Why Do Dogs Run Into Glass Doors? [4 Reasons + 5 Solutions]

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Although dogs are known as man’s best friend, we all know that they can exhibit strange behavior at times. So, why do dogs sometimes run into glass doors? Are there any specific reasons for this behavior?

Let’s explore this phenomenon.

By the way, here’s the quick answer:

Dogs may run full speed into glass doors due to vision problems, lack of socialization training, lack of attention to their surroundings, or neurological disorders. It’s recommended to place stickers on the glass door, install a barrier in front of the door, or consult with a veterinarian or veterinary neurologist.

While this behavior may seem amusing, it’s important to investigate the potential causes as there may be underlying issues. Don’t worry, let’s delve into them in detail.

Why do some dogs run into glass doors?

First, we should explore the possible reasons for this strange behavior,

1. Lack of socialization.

Socialization training is not just training your dog to hang around other pets without any problem; there are many more expectations.

So, if a dog runs into a glass door, it has something to do with socialization. In short, this can happen due to poor socialization, which is common among puppies young dogs.

2. Vision problem.

If your dog is a properly socialized one and still runs into glass doors, this is a sign of vision problem, which is pretty unfortunate.

However, if your dog is not completely gone blind, be quick. You will have sufficient time to work on the treatments.

Apart from your dog thudding against glass doors, here are some of the other signs of vision problems in dogs.

  • Cloudy eyes.
  • Eye irritation.
  • Changes in behavior, especially high anxiety level, restlessness.
  • Reluctant to go new places.
  • Pawing at face.
  • Refuse to use stairs. (By the way, if you’re wondering here is how to teach a dog to use stairs slowly.)
  • Bumping into obects especially furniture in dark rooms.
  • White spots on the eyes.
  • Avoiding eye contacts.

Generally, vision problems are pretty common among dogs due to the following causes.

  • Diabetes
  • Old age.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Breed specific issues.
  • Retinal degeneration.
  • Infections
  • Glaucoma
  • Inuries.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy problem.

3. Lack of attention.

If your dog runs into glass doors at full speed, perhaps, she is not paying attention to what is going on around him.

It’s much more common in puppies and young dogs that are overly enthusiastic. So, no wonder you hear occasional THUDs around the house.

4. Neurological disorders.

Yeah, you read it right. Some forms of neurological disorders could keep dogs from perceiving accurate depths, orientation, and other barriers.

This means their body not going in the direction they want.

Some dogs have specific neurological disorders that he/she cannot rely on visual cues. Because those neurological disorders cause those visual signals to operate with a delay of a few seconds.

What happens when a dog runs into a glass door?

We all know that dogs have really thick and hard skulls. If your dog ran full speed into a glass door, the effect of the impact really depends on many things, including the speed, the dog’s size and weight, the dog’s health status, age, and whether the glass is broken or not.

Canines usually have a fairly large sinus between the inner plate covering the brain and the out skull plate. So, it’s unlike to happen brain issues.

However, you should monitor the dog to check if she exhibits the following symptoms.

  1. Disorientation.
  2. Unconsciousness.
  3. Pupils of different sizes.
  4. Bleeding from eyes.
  5. Bleeding from nose.
  6. Seizures.

If your dog exhibits one of the above symptoms of multiple of them, she needs veterinary attention immediately! So, meet your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Moreover, it’s better to confirm that your dog is unharmed. Because such a high impact can cause bruising, lacerations, or even as worse as a pulled muscle.

Check if she exhibits the signs of neurologic issues like dragging feet and staggering.

But, if the dog seems to act normally, you cannot expect to see any of these signs. However, it is best to see a veterinarian considering the well-being of your dog.

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How to keep a dog from running into the glass doors?

So, let’s explore some of the methods that can keep your dog from running into the glass doors.

1. Stick stickers.

It’s a genius idea to put stickers or tape back on the glass door in order to prevent your dog from running into glass doors and collisions.

Sometimes as small as a sticky note will suffice. Or else use masking tape to tape a BIG X at your dog’s eye level. It’s better if you can use reflective tape as it shines even under low light conditions, especially at night.

If you feel taping a big “X” reduces the aesthetic appeal of the glass door, consider buying a variety of ornamental stickers.

There are many ornamental stickers, including the following.

  • Strips of lice.
  • Flying birds.
  • Pictures of flowers.

Or try appropriate decals.

2. Give a proper socialize training.

As I mentioned earlier, lack of socialization is one of the main reasons for this issue, especially in puppies and young dogs. So, consider giving proper socialization training.

Further, show your dog the glass door. I’m sure she knew that there was a door. But, take her near to the glass door and gently touch your dog’s nose to it, and touch its paw to the door.

Do this simple exercise 2 times a day for another 3 or 4 days.

3. Try something to slow its speed.

If you want a temporary solution, keep a chair or something else that blocks the glass door whenever the dog is outside.

Or you can try installing a baby gate in front of the glass door. Obviously, anyone can go to the door on either side of this gate. So, this won’t block access to the glass door from your dog.

However, it can slow down the dog’s speed. Further, if there are stickers or tapes on the glass door, as we discussed under solution number 1, this will definitely prevent your dog from colliding with the glass door.

I agree; having a baby gate right in front of the door is an annoyance. But be patient and try this for a week or two. Eventually, your dog will be well aware of the glass door. So, you can remove the baby gate.

4. Check your dog’s eyesight.

As I mentioned earlier, dogs with vision problems often collide with glass doors. So, consider checking your dog’s vision with your veterinarian.

By the way, here is a detailed video explaining how veterinarians perform a basic eye examination for dogs.

5. Check the dog for neurological disorders.

If your dog has no vision problem (after performing an eye examination with your veterinarian), it’s time to meet a veterinary neurologist to check if the dog has neurological disorders.

What shoud you do if your dog runs into a glass door?

Well, now we know the possible reasons for this issue and crucial precautions in order to avoid this from happening further.

However, in any case, what should you do if your dog gets zoomies and runs into a glass door?

The only thing you can do is attention forwarding.

You have to create something that can produce a raucous noise to do this. This is possible if you can find an empty tin with a couple of coins or small pebbles.

Keep this DIY item closer to you whenever you guys are in the outdoors and having a good time. When the dog starts running towards the glass door, take this item and shake it.

It will definitely divert your dog’s attention. Then call her name and offer a treat. However, it’s super essential NOT TO SHAKE this item often. Otherwise, your furry friend may get used to it.

Things to be aware of.

Here’re some of the vital things you can not ignore.

Cuts: Check if the dog has cuts or bleeding after the impact.

Finger check: As I mentioned earlier, such an impact could cause unconsciousness. Although your dog seems fine, check if she can follow your finger. Further, check if she responds to common commands as she used to do.

Check if the dog is in discomfort: Check if the dog is disoriented or in pain. Is she walking normally? Check if she shows signs of discomfort when she is lying down on the bed or getting up again.

Obedience training: It’s super important to have your dog go through perfect basic obedience training. You cannot train anything without good basic obedience training.

Patience: As a dog parent, it’s important to have extraordinary patience. Because we cannot expect overnight success in most things. It takes time to train a dog.


Many dog owners are desperate to know why some dogs run full speed into glass doors. So, this comprehensive article explains to you why this could happen, what to do on such occasion, how to avoid it, and many more essential things. Hope you found this helpful.

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