Do German Shorthaired Pointers Like to Cuddle? [Owner’s Guide]

Do German shorthaired pointers like to cuddle

Do you ever wonder how to deal with your German Shorthaired Pointer when they get bored? Well, cuddling can be the perfect medicine for their minds! In this article, we’ll explore whether German Shorthaired Pointers like to cuddle and how it can benefit them.

The good news is that German Shorthaired Pointers are fond of cuddling. They show their affection by yawning, staring at you for a long time, wagging their tails, nuzzling, leaning on you, sitting on your lap, and licking your hands. Cuddle time can be increased with adequate affection, exercise, proper training, and attention.

While it’s essential to take care of your furry friend’s physical needs, mutual understanding is also crucial. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to understand your German Shorthaired Pointer’s cuddly behavior and how it can benefit their mental health.

By following the right approach and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your furry friend has a happy and healthy life filled with plenty of cuddles and snuggles. So, let’s dive into the world of German Shorthaired Pointers and cuddling!

How to tell if a German shorthaired pointer loves to cuddle?

German shorthaired pointers are the king of the cuddling. They expect lots of love, affection, and attention from their owner. German shorthaired pointers are very intelligent and cooperative as a result they can grab their owner’s attention shortly.

Although they are mature, GSP needs plenty of time to cuddle with their masters. They try to intimate some behavioral patterns when they want to cuddle at once

Most of the time GSP asks you to cuddle them, the problem is your understanding ability. That’s why I am writing this to show their hidden hints.

  1. Tail wagging
  2. Following you
  3. Looking at you for a long time
  4. Trying to be alone
  5. Yawning
  6. Staring at you

1. Tail wagging

Do dogs wagtails when they are happy? Most people agree with that statement, but that is not true. Dogs wag tails when they become nervous too. What you have to do is consider the atmosphere.

Grab the situation your German Shorthaired pointer is facing. They may feel alone or bored. Tail wagging is a sign of cuddling.

The most important thing is ignoring your puppy at that moment is very nasty. Take your German shorthaired pointer buddy to you and cuddle a moment. You will see how sweet your pet is.

2. Following you

Is your dog following you at once? Yes, that’s right. When you go to the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen he/she will follow you.

Your German shorthaired pointer comes after you with the idea of ​​cuddling him/her. Please don’t disappoint your pooch. That is a sign of a cuddle.

3. Looking at you for a long time

This is kinda a strategy. Why do dogs do this? Because they want your attention and warmth. Your dog will stare at you for a long time because they can’t talk.

Making eye contact is one of the ways they deal with people. German shorthair pointer buddies will do this until you cuddle him/her.

4. Trying to be alone

When your puppy doesn’t care about you, doesn’t look at you, or ignores you, what do you do? Most of the owners may think that he/she is sick or something else.

And try to take it to the animal clinic. Do you know a method that can heal your puppy? Cuddling cuddling cuddling. When you are too engaged with your daily business, your puppy will miss you.

That’s why they act like this to get attention. Giving a simple cuddle can recover your German shorthaired pointer buddy.

5. Yawning

Dogs are drawing when they feel close to you. Yawning shows the point of relaxation. Besides, your puppy will roll here and there.

6. Staring at you

Scientists have found that staring at your dog’s eyes can increase the level of the love hormone. That’s why your German-shorthaired pointer buddy does this.

When they need affection, they try to stare at you. Cuddling your German shorthaired pointer buddy wormly is the solution for that.

What can make German shorthaired pointer refuse to cuddle?

Do you feel sad when your dog becomes anti-cuddle? It might not be your issue. Every German shorthaired pointer is not the same. They have different behavior and different attitudes. 

Given these matters, we can decide that we have to alter our pooch a bit. Before we enact, let’s see what can make German shorthaired pointers refuse to cuddle.

  1. Pain
  2. Psychological issues
  3. Aforementioned abuse
  4. False teaching methods or age
  5. Nature

1. Pain

Possible health issues are one of the main reasons for refusing your German shorthaired pointer cuddle. Most of the older dogs have some kind of joint issues as humans.

As a result, they might refuse to cuddle at all. Joint pains, eye issues, skin problems, fever are some of the examples. Before you judge your dog, be careful with the above matters.

2. Psychological issues

Having Psychological issues make your German shorthaired pointer refuse to cuddle.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

Under these circumstances, what can one do? Try to understand your pooch’s abilities and disabilities. You Are committed to doing it. Make a comfortable atmosphere around your loving dog because relaxation is a vital thing for cuddling

3. Aforementioned abuse

What is the meaning of the aforementioned abuse? It can affect your puppy the way you treated him/her previously.

Because of some rough handlings or treatments, your German shorthaired pointer will be able to refuse to cuddle. Some training methods affect them in a bad manner.

