Heartbroken Pitbull at the Shelter Crying: Thousands React To Video

Heart-Broken Pitbull Crying

Cinnamon, a red nose Pitbull, experienced a stark turning point in her life when she arrived at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control shelter in North Carolina. She found herself in an unfamiliar environment, separated from her puppies, a situation that left her visibly distressed.

Her plight touched the heart of a compassionate volunteer who felt compelled to share Cinnamon’s story with the world. A simple act of sharing a video on Facebook sparked an overwhelming response that promised to alter Cinnamon’s circumstances in ways no one could have anticipated. Within a span of just two days, an outpouring of community support set the stage for a new chapter in her life.

Photo: Sarah Jennings Sleime

Cry Of A Broken Heart

A visit to the animal shelter by Sarah Jennings Sleime, a dedicated SPCA volunteer, turned into a campaign to rescue a dejected pit bull mother named Cinnamon. Here are the key points of this touching tale:

  • The Encounter: Sleime noticed Cinnamon appear slumped over, displaying an almost human-like posture of despondency.
  • Signs of Sorrow: The dog’s eyes brimmed with tears, a striking response to Sleime’s gentle conversation.

Table of Cinnamon’s Journey:

Previous LifeBelieved to have been overbred, with multiple litters to her past.
Emotional StateExhibited visible signs of distress, likely due to separation from her puppies.
Social Media ImpactPosted video received over 1 million views and 20,000 shares in 48 hours.
Public ResponseAn overwhelming number of adoption offers flooded in within a day.

Embarked on a mission to alter the fate of Cinnamon, Sleime took to social media, where the story quickly went viral. This action underlines the power of community and the shared desire to aid animals in distress.

  • Result: The public showed an outpour of support, eager to provide a loving home for Cinnamon, ensuring her future is devoid of the sorrow that once marked her existence.

Through collective effort and compassion, a dog once shadowed by grief found hope and a chance at a joyous life ahead.

Happily Ever After

Meghan Connor Shelton and her family from Charlotte, North Carolina, experienced an instant connection with a heart-wrenching video of a pit bull named Cinnamon who appeared to be tearfully pleading for a home from within her shelter cage. Seeing the dog’s distress struck a chord with the Sheltons, sparking a unanimous decision to meet the pit bull, a breed Shelton believes is often misunderstood.

Upon their arrival at the shelter, it took mere moments for their hearts to sync with Cinnamon’s, whose allure was undeniable to the entire family. Love was instantaneous, binding their fates from that point forward. The once desolate dog, whose eyes lamented her former life, was soon to part with her past, as the Sheltons proceeded with the adoption formalities.

Photo: Sarah Jennings Sleime

Table: The Transformative Journey of Cinnamon (Rosie)

Before AdoptionAfter Adoption
Cinnamon alone in the shelterRosie welcomed into the Shelton family
Shelter cage tearsHome filled with love and joy
Uncertain futureBlossoming personality in a loving environment
Nicknamed Cinnamon due to shelter stayRenamed Rosie to symbolize her new beginning

After the successful procedure ensuring Rosie’s health, her arrival at the Shelton household marked a new chapter. Awaiting her was a fellow pit bull, a 3-year-old male named Blu, with whom Rosie’s kinship would soon flourish. Initial doubts about their potential harmony were quickly dispelled as tails wagged in mutual acceptance. The connection between Rosie and Blu was as though predestined, crafting a friendship seemingly written in the stars.

Photo: @rosie_the_red_nose_pit

Rosie’s character began to emerge in her new surroundings, revealing the charming idiosyncrasy of snorting like a pig whenever excitement took hold of her. Her narrative, from a sheltered past to present happiness, serves as endorsement for the power one simple video can wield; Rosie’s tale didn’t just culminate in her adoption but rippled outward, promoting the rescue of many canine companions from the same fate she once faced.

Photo: @meghanshelton

To continue the trend of saving canine lives, the CMPD Animal Care and Control and the Greater Charlotte SPCA offer information about dogs in need of their forever homes, encouraging others to be the protagonists in these dogs’ stories of redemption. A mere visit to their pages could lead to a new best friend and a “Happily Ever After” for other deserving pups like Rosie.

1 thought on “Heartbroken Pitbull at the Shelter Crying: Thousands React To Video”

  1. I am overwhelmed with tears as I read the entire story of Cinnamon now renamed Rose after having been adopted by a most loving family in North Carolina. We seldom hear of such success stories as this one.

    It feels right and satisfying to know that Rose is now in good hands of this loving family who also already were blessed with the presence of another pit bull, which makes it even more exciting for Rose as she so yearned for her puppies who were stolen from her to make money, her new friend will bring some much needed assurance from her new found friend already in the residence. They will be forever best friends.

    With millions of animals being disposed of for various reason in America in is refreshing to learn of stories with a happy ending instead of sad endings. Again, sending love and affection to both dogs, and to the adoptive family wo cared enough to give Rose a second chance for happiness.

    Be well, everyone.

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