Does Your Dog Pee Everywhere After You Had A New Baby? [Do This]

Does Your Dog Pee Everywhere After a New Baby

Are you a new mom and also a dog owner? Does your house smell like dog pee since the arrival of your new baby? It can be quite a hassle to have to clean it up all the time, right?

A dog may pee everywhere after the arrival of a new baby due to resource guarding behavior, jealousy, attention-seeking, stress, separation anxiety, excitement, or territory marking. However, this can be avoided with positive reinforcement, spending time with the dog, or seeking help from a dog behaviorist.

Let me help you out by enhancing your knowledge on why your dog is peeing after the arrival of your newborn, and what you can do about it.

So, Why Does Your Dog Pee Everywhere After The Arrival Of The New Baby?

Let me explain this briefly.

1. “I’m Afraid Of Losing You.”

Has your beloved furry friend started growling and barking at you after bringing home your newborn baby? Did they try to bite you when you were trying to take something away that they were chewing on? If so, it could be a problem.

This behavior is known as “resource guarding” or “possessive aggression,” in which your dog may feel like you are getting too close to the baby and taking attention away from them.

Even if they were previously a “good boy,” they may show their temper with love in their heart. This possessive behavior may not stop there; it may even lead them to start peeing around the house.

In addition to the aforementioned symptoms such as biting, growling, and peeing, there are other symptoms of “passive aggression,” including running after you or another animal, eating too fast, side-by-side eye stares, curling of lips, and lunging.

If you notice any of these symptoms, the reason why your dog is peeing may be related to this possessive behavior.

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2. “Hey Kid, I Was Here Before You”

There is a tendency for your furry friend to become jealous when you have a newborn. They may think that the baby is “stealing” your attention and affection. 

As a result, they may feel like they were there first and start peeing around the house.

Dogs can be difficult creatures to deal with when they’re jealous. Even if you try to stop them from peeing around the house, they may continue to do so.

They might also chew up your belongings, become aggressive, hide, or even lose their appetite. It’s not like they’re on a diet or anything!

3. “Look At Me, Look At Me”

Does your dog pee around the house while looking at you and giving you sly grins? Have you scolded them before when they peed in such a way?

If so, they might have learned that they get your attention when they pee, as dogs are smarter than you might imagine.

4. Stress and Separation Anxiety

Do you leave your furry friend alone for long periods with the baby? If so, they may feel lonely and separated from the family, leading to stress and separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is a condition that occurs when a beloved one is separated from a dog. It mostly occurs in puppies, but it can also be expected in adult dogs.

This may lead them to pee around the house, and they may also exhibit symptoms such as loss of appetite, becoming quiet, restlessness, and shivering. Poor thing!

5. “I Am Super Excited”

Your furry friend might be super excited to see your newborn baby! Due to this excitement and release of happy hormones, they may unintentionally urinate. 

Although this habit can be annoying, they are just too ecstatic!

6. “This Is My Territory”

Have you ever heard of dogs’ “territory marking”? They use their urine for this purpose. Yes, you read that right. Usually, dogs feel like they have to protect their territory.

So, when they feel like their territory is being challenged, as in the case of a newborn baby, they may try to invade things. They will keep urinating on toys, sofas, or whatever they can find!

This can be pretty difficult for dog parents.

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Hopefully you’ll find that your dog gets used to the new baby and settles down soon!

What To Do If Your Dog Pees Everywhere After The New Baby?

Let’s explore some remedies!

1. Canine Friend And Positive Reinforcement

This is one of the best techniques you can use! The first thing to remember is not to scold your dog when they urinate in the wrong spot.

Instead, lower your voice and ask them not to do so, and guide them to their designated “peeing spot.”

Then, when they accomplish this task correctly, reward them with treats! Who doesn’t like treats and rewards, right?

Try using dog treats and patting their head while praising them with applause. If you can’t always give treats, start by only praising them. Eventually, they will minimize urinating all over the house, even when your new baby is with you!

2. “Don’t Look At Him”

Remember, sometimes your dog needs your attention! They may be trying to get your attention by urinating all over the house. The best thing to do in such a circumstance is to pretend as if you didn’t see it.

They may continue to do this for days, but when they realize they can’t grab your attention in that way, they will give up!

3. “Play With Him”

It’s not an easy task for your dog to adjust to something new, and it’s the same with a newborn baby. Therefore, it’s better if you take your dog for at least a one-hour walk, and take your baby with you too!

A family picnic is also an excellent idea. It will be much easier for your dog to get along with the baby while they are playing, but make sure you keep an eye on your dog when they are near the baby!

This will not only help minimize peeing around the house but also aid in stimulating your dog’s mental and physical health.

4. Veterinarian Or Dog Behaviorist

If you can’t figure out any remedies to minimize your dog’s peeing, the last option is to take them to the veterinarian or a dog behaviorist. This will make things better, won’t it?

How Long Does It Take For Your Dog To Adjust To A New Baby?

It would take approximately nine months to adjust things between you, your dog, and the new baby – it may even take less time than that.

During these nine months, you will most likely be able to solve any issues with your dog’s unwanted habits and get them to be friendly with the baby.

How To Speed Up This Adjustment Period

Now, let’s discuss what we can do to create an excellent bond between your newborn and your furry friend sooner!

1. Make The Baby Crying Moments “Doggy Positive”

Imagine your newborn baby is crying and your dog is nearby. During this encounter, make sure not to chase your dog awayjust because the baby is crying, as they may already be feeling detached.

Instead, give them dog treats and make them feel included, and try to make something positive out of the situation.

Let your dog stick around while you are soothing your crying baby

2. Let The Doggy Adore The Baby

Don’t always keep the baby and the dog separate. Let your dog sniff and get used to the baby’s scent. This will help build a bond between the baby and your furry friend much more easily.

If you are scared to do this at the beginning, let your dog sniff at least the baby’s clothing. Dogs learn a lot through their sense of smell, so why not try it out?

3. Dog Walks

As I have mentioned before, be sure you take your doggy on long walks with you and let him play alone.

This will make your furry friend feel more secure, which in turn will aid in bonding the newborn baby and your canine friend together.

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Things To Be Aware Of

After all, there are a few things we need to be cautious of. Let me point them out to you.

1. Do Not Punish

No matter the reason why your dog is peeing, make sure not to punish them. 

Instead, try to understand what they are going through, as they need much more love and attention than usual while adjusting to a new family member.

Punishing your dog will only make them pee more, as they may see it as a way to get your attention, even if it’s a negative reaction.

2. Don’t Always Close the Door on Your Dog

Giving time to the baby should not mean closing the doors on your furry friend. Keep them near you as much as possible, even when you are with the baby.

You can give them pats on the head while cradling the baby to ensure that they feel loved and cared for.

So, make sure not to neglect your dog after the arrival of your newborn baby. Keep them loved and cared for, as they deserve it.


Ultimately, never forget that “dogs are not just friends, they are family.

I hope I have provided you with guidance on why your dog is peeing everywhere, remedies for it, and much more.

Stay connected with us to learn more about the hidden gestures of your furry friends!

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