How To Keep Dog Treats From Getting Hard [Do These 5 Things]

Do you wonder why dog treats get hard, and do you really wanna know how to keep dog treats from getting hard? I know you are looking forward to learning the reason behind this issue.

If the treat is so hard to eat for your dog, you can dunk it in water for a while and mash them up with hot water. Buying some soft treats, giving him/her chew toys, and finally checking their teeth are a few ways to avoid the difficulties. Try these things and, most importantly, look into your dog’s teeth.

Although you know the solution, it is better to know the reasons. Isn’t it? I know you agree with me. So keep reading this for more details. I am going to surprise you. Here we go.

Why do dog treats get hard?

Do you know why dog treats get hard? Sometimes, eating hard treats will cause dental pain. So you must be alert about the treats you give your lovely pooch.

Unless it will be so painful for him/her. We provide treats for them to appreciate them when he/she has done a great job. So it should not be hard and dangerous. So let’s figure out why dogs’ treats get hard like this.

Treats get hard due to passing expiration dates, weather conditions, and wrong choices. Keeping food in the refrigerator can also change the texture of the food.

So I’m gonna clarify them one by one because that’s maybe easy for you to realize critically. So let’s move on.

1. Expire date.

You have to be aware of the expiration date. When you buy treats for your dog, please be wise to check the manufacturer date and expiration date too.

You should not keep the packet open for a long time. Because you don’t check the dates every time, you will forget to throw it out when it expires. I know you are not careless.

2. The weather condition.

Not only for dog treats but also the textures of some foods may change because of the different weather conditions. So we can do nothing about that.

What you can do is only keep the things under a sufficient temperature. Some treats need cold weather; you can keep them inside the refrigerator, and some want normal temperatures.

So you have to provide suitable conditions, and then you will not face these problems. Because dog treats are edible, they should be in good condition; otherwise, your innocent pooch becomes sick.

3. When you can’t choose the proper treat.

Are you new to these things? If the answer is yes, I’m sure you don’t know which is best for your dog. At a time like that, there is a risk of taking a local and a cheap one.

This is not rocket science. You just have to google which is good and which is not good. Or else you can get advice from your vet or a friend.

If he knows about dogs well, he/she will tell you the brand you must choose for your dog. This is food. Therefore, it should not be dangerous, so please ask for help from someone who knows these things well.

4. Don’t keep it in the deep freezer.

This is common sense. But I’m gonna explain this to everyone who knows this and doesn’t know this. I think it is good. What happens when you put anything in the Deep Freezer?

The thing will freeze. So is that ok for dog treats? No, not at all. Don’t even think about that. At first, please read institutions, and then again, you can keep the treats in a proper place.

5. That’s their nature.

There are some kids dogs’ treats, and they are very hard. That’s nature. For older dogs or else the dogs who have dental problems, don’t match it.

Dogs like that need soft treats. Because older people can’t bite it as they wish because their teeth don’t fit that much. Because they are old now. But young dogs are very different. They are active and energetic; therefore, they can bite whatever you give.

How to keep dog treats from getting hard?

You already know some steps for keeping dog treats from getting hard. I’m gonna clarify them one by one. Because you can get a clear idea and relax.

Here I have given five solutions to keep dog treats from getting hard. I divide it into two parts: before and during the treatment.

When are you gonna give the treats

1. You can dunk it in the water.

If you are gonna give the treats at this moment, take the proper amount of the treat and dunk it in the water until it gets soft. In time to come, your problem will be solved. You see, this is very easy. When you use water, please use hot and boiled water.

2. Mash them up.

How can you do that? Will your dog eat it? Of course, your pooch will love the same if you don’t harm the treats’ fragrance and taste. Don’t Panic thinking about this widely. When you mash up the dog treats, please use hot water. I have mentioned it previously too.

3. Check their teeth.

Does your dog refuse to take dog treats? Do you feel they are normal treats like you bought before? So what will be the reason? It is not about the treats you give.

Check whether your dog has a dental problem or not. Sometimes they refuse to take dog treats because of dental issues. Visit your vet and confirm whether he/she has a dental point.

4. You can buy some soft treats.

You know that there are plenty of soft treats in the market. You must go to the supermarket or a good place and ask for some soft treats for your dog. They will give you exactly what you expect.

5. Give him her chew toys.

What can chew toys do? Is that helpful to protect your dental health more than hard treats? Without overthinking, choose a dog chew for your lovely buddy.

Because the dog is more important than getting treats. When you give him/her treats, don’t forget to stay until he/she finishes.

Don’t give him chew toys every time, you know, right? You can put cheese or something like he is interested in it. This is just an opinion, right? It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give treats to your dog.

Can dogs eat dried-out dog treats?

Are you worried about when your dog tries to eat dried-out treats very hard? Yes, of course, you do. So here I’m gonna say can a dog eat dried-out dog treats or not. Because it is really important for your dog’s stimulation.

You like to eat snacks, right? So do dogs. They also want to eat snacks. As good dog owners, we must understand our dog’s needs. Do you agree? Basically, we give them dog treats because they need a fun time.

It is easy to control them by giving treats and motivating our dogs to keep them under our control. At a time like that, we must give them good and healthy meals. Because food can encourage your dog as well as quiet.

So when you give a dog treats, always try to find the best for them. So we don’t know how they feel when we give them dried-out dog treats.

I’m sure they will love it. As a responsible dog mom or dad, provide the best for your little one.

We are heartless and rude if we don’t care what we offer them. That is not rocket science to find the best treats for your dog, isn’t it? So you see, why do we offer him/her something very difficult?

We don’t know the chemical reaction of some foods. So don’t take risks, and don’t keep your dog in danger. Try to give your dog the best and most notorious foods and treats.

By the way, most dried-dog treats are very natural and healthy.

Things to be aware of

  • Don’t convince your dog to eat dried-dog treats if they don’t want to. It is not a decent reaction as a key and understanding owner to convince your innocent pooch to eat what they don’t like to eat.
  • Try to buy good products, not cheap ones. When you buy some dog treats for your dog, the most important thing is your dog’s health. Cheap foods may cause some food allergies. So be careful and wise when you buy dog treats for your little one.
  • Check whether your dog has dental issues or not. Because sometimes they refuse to eat dried-out dog treats if they suffer from dental issues. Dental issues lead to cancer. So please keep your eye on it. It is good for both you and your innocent little one.
  • If your dog is older, it will not be able to eat dried-out dog treats. Because of the tooth loss. A a time like that, go to the options I have mentioned previously,
  • Hot water is good if you want to mash up or dunk dog treats.
  • There are plenty of softer treats in the supermarket. You know what? You don’t need to be worried about that if your dog refuses dried-out treats. What you must do is just go and buy softer treats. They will extremely love it. So you see, this is very simple.
  • Keep your eye on the ingredients in the dog treats because some foods lead to allergies, such as peanuts, mushrooms, and such. Check which one is good for your dog and which one isn’t good for your dog as well.


If you are a dog owner, dog treats are one of the important parts of your life. It is very useful, and dogs are fond of getting treats. Giving treats is one of my favorite things.

We can see how cheerful your dog is when he/she gets treats from you. Here I have discussed why dog treats are getting harder, how to keep dog treats from getting harder, and can your dog eat dried-out treats.

So I think this will be very vital for you and your dog. Anyhow now you know why they happen and the solutions as well. I’m sure you will not be able to face this kinda problem again.


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