Are Huskies Dangerous? [The Honest Truth]

are huskies dangerous

So I’ve heard this mentioned and thought I’d discuss it. Some people are asking the question – Are Huskies dangerous? Huskies do kind of look like wolves a bit, and wolves have historically been known as a dangerous creature. Anyone can make his own argument. It depends on several factors. Okay. No more nonsense, let’s dive into the topic. 

Are huskies dangerous? A lot of people think they are dangerous is because they are high on the reported bite list. Which means huskies, Pit bulls, Rottweilers, German shepherd are in a more top place in bite force list. So if he bites, the damage can be serious. But it doesn’t mean they are dangerous. You know dogs can bite, right? But see how cute they are. You’ve probably seen it on YouTube. And also, the husky is an excellent family dog and they are not dangerous.

Huskies can be hilarious!

a Jealous husky

Further, understand whether huskies dangerous or not

When you search on the internet most of the time, you may have seen Siberian husky as a very dangerous dog. In most studies, they are in third place.

How they conducted those studies?

Most of these studies, they get their information from,

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Places where they treat dog bite wounds.

So, If you want to gather information and find out which dog breed is most dangerous, you have to use statistics knowledge. The first thing you will do is “how many bites each dog breeds in a year.” which means you need to figure out,

  • How many people were bitten by a pit bull?
  • The number of people was bitten by a husky?
  • How many people were bitten by a golden dude?

So we have to do it for each breed. Then we can rank each of these dogs according to statistics.

are huskies dangerous

But is it fair?

So the method they are doing that studies are kind of makes sense. But they can make those studies more meaningful if they can consider another factor.

Okay. What is it

Let’s take chihuahua as an example because they are cute dogs, but most of the time, they are insanely aggressive. That’s not all, they are very loud. Okay, let’s understand this with an example and understand whether huskies are dangerous or not.

Let’s say you are going to your friend’s house. Then suddenly their chihuahua bites you on your hand or somewhere else. Then what’s going to happen? You are probably going to take that chihuahua to push it away from you.

Then you possibly go into the bathroom and look at it, and you will think with laughing, “that little chihuahua bites my hand.” You will feel it like a little bit funny. Then you will put a little bit bandied on it, or you may put some Neosporin on it.

If you are a super face person, you will go to the doctor. But most people will not do that.

Why is that?

Because it’s a chihuahua and it’s small, and when it bites you, it’s not going to be that much damage. Now let’s consider the next option.

If you get bit by Siberian husky. What happens? It’s going to do way more damage. When husky bites you with ill intent in the same manner that a chihuahua may bite you, you are going to probably bleed. You will probably be going to have a deep flesh wound, and also you may have broken bones.

so this a reason why people think huskies dangerous

Then you will run a hospital or clinic immediately. After that, they will report that as a man bitten by a husky.

You see both of these situations now side by side. We have a way bigger dog a husky. When it attracts you, it gets reported. And we have a smaller dog like a chihuahua when it attracts you, it may not get reported.

are huskies dangerous

Then what about studies? are huskies dangerous?

Now that you know this information, you cannot base on which dog is more violent. Because most people are not going to report a bite from a chihuahua.

But chihuahua may be biting more people than any other dog breed. But if we rely on the information we get from these health care centers, we will never know.

So to prioritize the most dangerous dog breed, we need to consider more different factors.

How can we avoid huskies’ aggression?

As we know, the husky is not typically an aggressive dog. Which is why they are not good guard dogs.

There are so many reasons why Siberian huskies may become aggressive at times. It could be they are,

  •  protecting their food or something precious to them 
  • You are touching them in a spot that they are not really comfortable with.

And many more reasons why huskies might end up acting out. So if you have a husky, you probably know what I mean. As an example, some huskies when he is sleeping comfortably, and if you touch its butt or tail, apparently he can be aggressive.

So you have to identify what your dog likes and what they don’t like. You have to test out what kind of behaviors they exhibit whenever you give them bones or have them around other people.

So control their bad behaviors and understand think huskies are dangerous or not.


No matter what kind of dog breed. Don’t keep your little kids with them alone. 


Most people tend to think of husky as a dangerous dog breed. Are huskies dangerous? So, in this article, I have discussed. Actually, huskies are dangerous or not, and how can we say a dog breed as dangerous. After that, I have discussed the way we can avoid their aggressiveness.

What about your opinion? Are huskies dangerous or not? Comment below and let us know.

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