When Neighbor’s Dog Cries All Day [Do These 5 Things]

Neighbor's Dog Cries All Day

It’s heartbreaking to see a dog cry all day long, especially when it’s your neighbor’s dog. If you want to address this issue, there are five approaches you can take.

Here’s what you can do when your neighbor’s dog cries:

  1. Leave an informative letter on their door.
  2. Have a friendly chat with your neighbor and explain the reasons for the dog’s crying, suggesting some possible solutions.
  3. Contact a Humane Society or Local Animal Welfare Association.
  4. Reach out to Animal Control Officers.
  5. Consider other solutions that don’t involve being harsh with your neighbor, as this won’t provide a proper solution and may cause more suffering for the dog.

By following these approaches, you can find a feasible solution to help stop your neighbor’s dog from crying all the time.

Reasons why your neighbor’s dog cry all day? A Brief answer.

Although you need to know the solutions, observing the possible reasons that can influence a dog to cry all day will help you address the issue with good awareness and confidence.

Because you never know what’s happening with that dog and what to do about that.

So, here they are.

It needs attention: When people are busy with certain things, they don’t have much time to spare for their dogs. However, some dog owners deliberately don’t care about their dogs which is pretty unfortunate. So, this can be the problem with your neighbor’s dog.

Boredom: Dog’s required to get an adequate amount of exercise on a daily basis to maintain good physical and mental health. It appears to be your neighbor’s dog might not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation.

Due to anxiety: Most dogs tend to cry as they are prone to anxiety-based issues, especially stress-related anxiety, which makes them whine. Basically, this happens when something has changed in the dog’s environment, such as moving to a new house, adding a new pet to the house, or a new child.

Being uncomfortable or sick: Dogs tend to cry so much due to discomfort and being sick, especially if there is an injury or any other health issue.

Other psychological issues: Psychological issues like fear, stress, separation anxiety can make a dog cry all day long. Maybe this is your neighbor’s dog problem.

Here is what to do when the dog upstairs barks all the time.

What to do if your Neighbour’s dog keeps crying all day?

It’s enough about reasons. Let’s discuss the possible approaches that can be taken to address this issue.

1. Leave a letter on the door.

It’s hurt to hear a dog barking, but it can also be annoying in the meantime. So, you gotta do something about this.

First, if you don’t know your neighbor’s personality, it’s always better to leave a note on his door as the first step. Because it will be less confrontational.

Here are the things you should include.

  • Tell him that you hear the dog’s cries and you’re a bit worried the dog may hurt itself.
  • Explain that you’re also a dog lover like him, and usually, young canines find it challenging to adjust to their owners being away.
  • Emphasize to them that you empathize with their circumstance as well as the condition of their dog.
  • Kindly tell him that you’re a huge dog person and would love to meet the dog and play a bit.
  • Additionally, be kind to include phone numbers of doggy daycares, dog walkers, dog sitters in your area.

I know you have trouble hearing this bitter sound, and you do no need to please your neighbor to take care of his dog.

Why shouldn’t you inform animal welfare society, local humane society, or animal rights groups in the first place?

Then, guess what?

If the neighbor is unable to solve the issue, he will probably end up rehoming the dog, which is pretty unfortunate from the dog’s perspective. Most shelters are pretty much irresponsible, and dogs suffer from being there for months upon months.

So, I’d prefer to kindly ask you to leave a note on their doo

2. Discuss with the neighbor .

The next most action you should take is to discuss with your neighbor and ask him if he is aware that his dog is crying all day.

Because the neighbor may be at work when the dog is crying.

After you inform the neighbor, that’s pretty much it. However, you can ask him if there is any way you can assist him in addressing the issue. But, it’s totally up to you.

It would be nice if the discussion went as follows.

First, start with a greeting.  

You: I heard Oscars crying yesterday, was he fine?’

Neighbour: Oh really? I didn't know about that, when? 

You: It was about 3 pm.

Neighbour: Ah, I went out, I work during the day, How often do you hear him crying?

