Why Do Some Puppies Fake Peeing? [7 Reasons + 7 Solutions]

Oh, I love my puppy, but sometimes I’m so sick of his fake peeing! It’s frustrating because I take it seriously and arrange everything, only to find out he was just pretending. But don’t worry, I’ve done my research and found out why he does this.

Some puppies pretend to pee due to urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and nervousness. But sometimes, they do it because they want more attention and extra treats. They may also pretend to pee when they want to go outside. To handle this situation, avoid eye contact and treats.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be a sad ending. You can save your furry friend from all this craziness by following our instructions. So, let’s get started and put an end to the fake peeing once and for all!

Why do some puppies pretend to pee?

It is reasonable to be worried when your puppy pretends to pee. Most dog owners have very bad thoughts on this issue. As you read before, there are several reasons for dogs’ fake peeing.

There is no regular place to do this for dogs. They get used to doing it inside and outside or wherever they go. They have no exact place indeed. So let’s discuss this issue deeper. Dogs pretend to pee because,

1. To get an extra treat.

Do you think dogs don’t think wisely? If you say yes, you are very WRONG. You know what? They can think beyond the mirror. Normally, when a dog does their private business, owners get used to giving treats.

As soon as they call it, they catch the point. “Ah, they give me treats after I pee. If I want a treat, I should do it again,” they might think like that.

How funny and dramatic they are. From their point of view, owners should give treats when they behave like that. Look how cute and smart they are. That’s why they pretend to pee sometimes.

2. Urine tract infection.

Mostly this happens because of bacterial infection. This urine tract infection is very painful for dogs. You must have heard about urinary tract infections as a good dog owner.

Dogs pretend to pee if they have urinary tract infections. This infection can be hazardous because it leads to Cancer. So that’s why you have to look after your dog carefully.

If your dog has such an infection like that, you can see blood in your dog’s urine. At a time like that, you should not take it easy. You are their owner and the only one who can help that innocent soul.

3. Bladder stone.

This issue is also another common cause under this topic. What is this bladder stone? That’s a very odd question. Can they have rocks in their bladder?

Yeah, of course, it can happen to us, not only dogs but also. Bladder stones are the process of making stones inside your dog’s body by gathering some minerals in your dog’s urine.

The above urine tract infection helps to build up this bladder stoned. This one is also literally painful for dogs. Fake peeing is very reasonable when your dog suffers from this bladder stone.

Watch out. And try to understand why your dog pretends to pee and help him/her.

4. They want to hang out with you outside.

You know what, dogs are remarkable. They want your affection, attention, or to hang out with you for a little bit. So they act like they want to pee. So you take him/her outside and let him/her do their private business.

So you see, they might just want fresh air. As I said, they are very dramatic in a situation like this. It is very fair because they can’t stay inside for the whole day.

On the other hand, most dogs love to stay outside. Because they have a good view there. So they become kinda tricky.

5. They love to get rewarded.

After they do their private business, we reward them such as “hey, good boy,” “very good,” “amazing,” and such. They love when we cheer them up.

Following that incident, they realize what they exactly should do to get rewards. The next time they need a reward, they pretend to pee to grab rewards. They are very fast and quick learners. It is quite surprising for us.

6. To get attention.

It is a well-known fact that our doggos are fond of seeking attention. They do various dramatic things to grab our attention. Fake peeing is also a strategy like that.

Everyone pays attention when their dog tries to pee. We arrange a place, or we take our dog outside. We spent a little time with our dog. So that’s what they want to achieve. You see how brilliant they are.

7. They don’t get enough water.

As well as humans, dogs have the proper water needs too. Young puppies need one and a half cups of water every two hours. That is the normal water needed for a puppy.

So what about older dogs? Do they have an exact limit of water? Yes, of course. Older dogs must drink one ounce of water according to their body weight.

If they could not reach the target, it led to an imbalance in the urine. This water needed to change according to the dog’s body size, breed, activity level, climate, etc.

You must provide the water regularly unless it helps increase your dog’s fake peeing time.

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What should you do if your puppy is fake peeing?

Can we do something to overcome this problem? Or can we get action to avoid this odd behavior pattern of your lovely pooch? Yes, of course. We have various solutions to get rid of this issue.

