Are American Bullies Good Apartment Dogs? [Vet Advice]

Are American bullies good apartment dogs

Are you on the hunt for a big, cuddly canine companion that’s suitable for apartment living? Look no further than the American Bully! Now, you might be thinking, “Are American Bullies good apartment dogs?” And as challenging as it may sound, my answer is a resounding yes!

While it’s true that most American Bullies find it hard to adjust to apartment living due to their energetic nature and need for exercise, they can thrive in this environment with a proper schedule that meets their physical, mental, training, and nutritional needs.

Sure, they may be large-built and some might argue that they’re not the best choice for apartment living. But trust me, it’s worth the risk and effort. So, how can you make this possible? Let’s dig deep and discover how you can provide a happy and healthy home for your American Bully in your apartment.

American bullies and apartments. Can you make it happen?

In general, it is said small size dogs are ideal for apartment living. We should always look for the factors like,

  • Apartment space
  • Dog’s energy and size
  • Noisiness
  • Friendliness should be considered in choosing the right breed.

It is a common belief that the size of the house determines the size of the dog, but this is not always true.

Check out some important facts about American bullies

As for a large breed like American bullies, most of the above factors are not in favor. After having some background research, I was able to find out that making American bullies your apartment canine companion is actually possible.

American bullies are known to be an intelligent breed, so it’s easy for us to train them as desired and get them adapted to apartment life. They have a very sweet temperament and a nice personality which makes you fall in love with them.

Reasons not to recommend American bullies for apartments

American bullies are stocky, muscular types, and they are best known as good farm dogs. American bullies vary from small to large in size & a very energetic breed. Some can even jump six feet or more into the air.

So if you are a person who is leading a busy lifestyle, the American bullies’ breed is not the best choice to make. They are very playful and need loads of exercise and activities to stimulate their physical and mental development. 

So if you are a person who is leading a busy lifestyle, the American bullies’ breed is not the best choice to make. They are very playful and need loads of exercise and activities to stimulate their physical and mental development. 

Ms. Chamindrie (Veterinary undergraduate)

The apartment’s spaciousness is the next challenge you’ll encounter. They need a fair amount of space to roam around and don’t like to be trapped in a small house.

American bullies have a high sensitivity level, so make sure you give enough attention to them when you are around. They don’t wanna be alone for long hours and love to be accompanied by someone very often. 

American bullies’ potential for drooling is high. This breed is considered to be very friendly around kids but not so friendly when met with strangers and other pets. 

However, as affectionate as American bullies are, we can’t really disregard them as bad apartment canine companions. So let’s see how we can minimize these negative points and make him suitable for an apartment stay.

Can American bullies get used to apartment life?

Yes, American bullies can get used to apartment life. But how can we overcome all those challenges mentioned above? Just follow the methods given below.

  1. Fulfilling their exercise needs
  2. Early socialization
  3. Training good habits
  4. Fulfilling their nutritional needs

1. Fulfilling their exercise needs

American bullies, as mentioned earlier, are a very energetic type. The daily share of exercise is very important. If you are a first-timer to adopt a dog, as a veterinary student, I don’t recommend you to have one of this type because American bullies require an experienced active pet owner.

It’s good for them if you can provide them with physical activities like,

  • Plenty of walks
  • Jogging/ running for long distances
  • Swimming 

Would you love to go for a long relaxing walk with your dog to the park after having a tiresome day? If yes, American bullies are the best companions that you can accompany.

And also, in order to fulfill their high exercise needs, you can join them during your jogging/ running hours. This improves both of your physical health and will help to keep you fit.

As for an energetic breed like American bullies, attention must be given to provide him with the required amount of exercise to stimulate his physical and mental growth. Make sure that they don’t get over-exhausted in hot weather with an overload of exercise.

American bullies are not known to be great natural swimmers, but you can train them to swim. This task should be done under the careful supervision of an experienced trainer/owner.

The fact that I wanna emphasize here is that you need to fulfill American bullies’ exercise needs in order to adapt to apartment life.

2. Early socialization

Socialization involves training your dog to be obedient to basic commands; mostly, it is done by skilled trainers. Your pet can be enrolled in various socialization courses [Some are even available online] with the approval of your trusted veterinarian.

This can also be done by you, the owners at home, such that your pet identifies it as an extension of playtime. These might help your pet to easily get along with strangers and other pet animals.

3. Training good habits

If you plan to have an American bully at your apartment, it is your responsibility to make him aware of the house rules. These include potty training, positive reinforcement, and training not to chew up things. This will be discussed in depth later.

4. Nutritional needs

Under this, their high energy level should be considered. As a veterinary student, I would recommend a meal with high protein content. 

In addition to that, it should include omega fatty acids, a perfect calcium/ phosphorus ratio, and antioxidants. If grains are present, they should be gluten-free as some bullies are prone to allergies to the grain.

If the owner can fulfill the needs mentioned above, adapt his pet, American bully, to an apartment environment. With patient training and under a caring atmosphere, you can convert your American bully into a loving family companion.

What are the good characteristics of American bullies for apartment living?

There are many good characteristics of this breed, making them suitable in this regard. Given below are some.

