So Your Dog Has Hair In His Eye? [Here’s What To Do]

dog has hair in its eye

Taking care of a dog fellow is not an easy task. You have to be attentive on even minute accidents like going a hair into his eye. Dog having a hair in his eye can be a troublesome incident.

A hair might have gone to a dog’s eye due to scratching, growing the eye, or the bulk of hair around the eye inwards. It can be taken out by rinsing the eye with saline water, artificial tears, eye wash, or meeting the veterinarian. There is the probability of it coming out automatically as well.

It is better to be well aware of what to do in such situations. So let’s run into deep water.

How a hair may have gone into your dog’s eye?

A doggy fellow is often prone to any accident at any time. Even they do not notice when, where, and how the accident occurred.

So as a caring dog parent, you should be able to notice what is wrong with them all of a sudden. Going a hair into your doggy’s eye is one such. 

How a hair may have gone into your doggy’s eye? Yes. That’s a real question which you might be wondering about.

Well, there can be several reasons.

1 . Scratching

If your doggy tends to scratch the area around his eye very often, there is a tendency to go a hair inside his eye.

When scratching, unknowingly, the hair around or in eyelashes can get slipped and go inside the eye, which is a very common incident.

2 . Growing inwards the eye

One of the most common causes for going a hair inside your doggy’s eye is inwardly growing hair around his eye. This can cause severe damage and irritations.

This is a condition which you should see the vet. There are several stages of inwardly growing hair, and gradually it becomes dangerous and painful at the same time.

Generally, this condition is considered an anatomical abnormality or spasm of the eyelid.

Since this can directly irritate the cornea of the dog’s eye, you should take him to the vet ASAP.

3 . Hair bulks around the eye

A fascinating bulk of hair around a dog’s eye is attractive without a doubt. But, these growing hairs can go inside their eyes at any time.

It mostly depends on the breed of your doggy, and these hair bulks around their eyes might also cause disturbances to their vision.

How to get a hair out of a dog’s eyeball?

Well, it does not matter a lot how a hair got inside your doggy’s eye but how you take it out carefully is the real deed.

Let’s see how we can take the hair out of your doggy’s eye without harming their eye since eyes are the most sensitive organs.

1. Rinse with saline

You can carefully rinse the dog’s eye with saline solution or artificial tears until the hair comes out in a situation like the above.

This should be carefully done by calming your doggy. It is true that dogs are a lot tolerant, but things can change at once. So be attentive.

2. Use a swab

You can also try removing the hair with a swab.

Take a swab and then make it a little wet from the tip side. Then by using the moist swab, take the hair inside the eye to a corner and gently bring the hair near the eyelid.

You should very carefully attend to this purpose while petting your doggy in order to make him calm.

3. Eye wash

You can also use an eye wash for dogs, or it will be quite okay to use a human eye wash as well.

Wash the eye of your doggy slowly till the hair inside the eye flows out.

4. Take to the vet

If you feel like the damage is severe and your doggy reacts in a way you can’t handle, the best thing is to take him to the vet. Do not wait.

By the way, read this to understand if veterinarians overcharge.

Can this hair come out automatically?

In short, yes. But it is for sometimes only. The hair inside the eye can come out automatically since the eye produces tears and pushes them out. But it will take time, maybe like a day.

If your doggy shows some unbearable behavior, you should not wait until it comes out automatically. You can follow any of the above-mentioned methods and take it out, or either you can take him to the vet.

But if he is calm and seems tolerable enough, let the hair come out naturally with the flow of tears.

Is it bad if your dog has a hair in his eye?

It is normal to get hair inside your doggy’s eye but be on alert if the hair grows inside the eye. It is a condition that immediately needs medical treatments.

Sometimes it can be bad if your doggy tries to scratch the eye because of the hair inside, and it can damage his cornea.

If the situation turns to such a level, first, you should try your best to calm your doggy and then take him to the vet if you can’t handle the matter.

At any point, you should never wait for days until the hair comes out naturally out of his eye. This can be bad since it will cause damage to the eyeball, and finally, their vision can be disturbed.

Things to be aware of.

First and foremost, you should be calm and be patient with your dog.

The doggy might try to make a fuss since he can’t understand what has happened. Try your best to calm him down.

Be careful and consider a lot when using eyewash and saline solutions.

Sometimes those can cause allergy conditions that your dog’s vision might get lost forever in an instant.

Use clean and hygienic equipment if you are doing it by yourself.


As a responsible dog parent, even minute incidents like hair in your dog’s eye matter a lot to you. So now you know what to do in such situations and how to be careful when attending to such sensitive accidents. Be alert to your doggy and try to keep him safe from such incidents as much as you can.

Cheers until next time!

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