You: I heard it from time to time throughout the day. If you'd like, lemme suggest a dog walker. Frankly, he is a good friend of mine. He also walked my dog on several occasions when I was busy. He is pretty good, and I'm sure the Oscars will like him!

Neighbour: That will be awesome! . You are such a kind person! Thank you. 

3. Suggest some tatics to solve the issue.

If he is interested in talking with you, consider offering some advice to help his dog stay calm.

Meet the vet: First, ask him to see a veterinarian to ensure if there are any health issues with the dog. Because specific health issues can make a dog whine, cry all day long.

Exercising: Lack of exercise increases the risk of physical and mental health problems in canines. Ask him how is its exercise schedule is. Usually, a highly energetic dog requires strenuous exercise regularly. However, I hope the breed beforehand meets the neighbor. Simply search on Google to figure out what is the appropriate exercise schedule for that specific dog breed. Frankly, tell your neighbor that you go on walks every morning to get some exercise and say to him that you can walk his dog free of charge. Guess what? Walking with a dog is highly beneficial for your mental health. In doing so, you will never regret it.

Dog trainer: Crying when the owners are away can be just a behavioral issue. If that’s the case, ask him to consider hiring a dog trainer to correct this behavior.

Mentally stimulate the dog: Providing physical exercises aren’t enough to mentally stimulate the dog. Of course, it does impact up to some extend. However, ask him to offer puzzle toys, play nose work games, provide daily proper interactive walks, provide chew toys, teach new tricks and commands, play hide and seek, provide new toys. These will help the neighbor’s dog to stay mentally stimulated.

Play calming music: playing calming music is a great way to stop your neighbor’s dog from crying when he is away from home. There is numerous dog soothing music available on YouTube. Recommend one of that music to your neighbor to play as background music when he is at work.

Routine: Tell your neighbor that dogs have a very accurate internal clock, and they tend to do better when they are sticking to a daily schedule.

Apart from the above, here are few other suggestions.

  • Providing proper obedience training.
  • Clicker training is a great training for such a dog.
  • Stuffed kong.
  • Give him a bone to chew on to keep him busy after discussing with the vet.
  • Introducing the dog to new places, new people.
  • Build a digging box.
  • Arranging a play date.
  • Arranging a doggy date, maybe with your dog.

4. Inform the authorities.

Important Disclaimer: The steps 4 and 5 are entirely up to you. We are not responsible for any actions you take. 

If your neighbor isn’t an easy-going person, none of the above, I wouldn’t think the above approaches will work.

Since trying is better than assuming, I’d like to give a shot to step 1 and step 2.

If those things don’t work out, and there is clear animal abuse going on in your neighbor’s house, informing the authorities is the best thing you can do at the movement.

Before you do that, discuss with other neighbors around your house to ensure they hear this dog is crying all over the day. Get suggestions from them for possible solutions.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Call animal control officers. In a case where you aren’t aware of what animal control people are, consider calling the police on a non-emergency line and tell your concern and ask who are the responsible authorities, which means the in-charge people of animal control and way to contact them.
  • Local animal welfare societies also can give the right directions to solve such problems. In fact, they can take some actions too.
  • Another solution is calling the Humane society in your area.

5. Record the sound.

If your neighbor’s dog cries all over the day, one of the most important things you should do is record the dog’s crying sound with your smartphone.

You can keep this sound record as evidence so that you can use it whenever needed.

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Things to be aware of.

It appears to be now you know the actions you need to take when your neighbor’s dog keeps crying regularly all day long. However, there are certain vital things you need to be aware of.

  • Do not quarrel with a neighbor without knowing correction reasons.
  • Be gentle while talking to your neighbor.
  • Provide the right information to the authorities.
  • Don’t hesitate to offer a play or walking session to the dog.
  • Don’t force him to rehome the dog.
  • Understand that people can be busy with many things due to various problems.

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Are you worried about your neighbor’s dog crying all day? Do you feel a little uncomfortable with the sound? Looking for solutions? Well, we’ve discussed 5 possible approaches to address this issue and eventually get a proper solution. Hope you found this helpful.


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