstairs? What can you do about it?

First, you have to introduce the upstairs for your dog immediately and then teach your dog to climb stairs, give dog treats while they put their step on a stair, reward them and hire a dog trainer.

  1. Introduce the atmosphere upstairs for your dog. He/she should get used to the place they are going to go.
  2. Dog treats- Only if you have enough tenderness can you do it. You have to give dog treats when they put their steps on the stairs. It is a kinda motivation. They will follow the dog treats, and finally, you can fulfill your desire too. 
  3. When they are in the right direction, you can prompt your dog to say ‘good boy’ rapidly.
  4. And also, if you are in an uncomfortable zone about this issue, you are free to hire a dog trainer.

How to encourage your dogs to come upstairs?

Although your dog is your best friend, you cannot let him/her go anywhere at your home.

Why you should prevent going upstairs is to confirm your dog’s protection. What do you used to do when you aren’t at home? How do you protect your pooch?

To tell in brief, 

You can allocate a free zone for your dog, block stairs using the safety gate, practice the NO command, use a crate, grab their attention, and give the dog treats.

Safety gates

Safety gates seem like a barrier for preventing going upstairs. Considering their height and ability, make a pet-safe gate.

Free zone

This is very necessary for a doggy home. If your dog has a comfortable and entertaining area downstairs, they will not try to go upstairs. Make a funny area for your dog, and then you will see the progress.

Practice NO command

Ensure your dog is under your control because a well-trained owner can control their puppy well. Try to practice the NO command, and you can use it when your dog tries to go upstairs.

Use a crate

Introduce a crate for your dog, and he/she will get used to staying at their new place.

Give dog treats

When your dog observes the right direction, you can give treats as awards. Then they will get the theory, and your dog will adapt to the situation.

Grab the attention

Make a play zone for your dogs downstairs. Keep favorite toys, hide some dog foods, play relaxing music, and give them whatever they want. In time to come, they will forget about going upstairs because they have enough pleasure here.

Things to be aware of.

Avoid punishing: You know what, Don’t put all your eggs in one bucket. The reason is it can cause emotions. You already know how to manage your aggressive dog. So sympathy is the best action you can do. Punishment will harm your dog’s mentality.

End up the day with your dog: Say goodbye and good night when you go to bed. Spend a moment with your dog before sleeping. It will be a reasonable satisfaction for both you and your pooch.

Start the day with your dog: Go to your dog in the morning and say good morning. Wake up slowly and touch them smoothly. That’s how you should treat your dog.

Rewarding: After he/she listens to you, say ‘good boy,’ ‘good job’ or ‘well-done boy’ and touch their head smoothly.

Give treats: The most important thing is you should let them know how important they are to you and how you care about your dog. Give god treats randomly. It will make a close bond between you and your dog. As a result, he/she will respect and obey you.


When you raise a dog, you have to consider all needs and desires they expect. That’s how good owners work on. We are curious about whether our dog tries to go upstairs or not because it is kind of risky and unworthy. We have discussed all the matters you overlook and solutions that can be recognized. I hope that you make the right decision for you and your dog.

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