In this part, I’m gonna discuss what we should do if our puppy is fake peeing. That will be very interesting because you can use some strategies for overcoming it. Just follow me for more details.

Do you wonder how you should react if Your puppy pretends to pee? I know your answer. I’m sure you are keen to know that. Mainly you can avoid eye contact with your dog.

Avoiding treats, and using dry surfaces, can treat them. You can train your dog well and limit treats if they have physical issues such as infection and bladder stone. These are the trustworthy treatments for this.

1. Avoid eye contact.

Dogs pretend to pee because of a good reason. They do it with a purpose. Do not look at your cunning dog as soon as he/she gets ready to pretend to pee.

When he/she notices you are on their track, they know the future will be bright. So when you avoid eye contact, they try to give up their attempt. You see, the problem is solved.

2. Rewards of your dog actually doing something.

When your dog pretends to pee, it is easy to get it. There is a reasonable difference between true peeing and fake peeing. At a time like that, you should not reward him/her. Because they will do it as a hobby in future.

3. Avoid treats.

When you avoid giving treats for fake peeing, your pooch can understand that you can’t be cheated by him/her.

4. Use a dry surface.

Some dogs avoid peeing when the surface is wet. So keep the surface dry. And then you can see the progress.

5. Be aware of your dog’s physical health.

Physical health is also very important as well as mental health. As I said before, if you recognize your dog’s pain, such as urinary tract infections, or bladder stones, do not wait for a while.

Take your dog to the vet ASAP. The doctor will give medicine and treatments to your innocent buddy, and he/she will recover soon.

6. train your dog well.

The fundamental potty training affects your dog directly for this fake peeing. When you do potty training for your dog, you have to understand your dog’s capacity. Don’t let him/her misunderstand about greeting, treating, and rewarding.

7. Keep greeting low-key.

To tell you in brief, do not concentrate if your dog is going to pretend to pee. When you give your attention, your dog can be motivated.

Should you worry if your puppy is pretending to pee and not peeing?

Yes, this is a good question, and it depends. There are a few occasions that you should worry if your puppy is pretending to pee and not peeing. So what are they?

Like I said before, if your dog has some physical issue such as bladder stones or urinary tract infections, you must worry at times like that.

You must pay your full attention to your bosom friend and don’t let him/her struggle with that pain. Be very supportive at that time.

If your dog is fully healthy, active, and energetic, you should not worry when he/she pretends to pee anymore. This is a very common matter for most dog owners. Don’t waste your time worrying about that.

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Things to be aware of.

Check if the dog is healthy: Check whether your dog has a disease or not. You are the only person who recognizes your dog’s physical and mental health. If you can see any difference in your dog, take him/her to the vet. Because you don’t deserve to regret yourself for the rest of your life.

Comfortable area: Keep your dog in a comfortable area. Everyone has a comfortable area for doing their business. We can hold up and tolerate it because we are human and have good knowledge. It is not like dogs. Do you believe dogs don’t do their private work if they don’t realize the area is comfortable?

Don’t make your dog afraid: This is a very sensitive circulation; they can do it only if they are free-minded. Scolding, warning, beating excitement can make your dog afraid. It is important to stay updated about misbehaving.                        

Don’t punish: The most important thing is you should not punish your dog because of this matter. It will hurt his/her feelings. To tell you in brief, punishments are not beneficial here.

Importance: Let them know how important they are.

Health status: Keep their mental and physical health stimulated.

Don’t let your dog stay with strangers.

Other dogs: Don’t let them stay with sick dogs. The reason why I am saying this fact is that infection can spread from one dog to another. As a good caretaker, you should not put your dog at risk.

Be smart: Don’t be tough but let them know you are the alpha here. Take your dog under your control. When your dog tries to lose control, and once they do it, it is very difficult to tackle him/her again. This is very valuable in any of the other situations.


Fake peeing is a very common situation among the majority of dogs. So my advice is you shouldn’t worry about the above issue. Overall I have given reasons and solutions instead of worrying when your dog pretends to pee.

But you already know there are some special occasions you should worry about this weird habit. So I hope at last you will learn vital information about the above issue and I’m sure you are going to overcome them soon.