Why Do People Hate Cats But Love Dogs? [7 Reasons + Tips]

some people love dogs but hate cats

I know some of you love dogs but hate cats. I am going to explain all the possible reasons behind this preference. This article will help you to sort the doubts in your head. So read this article till the end.

People do not like cats as they are allergic to cats. Some are victims of ailurophobia. Some people avoid cats as they have some kind of bad experience associated with cats. Cats usually bite and scratch their owners. On the other hand, the bond between man and dog runs back to the stone age.

Let’s go deep into this interesting subject. Before going deep, I would like to remind you that this is much more psychological. 

Why do some people love dogs and not cats?

To be honest, most dog lovers don’t like cats. Why is that? There can be several reasons behind this condition.

1. Ailurophobia.

We have different phobias. Word “phobia” refers to an extreme fear of something or someone. Ailouros is the Greek word for cats. Ailurophobia is also a kind of fear.

Simply the fear for cats. Some people are afraid to be in the presence of a cat. But some people are afraid of cats’ photos. In some cases, they feel fear while thinking of cats.

So this is not a simple mental condition. What are the reasons for ailurophobia? Maybe an unpleasant experience in childhood. Things that happen in your childhood go deep into your mind.

Have you ever been attacked by a cat? It may be years ago. But still, can you be afraid of cats? Yes. Most probably. Some people feel fear without any reason.

They don’t have any unpleasant experiences associated with cats. But still, they are afraid of cats. Is this possible? The human mind doesn’t want any fair reason to like or dislike someone. Let’s see some other reasons for ailurophobia.

Superstitious believes.

Cats bring evil. Some people believe that a cat can bring misfortune. However, these are all illogical imaginations.

Especially some people consider black cats as a sign of misfortune. These people are afraid of cats just because of these stories. Let me remind you of some fairy tales.

Can you remember the witch rides on a broomstick? Yes, that evil lady’s pet is a cat. Is the cat a magical animal? Even in modern fiction like Harry Potter, the imagery of the cat is always connected with witches.

Throughout history, we can read various stories about cats. Did you know that Egyptians worshiped cats? People believe that killing a black cat is sacrificing one’s soul to the devil.

There’s a legend. According to that legend, cats take away the breath of infants. All these are just stories. These stories do not have any kind of logical basis.

So don’t take these things in to head. However, these stories have some kind of influence on the human mind. That’s why people believe that a cat is a bad omen.

Ailurophobia comes from generation to generation.

In some cases, this is possible. If one of your family members has an ailurophobia condition, you may have it too.

Do you associate with a friend or relative who has an ailurophobia?

Someone is continuously saying that cats are so horrible and fearful. You listen to them daily. Imagine this person is your best friend.

Earlier I told you this is psychological. When you listen to your friend’s complaints daily, your mind will accept her/his opinion. You will feel the same feelings of fear, anxiety, disgust, and hatred toward cats.

2. Dogs have a closer bond with humans than cats.

Generally, dogs are like friends. Yes, man’s best friend is the dog. This is an old saying. But it is the utter truth. When did this relationship start?

30 000 years ago, humans domesticated the wolves during the Middle Paleolithic era. These domesticated wolves became dogs with evolution.

Since now, dogs have been living with humans. So dogs have a history of relationships with humans. Yeah, you may argue with me. What about the cats in the Egyptian era?

First of all, the Middle Paleolithic era is before Cleopatra and Egypt. At that time, humans worshiped cats. Is it a good relationship?

3. Are you allergic to cats?

Most people don’t like cats, as they are allergic to cats. You start to sneeze whenever you meet a cat, am I right? Maybe because of fur.

People who are suffering from respiratory disorders can’t withstand animal fur. Some show allergic reactions to cats’ urine and saliva.

The protein molecules in saliva and urine make some people ill. If you have a respiratory disorder, it is better to keep away from cats.

4. Cat kills birds.

Cats are good hunters from instinct. They can attack flying animals too. Have you ever noticed cats trying to attack birds? Some people hate this behavior of cats.

Cat lovers do not find it as a big issue. But for dog lovers, it is a big point to criticize cats.

5. Cats bite.

Cats are not like dogs. When you cuddle a cat, they start to bite you( not all the cats). Again this is very common. This is their reaction to your kindness.

Maybe they are doing this out of love, but it can hurt you. On the other hand, I won’t say that dogs do not bite. Yes, some dogs bite you out of love.

6. Bad experiences in childhood.

I don’t wanna go deep into this, as I already discussed this under ailurophobia. Imagine a situation, you are only 12 years old.

You are walking along the road on a gloomy night in winter. No street lamps on the road. You are almost afraid. You hear a scream of a cat.

Yes, it is fearful. Suddenly a fearful and aggressive cat appears and tries to attack you. No more explanations. Rest is up to you.

7. Personality.

Your preference change according to your personality. Dog lovers are more outgoing and active. On the other hand, cat lovers are more sensitive and emotional.

Cat lovers are creative more than dog lovers. But cat lovers do not like to be socialized. Dog lovers love to associate with new people as they are more social.

Do all dog lovers hate cats?

No, all the dog lovers are not cat haters. Some people raise both cats and dogs. So you cant say all dog lovers hate cats. This is a matter of preference.

Dog lovers like dogs a lot. It doesn’t mean that they dislike cats. As a dog lover, I don’t hate cats. But to be honest, I like dogs over cats. All are animals.

Especially domestic animals. They need love and care. So you have to treat them equally. Dog or a cat, both are love to beloved. Keep it in mind when you are dealing with animals.

How to make a dog lover love cats?

This is not hard. Dog lovers always compare dogs with cats. To be honest, they think that cats are proud and arrogant.

First, teach them to interact with cats. How do you cuddle a dog? You may pat his head or tummy. But when you are interacting with cats, you need to wait until the cat comes to you.

When the cat comes to you, you can give him a treat. Then the cat will try to build up a relationship with you. When cuddling, cats touch the back of their ears and the whiskers.

Dog lovers don’t like cats as they shed fur. So find a breed that doesn’t shed. You can have a Burmese or a Siamese as they do not shed fur.

Some dog lovers hate cats as the cats hunt birds and small animals. You can keep your cat indoors. Keeping your cat indoors will not always help.

But it will help you to reduce this bad habit of your cat. Whenever the cat is out, you can keep an eye on him. I know keeping an eye on a cat is not always possible.

Dog lovers hate cats just because their dogs hate cats. So you need to build a sound relationship between the dog and the domestic cat. Let them play together. If the dog is not aggressive, this will work for sure.

Things to be aware of.

Take care of yourself if you have an ailurophobia.

You can get medical treatments for this condition. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a treatment that really helps you change the way you react to things.

Many health care centers provide this service. Hypnotherapy, medications, and yoga can reduce the fear of cats.

Do you have a respiratory disorder?

Keep away from animals, not only from cats but also from dogs. Maintain safety distance between you and the animals. Animal fur can increase respiratory diseases like wheezing. So consider taking the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Don’t hate cats.

You can dislike cats, but don’t hate them. They, too, need love and care. There is a significant difference between dislike and hatred. If you have an ailurophobia or allergic conditions, stay away from cats. But don’t hit them.


All the animals need love and care. You can argue that dogs want more love than cats. Maybe you are right. But keep this in mind. Everyone needs love. So try to be a great human being who loves every aspect of nature.

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