How To Shorten a Dog Tie-Out [Read This First!]

A tie-out is a must for a dog in specific instances. Surely, you don’t like it when your dog is out somewhere on a dairy farm of your neighbor with the tie-out itself.

A dog’s tie-out can be shortened considering its weight by wrapping around a tree or clipping it to itself. It always depends on the weight of the dog. Shortening a dog’s tie-out will train your dog to stay within a particular area and let them understand to stay away from restricted areas.

So, let’s see how to shorten your doggy’s tie-out and what are the pros and cons of the procedure.

How to shorten dog tie-out?

Well, some unique ways can shorten your dog’s tie-out. No matter how you make the tie-out shrink, you should consider the weight of your doggy.

3520, 30, 40
9020, 25, 30, 40
12520, 25, 30, 40
25025, 60, 75, 100

After considering how long you will shorten your dog’s tie-out, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1

Lay the tie-out on your palm, which is facing up.

Step 2

Then wrap it around your wrist and the remaining part around the bottom, making it a full loop.

Step 3

Wrap it one more time across the palm.

Step 4

Carefully strip the tie-out.

Remember, you have to be very careful when shortening your doggy’s tie-out as sometimes it can cause harm to their neck and to the coat as well.

You can also use a piece of paracord tied in a loop and then try tying a Prussik or Kelimheist around the cable. Then clip one end through the tail of the knot, and you will feel the tie-out is more adjustable.

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What are the pros of shortening dog tie-outs?

There are some important points when discussing the pros of shortening your doggy’s tie-out.

1. Well trained.

Shortening your doggy’s tie-out can give you a well-trained dog with manners and discipline.

But, you should be very careful when engaging in this training because your doggy might become fed up with the procedure at any time.

2. Can control them.

If your doggy is tied out, you can control your doggy when some visitors arrive at your place.

Then it causes no issues for the visitors and your doggy.

3. A good teaching method.

Shortening your doggy’s tie-out can be a good teaching method. It teaches your dog to stay away from unwelcoming or dangerous places where their presence is not allowed.

What are the cons of shortening dog tie-outs?

As well as the pros, there are considerable points for the cons of shortening a dog’s tie-outs.

When you leave your doggy tied out at home with a short tie-out cable or a long tie-out cable, they can still suffer a lot if they are not trained well or have become familiar with tie-outs.

1. Can be stolen.

Whether tied out with a shortened tie-out or a long tie-out, they can still be stolen, especially puppies.

This can take place in a public area or even at home.

2. Can get loose.

Suppose, by any chance, if your doggy loses the tie-out, they will run all over your garden or the road and can get hit by a vehicle within a few minutes.

So, be careful.

3. Weather.

When your doggy is tied out, the factor of weather can affect them badly sometimes.

In cold weather, they might become freezing, and in hot periods they might also suffer from heat and thirst.

4. Not secure.

When your doggy is tied out, any stranger can pet him without your permission if you are not there. Can you imagine the danger?

Anyone can poison your doggy or take him for fun at any moment, as your doggy cannot move because he is tied out.

5. Stress.

Tying out your doggy either with a short or a long tie-out can cause mental issues like stress and anxiety.

How to tell if your dog likes shorted dog tie-out?

The answer to the above question depends on the behavioral pattern of your doggy.

You are the person who knows everything from A-Z of your dog, and obviously, you should be able to understand whether they like shortened dog tie-outs or not.

But, generally, some common behaviors are expressed by dogs when they prefer shorted tie-outs.

1. Sleep calmly.

When the tie-out is short, your doggy sleep in a calm mood means they prefer it to be short.

2. Not making noises.

If your doggy is so calm and does not make any noise when tied out short, it also means that he likes shortened tie-outs.

3. Not aggressive.

If your doggy likes shorted tie-outs, they won’t easily become aggressive when tied.

It is also a sign to identify their likeness on shorted tie-outs.

But, there can be unique behaviors with your doggy apart from the list mentioned above. Be careful and identify them to keep your little fur ball happy and content with tie-outs.

Things to be aware of.

Be attentive to their weight when shortening tie-outs.

Be careful when choosing branded tie-outs that do not cause injuries or harm to their body.

Observe their likeness regarding shortening the tie-out and do not pressure them up.

Be kind always and be careful.


Dog’s tie-outs are crucial in their upbringing. But at the same time, you should be a responsible owner by being very attentive regarding the whole procedure of tieing them out. Suppose now you have an idea about dog tie-outs and shortening them.

Cheers until next time!

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