  • Intelligent
  • Great protective dogs
  • Kid-friendly
  • Great jogging/ running partners
  • Affectionate and cuddly type
  • The tendency to bark/ howl is low
  • Moderate general health conditions
  • A little amount of SHEDDING – a significant fact
  • Potential to gain weight is less

And the list goes on….

As an intelligent breed, I believe that they are straightforward to train and make American bullies adapt to apartment living. Furthermore, it’s a very good strategy for urban dwellings to have a pet to protect their family from thefts and criminal dangers.

Check out this video to get some additional information about them.

We all adopt pets for good companionship, and in that case, this breed is very suitable because they are known to be kid-friendly affectionate types. And also, they would make great jogging partners for you.

One of the tenants’ significant problems is the neighbors’ complaints and the landlord about the unnecessary, annoying dog barking and howling. You shouldn’t be worried over such matters if you choose the American bully as your pet.

So, I recommend you to read the “How to stop a Doberman from barking? (5 easy steps)” article, It will be extremely helpful to stop your American bully’s annoying barking. ( Because the theory is common)

They have a moderate level of health conditions, and you won’t have to pay for long medical bills, and are easy to maintain.

One of the significant favorable features is that they have a little amount of shedding. So it would be easy for you when grooming your pet and also keeping the apartment clean.

Although being a large breed, they tend to gain weight very slowly. So basically, keeping them indoors won’t make them obese.

Considering these plus points, one can decide to have an American Bully as his loving pet at the apartment premises. 

How to train your American bully to apartment life?

To make the IMPOSSIBLE JOB a possible thing, there’s some work to be done and practiced.

The training includes the following.

  1. Crate training
  2. Potty training
  3. Training to stop making unnecessary noises [barking/howling]
  4. Training to walk on-leash
  5. Training not to chew up things
  6. Grooming, normalize weekly baths

Let’s see what can be done to train your American bully to apartment life. These should be started from puppyhood.

1. Crate training

Here the puppy is confined to a small surrounded space. It may sound harsh but has multiple benefits. He learns not to relieve themselves in the crate. He’ll be protected, and eventually, he’ll learn that it is his own territory.

Provide him with comforts like a rug, a pillow, and some water when he’s in the crate to avoid making him feel upset and unhappy.

2. Potty training

Before you get them into playing, just after being released from the crate, let them go outside and relieve themselves.

You may use some commanding lines like “outside” or whatever you think signals the puppy. Make sure that he’s on leash to make him understand that it’s not playtime yet.

3. Training to stop making annoying noises, not to chew up things

Never ever yell at them. Instead, you may again use some commanding lines when encountered with bad behavior. If they sense that they’ve been punished, they would be more stubborn afterward.

Humans and domestic dogs have a lot in common now, aren’t they?

4. Training to walk on-leash

This is very important as it is the first step at training your jogging buddy. Get him used to the collar and leash. Reward him with some treats and let him come to you while on a leash during his playtime. Now repeat the same while making a click sound. Let him follow you.

Slowly and gradually, you can introduce him to the outside world. This might be confusing for your little pup with all the noises, So make him feel comfortable by hugging him, petting him & talking in a soothing tone.

First, try for short distances. Always pay attention to him. Be vigilant about his behavioral changes and act accordingly. Never ever try to pull and drag him on leash if he seems to be distracted by something. Instead, reward him with some treats and get him back into walking.

With time he’ll understand that leash-on means going out for a walk.

Recommended reading: 9 Reasons Why does my dog drool on walks.

5. Grooming

American bullies’ short coat is ideal for apartment living. Extensive grooming is not necessary, but weekly brushing and baths as needed should be supplied. Keeping him comfortable as much as possible can lead to a happy life, even in a small apartment.

And in fact, you wouldn’t definitely like to keep a smelly pet inside your small apartment, would you?

How to make your apartment dog American bully friendly?

American bullies, by nature, are a loyal type. They are found to be very friendly with kids. However, it’s not always the dogs that need training.

You should also make the kids aware of how to handle and pet a dog. But never leave children to play along with them unless you are supervising because bullies are eager to play rough.

However, American bullies might be aggressive towards strangers and other pets. This can be avoided by early socialization.

Engage with him in some fun activities and try to bond with him while rewarding with treats, giving hugs, giving belly scratches during playtime.

Even though one might feel confident about his pet’s friendliness, they should never be left alone with strangers and should not allow strangers to pet them unless the bullies go to them. This prevents a lot of unfortunate accidents.

American bullies are well known as perfect watchdogs, best bodyguards. You shouldn’t be worried much about household safety with an American bully around.

Things to be aware of

The struggle of getting approval from the landlord

One common problem faced by many pet owners living in apartments is seeking permission from the landlord to keep their pets with them. There are instances when the landlord resists having pets because they are concerned about the furniture damage and the rental unit’s cleanliness.

Some even ask for a behavioral evaluation from certified trainers or behaviorists to check whether the pet has passed the Canine Good Citizen Test.

So, you have to make sure that your American bully is not doing any kind of damage to the furniture or other objects in the apartment whatsoever. 

  • Never leave your pet alone for so long.

Investing your time in strengthening the bond between you and your pet is essential. If their physical and mental stimulation needs are not appropriately fulfilled, they become bored, anxious & start displaying destructive behavior.


In conclusion, as challenging as it may seem, as difficult as it may sound, adopting American bullies in an apartment is worth all the hard work because they are such lovable canine companions.