When Your Dog Knocks Down The Baby/Dog Gate [Do These Things]

Dog Knocks Down The Baby Gate

Dogs can be like little children, and if your dog is knocking down the dog gate, this article will explain why they may be doing so and what you can do about it. Read on to learn more.

A dog may knock down baby or dog gates due to separation anxiety, loneliness, seeking the owner’s attention, rebelliousness, playfulness, curiosity, or illness. Some methods to solve this issue include choosing a suitable baby or dog gate, using positive reinforcement, and removing furniture near the gate.

This behavior is common in dogs, so don’t be too upset. There are alternatives to dog gates that you can try. Let’s work together to keep your dog safely inside the gate. This article will provide you with all the information you need to understand this behavior and find a solution.

Why does your dog knock down the baby/dog gate?

1. The dog knocks down the dog gate due to separation anxiety.

As a pet parent, If you spend a lot of time away from your dog, your dog will feel sad and uncomfortable. So he will try to be with you. The dog identifies, dog gate as a barrier between him and you.

He will try to knock down the baby/ dog gate to be with you. Maybe you use a baby gate to limit your dog into one part of your house.

If you live on the other side, the dog will try to come into your side just because he can’t stay alone.

2. The dogs knock down the baby/dog gates out of fear.

The dogs are afraid of many things. Some dogs are afraid to be alone. When the dog finds he is all alone in the house, he will try to knock down the baby/dog gate out of fear.

Some dogs are afraid of domestic animals such as rats, cockroaches, geckos, and insects. Keep your dog’s living space very clean.

Your dog will feel secure when the place is clean and free from rats, cockroaches, and geckos. Some dogs are afraid of shadows and reflections.

This can be a reason for knocking down the baby gate. The dogs are afraid of noises and echoes. Did you know that some dogs are afraid of the shadows?

Maybe your dog suffers from harsh noise [dogs are very sensitive to sounds]. If your dog always tries to knock down the baby gate, the dog may be afraid of something inside his dwelling place.

The dogs don’t like small statues and structures. They identify it as a threat. Remove them away. Dogs’ fears and concerns can be different from dog to dog. So try to understand your dog’s concerns.

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3. Maybe your dog is ill.

The dogs try to knock down the baby gate as they are sick. When they feel uncomfortable, they try to convey it to you by knocking down the baby gate.

That is why you gotta be aware of every possible reason. The dogs communicate through their behavior and by barking.

When the dog begins to knock on the gate, check whether he is ok or not. Maybe he is trying to show his pain. So try to understand the gestures of your dog.

4. They knock down the baby gate to grab your attention.

If you are busy with your work, you will not have time to pet your dog. So your dog will try to get your attention by knocking at the gate.

Show some love to your dog. Then he will stop making sounds by knocking at the gate.

5. Some dogs are very rebellious and playful

When you block their way by fixing a baby gate, they will consider it a challenge. Therefore they will knock down the baby gate anyhow.

This is something psychological. When you are restricted from doing something, you will try to do it anyhow. Some dogs also think like that.

Playful dogs are doing it for fun. They enjoy the process of knocking down the baby gate.

How to keep your dog from knocking down the baby/dog gate?

It is not difficult as it appears.

1. Train your dog.

By training your dog, you can make him obedient to you. Then he will remain inside the baby gate. Some institutes provide training for dogs.

Go for such an institute. If you can’t afford dog training centers, you can train him. When your dog knocks down the baby gate, ignore his action.

Your ignorance makes him discouraged. Once he began to behave well, treat him with some food. So he will understand that he can get a small treat by behaving well.

2. Choose a suitable baby gate.

Choosing a suitable baby gate is very important. When you are choosing a baby gate, you should consider the height and weight of your dog.

If your baby gate is too short, your dog will jump over it very easily. If your baby gate is not strong, it can’t bear the dog’s weight.

Before buying a baby gate, you should consider the above things. Some dogs can squeeze through the bars of the baby gates.

So you have to think about the body size of the dog. Some dogs squeeze through the gap between the floor and the baby gate. So be careful.

3. Remove chairs and furniture near the baby gate.

If there are chairs, tables, etc., your dog will step on these things and jump over the gate. So keep these things away from the baby gate.

Even small children do the same thing to jump over the baby gate. Be patient with your dog.

Dogs who try to jump over the baby gate by getting help from other things around the baby gate are very smart. So be proud of your dog.

What are some alternatives to baby/dog gates?

1. Training is the best alternative.

If you train your dog well, you will not want baby gates to limit your dog. Imagine your dog came into your bedroom, and you don’t like it.

What can you do to show your dislike? Please don’t call him by his name, don’t give attention to him. Once he left, give him a treat.

2. DIY baby gates.

Don’t spend extra money on baby/dog gates. You can make one for your dog. You can make a baby gate by using plastic, PVC, wood, cloths, and anything strong enough to bear your dog’s weight.

Do you have an old farmhouse? If so, you can make a DIY baby gate by using the doors of the stable. What is the purpose of a baby gate?

The purpose of a baby gate is to block the way of the dog. So you don’t need a baby gate to do it. You can block your dogs’ way with anything which doesn’t have sharp edges.

3. Put your dog in a kennel.

If you raise your dog inside the house, this alternative is not for you. Some people want to keep their pets away from their living rooms when there are visitors.

You can put your dog inside the kennel when there are visitors. Even though dogs can jump over the baby gate, they can’t escape from the kennel. So this is a good alternative.

Things to be aware of.

1. Choose a baby gate without sharp edges.

When choosing a baby gate, you should be careful of its finishing. Sharp edges of the baby gate can hurt your dog.

Dogs try to jump over them. Some dogs squeeze under it. So you should check the bars and upper part of the baby gate. This is to ensure the safety of your dog.

2. Don’t use painful methods to train.

When you train your dog, don’t use painful methods. Some people use shock collars, prong collars, and choker chains to train dogs.

It is very harmful to both your dog’s physical and mental health. Some people use methods like yelling, yanking on the collar, pinching, etc.

You can’t treat your dog like that. As a responsible owner, avoid these methods of training.

3. When buying baby gates, get a strong one.

As I have already mentioned, you need to be careful when choosing a baby gate. If the baby gate is not strong enough, it will break.

Dogs always keep their paws on the baby gate. Imagine your big dog, and the baby gate can’t bear his weight. The baby gate will fall apart, and your dog will get hurt.

If the baby gate is made of glass or metallic things, the dog will have deep cuts. So don’t get it simple.


Whatever you are going to buy for your dog should be safe to use. Give priority to the safety of the dog. Knocking down the baby gate is something very normal. So take it easy. I am sure that I have answered all the problems in your mind regarding knocking down the baby gate.

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