Can You Carry Your Puppy Outside Before Vaccinations?

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Raising a puppy is really exciting and gives plenty of memories. This excitement will multiply if you can take the puppy out. But, can you carry your puppy out before vaccinations?

Let me help you.

By the way, here is the short answer.

Taking a puppy outside before vaccinations is risky as deadly diseases may catch the puppy. However, carrying puppies out can significantly reduce this risk. The best way to disinfect parvovirus is to clean a chosen area of the yard with bleach. Then consider using that area as a puppy potty area.

There is so much vital information you should know as a puppy parent. So, consider reading this whole article.

Can you take your puppy out before vaccinations?

Many dog experts suggest that the most beneficial time period to socialize a puppy is between 8-12 weeks.

It’s pretty sure that most puppies don’t get all the shots prior to or during this crucial period. But, taking your puppy during this period is crucial in order to provide excellent socialization.

Because early socialization is the key to turning a puppy into a well-behaved dog. But, do you know why early socialization is better?

The curiosity level of young puppies is much higher compared to their fear level. So, they tend to explore and learn every possible thing they encounter.

However, when it comes to socializing a young dog or an older dog which mostly happens if you rescued a poor dog. They are tough to socialize with as their fear level is much higher compared to the curiosity level.

So, back to the topic. Can you take your lovely puppy before her vaccinations?

Yes, definitely you can. But, there are some limitations to it. Because unvaccinated puppies are more likely to get caught by deadly viruses, bacteria, and many other diseases.

Parvo is one of the dangerous viruses that many dogs around the planet suffer from. Even a robust and well-built grown dog finds it difficult to face and recover from the parvovirus. So, how can a puppy bear with it?

In fact, the parvovirus can even live on the concrete nine months to a year. So, how can you even trust a concrete surface?

Also, here are some other dangerous diseases that can catch your unvaccinated puppy on the outside.

  • Rabies.
  • Canine distemper.
  • Hepatitis.
  • Canine influenza.
  • Kennel cough.
  • Lyme disease.
  • Leptospirosis.

I would probably carry the puppy whenever I take her outside if I were you. I would never let her paws touch the ground unless I was pretty sure the surface was safe.

Certainly, there are several safe places to carry your puppy before vaccination which we gonna discuss later in this article.

Can you take your puppy outside to pee before vaccinations?

This is a really tough question to answer. I guess you know why; we cannot say for sure if a surface is completely parvovirus or any other disease-free.

However, by the time a puppy gets 10-12 weeks old, she should have taken at least the first two core vaccines.

I agree puppies have some degree of immunity from their mother’s milk. But, that immunity isn’t sufficient to fight against deadly viruses and bacteria.

It’s better if you have your own yard, and you must confirm that you never had a dog with Parvo on your property during the past 12 months or so. If you’re sure about that, let the puppy go potty outside but under your supervision.

As I mentioned above, the deadly parvovirus can last for 6-12 months on most surfaces where an infected dog has pooped.

If you aren't sure if a dog with parvovirus has visited your property
, consider disinfecting your property from Parvovirus. 
Thankfully, there are certain cleaners that kill Parvovirus.

  ♦ To do this, you need a solution using bleach diluted with water. The bleach to water ratio should be exactly 1:30.
  ♦ Then spray this solution on a selected area of your lawn and let it sit there for 10-15 minutes. 

Why only a selected area? 
This is because the bleach solution is so strong that if the solution is used on grass, the grass will inevitably die. However, the choice is yours. If you want, you can use them on the whole the yard. 

But, I would like to select an area as my puppy's potty area and use this bleach solution to disinfect the parvovirus. Also I would not allow my puppy to access the other areas prior to vaccinations. 

Moreover, it's better to discuss with your veterinarian as veterinarians are aware of outbreaks of these diseases in your area.

If your area is considered a high parvovirus risk area, it’s better to keep your puppy inside until she gets all of her shots.