That’s why it is directly related to their mindset.

4. False teaching methods or age

Most probably puppies refuse to cuddle than elders. Less experience is the reason and when you train your dog to socialize you have to observe correct training methods.

Unless it will implicate your lovely puppy. In the face of threats, you have to manage well. And then your German shorthaired pointer will not refuse to cuddle at All.

5. Nature

Some dogs are born this way. They don’t like to cuddle. That is not your problem or another one. That is his/her nature.

Some of the German shorthaired pointers don’t enjoy cuddling and it is very hard to teach them. So you don’t want to get upset with this problem. That is totally normal. 

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How to increase cuddling time with your German shorthaired pointer?

Do you wonder how to increase cuddling time with your German shorthaired pointer? There are plenty of strategies for accumulating cuddling time with your lovely GSP buddy. lemme explain some points.

Hugs and kisses can make your puppy happy and warm. If you are busy with your daily work, let your dog spend the time with your children or someone else who stays at your home.

Make trust between you and your dog. Providing a special moment will make an extra cuddle time with your German shorthaired pointer buddy because a unique moment can exchange both you and your puppy’s feelings, emotions, and affection.

Give proper exercise period because physical activities and physical fitness are very necessary for a healthy and emotional cuddling time.

Give proper exercise period because physical activities and physical fitness are very necessary for a healthy and emotional cuddling time.

Ms. Rashmi Dulanjalee (Dog behaviourist)

You can allocate a few hours for playing with your buddy and working together will make your bond strong.

And also reward touch is increasing trust and then you can increase the cuddle time with your innocent German shorthaired pointer buddy.

Does your pooch come to your bed in the morning? Spending a moment on the bed with your GSP or consuming a few times after breakfast with your puppy is a very vital eternity.

German shorthaired pointers are fond of cuddling in the morning. In simpler terms, feed your dog with your hand. That is a strong strategy you can use during your daily work.

After your breakfast, you can fix a time for playing with your dog and keep a cuddle time during this period. Let German shorthaired pointer know you are in charge of the cuddling anytime.

Do the German shorthaired pointer cuddle more when they are a puppy adult or senior?

Of course, they do. In my point of view, when they are a puppy, they are more cuddly than adults or seniors because at the age of puppy they need more love, affection, and attention.

The reason is they are growing fast at the age of the puppy, as a result, they become more playful.

When they are getting old they try to understand things and you have to take permission before cuddling from your elder German shorthaired pointer. Because they are mature and educated.

A puppy’s mind is so innocent and immature. So they always try to grab attention and love. A good understandable owner can get at their dogs’ needs before something happens. Are you that kinda owner? Take a little bit of time and think carefully.

Do all German shorthaired pointers likes to cuddle and affectionate

This is an important part while you have a GSP buddy. Are you getting upset when your German shorthaired pointer refuses to cuddle? Or your GSP needs to be more cuddly than others?

Do you compare your dog with others GSP buddies? You know what everyone is not the same. The dog also has various types of attitudes and behavioral patterns.

Being your dog anti cuddle is not your fault.  Every dog has numerous personalities so you don’t wanna get squeamish. What you have to do is adapt to the situation.

If your dog is an anti cuddle, don’t urge him/her to cuddle. Mutual understanding is a very significant option at that moment.

If your German shorthaired pointer is more cuddly than other dogs, follow the instructions I mentioned before. In time to come, you will understand who your German shorthaired pointer is and what is his/her nature.

Things To be aware of

Urge your dog

Cuddling is a feeling which comes to the bottom of the heart. Under these circumstances, it is not good for urging your  German shorthaired pointer to cuddle.

If your dog is an anti cuddle you should not be excited. Your behavioral patterns might be discomforting to your lovely buddy. In this context, you have to become more kind and sympathetic.

Don’t become a rough person

This innocent soul doesn’t know how to haggle with its owners. The only thing he/she knows is showing his/her affection using their own ways.

They will bark at you, jump on you, give love bites, etc. It doesn’t matter who you are or the situation you are in, keeping your dog comfortable is your responsibility.

Show kindness and become a lovable master. Give a cuddle time when a German shorthaired pointer asks from you.

Puppy treats

Are you trying to teach your German shorthaired pointer how to cuddle a person? If you wanna do it fast and hurry, puppy treats are very beneficial.

After your dog does a thing you command, you can give a puppy treat as a reward. This is a good strategy to adapt your dog to the condition.


German shorthaired pointers are very intelligent and sensitive so they are fond of cuddling too. I can confirm one thing without any doubt that using the above details, you can manage your cuddle time with your lovely German shorthaired pointer. As pets, they expect lots of attention, love, and affection from their owners. I bless you to spend an amazing time with your puppy.


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