So, in such a case, consider using a potty pad for potty training till the puppy gets vaccinated. Itll be much easier if you can allocate a nice area where your puppy can have its own private bathroom.

What are the safe places to take unvaccinated puppies?

As I mentioned earlier, an 8-12 weeks window is the most effective period for puppies to get socialized, thanks to their high curiosity level and low fear level.

Obviously, you cannot miss that critical period.

So, it’s better to find out the safe places for an unvaccinated puppy. (But, just be aware that significant exposure to the outside world is always risky.)

1. Safe short walks

Yeah, short walks are possible. But not for the puppy. You should CARRY THE PUPPY on short walks while giving them new people, dogs, and other creatures.

But, ensure maintaining at least 20 FEET DISTANCE from other creatures, including dogs. The objective here is to give your puppy to give the impression of the outside world.

Puppies gain weight very quickly. If you’re unable to carry her on short walks, consider getting a dog stroller.

The doggy stroller is a genius and-risk free way to give them short walks while exposing them to the outside world.

2. Invite people who have dogs.

This is also considered a safe method as long as you know the person and his/her dog is fully vaccinated.

So, consider inviting one of your friends who have dogs over to your house so your puppy can expose to new people and, more importantly, to the dogs. The puppy will learn many more important things that cannot be taught by humans from the other dogs.

3. Car rides.

We all know that short walks are not sufficient to give a puppy a full experience of the outside world. So, consider taking the puppy on car rides.

It’ll be easier if you can have someone to help you. One person can drive the car while the other person manages the puppy.

Because young puppies can get extremely anxious on car rides due to lack of experience, give cuddles treats, and use sweet words to calm your puppy.

Once she is okay with being inside the car, gently lift the puppy with both hands to show outside through windows as this little one cannot see outside on her own.

It’s okay to stop the car in the places where most people and other creatures hang around, but be sure to keep your puppy inside the car while giving her the impression of the outside world.

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Places to avoid if your puppy hasn’t been vaccinated yet?

It’s way better to know the places to avoid if your puppy is not vaccinated yet.

  • Do not take your únvaccinated puppy for a walk, even in your neighborhood.
  • Do not go to dog parks.
  • Obedience classes.
  • Don’t take them even to the mall.
  • Doggy daycare.

And pretty much every place where you can suspect that potentially has viruses, bacteria, and other diseases. Don’t forget. Your dog is not vaccinated yet.

Things to be aware of.

Here’re a few things you need to consider.

Carrying the puppy: As I mentioned earlier, carrying the puppy is the only way to give them short walks without exposing them to diseases. However, this may make them fearful, and they may get kind of an expression as other dogs are a threat. That’s why you must invite other people over to your house with their vaccinated dogs. Carrying a puppy won’t give them positive information about the outside world. However, they will expose to new smells, sounds, things, vehicles, creatures without catching any diseases. More importantly, we know that carrying the puppy on these short walks is temporary as they can walk by themselves after they are fully vaccinated.

Avoid wet areas: Do not keep the puppy on the ground if the surface is wet.

Inviting people: As I mentioned earlier, inviting people with their dogs over to your house is one of the best methods to socialize your unvaccinated puppy. However, ensure not to invite people that you are unsure about their dogs’ vaccination or if the dogs have diseases. Also, it’s better to avoid inviting people who adopted dogs from a shelter (at least till your puppy get vaccinated)

Vaccinations: Please understand that your puppy cannot live safely without vaccinations. So, it’s better to be quick and consult your veterinarian and schedule the vaccines.

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Raising a puppy is exciting. However, things can get complicated if your puppy is not vaccinated yet. So, many puppy parents are desperate to know if their unvaccinated puppies can go outside. In this detailed guide, we discussed whether you could take your unvaccinated puppy out, taking into account many other aspects of this condition. Be sure to vaccine your puppy as soon as possible. I hope you found this helpful.

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