Can Springer Spaniels Be Left Alone? [Vet Advice]

can springer spaniels be left alone

If you’re a busy Springer Spaniel owner, you may be wondering if it’s okay to leave your furry friend alone. Can they handle being alone for extended periods of time?

Springer Spaniels are an active breed, so it’s not recommended to leave them alone for more than four hours at a time. However, with positive reinforcement, adequate physical and mental stimulation, they can typically handle being alone for 4-6 hours. But keep in mind that leaving them alone too much can lead to increased anxiety, destructiveness, restlessness, and even aggression.

It’s important to note that you can’t simply leave your Springer Spaniel alone just because they’re grown up. Proper training is essential to ensure that they can handle being alone without any negative consequences. In our upcoming discussion, we’ll explore the correct way to train your Springer Spaniel for alone time and provide tips for ensuring their well-being while you’re away. Don’t miss out on this important conversation!

The temperament of the springer spaniels, and what happens when they are alone?

Springer spaniel belongs to the medium-sized dog category that has a moderately long coat. The male dog weighs 40 to 60lb, and the female dog weighs 35 to 55lb

Springer spaniels are a friendly breed that’ll obey you and learn from every little detail. They are a very easygoing breed compared to some breed as I talked about Belgian malinois in the previous article.

Watch this video and understand some facts about them.

And they are a kind of a breed that’ll make a good hunting partner too. They are a very intelligent breed, and one odd thing about them is they are like to stick to one person in the family.

They are very sociable and very good with children and the company of other pets too.

They usually live 10 to 15 years. And they are getting weight so quickly, so you have to give your attention to their diet. Generally, the calorie amount of a healthy Springer spaniel should take a day is 1353 calories.

What happens when They are left alone?

Let me start with puppies. If you’ve left your 4-year-old kid at home alone, what would happen? There are no differences with the springer spaniels too. The puppy will consider your entire downstairs as it’s a playground, and nothing will be left safe.

They must have someone with them at home; otherwise, when you get home, you will witness a messy destroyed parlor with a cute innocent creation in the middle of it.

And most importantly, they don’t have full bladder control till they pass their 6 month birthday. So leaving your springer spaniel in the home alone can cause some SERIOUS damage. Not only one-sided but the puppy and house will also be in danger from each other.

How long can springer spaniels be left alone?

Well, It depends. Just like you asking how long human beings can be left alone? You should specify them according to their age.

Do you ever wonder about your dog’s age relative to your age? Generally, a dog’s age is equal to seven years of you. Kind of funny, eh? 

Puppy( from birth to 6-7 months)This is the most crucial age of a dog. Many physical and mental changes happen during this age. So this is the age the dog most needs you.
This is the age you shouldn’t leave out your dog the most. Instead, you should expose your springer spaniel to the environment.
You should Make sure every experience is a pleasant one as aversive events could have lifelong effects on anxiety, fear, and socialization.
Junior(1-2 age)This is the age the puppy exposes to the new world, so you might not see your super loyal doggy at this age for a bit cus he’s experiencing brand new conditions.
You have to keep your patience and train your dog consistently throughout this age.
And also, at this age, your dog is probably searching for a mate.
So they would easily like to wander and escape. So you need to keep your eye on your dog to some extend at this age.
Adult( finished growing physically)At this age, your canine friend might not be active as it used to be but still need exercise and mental stimulation.
So you cant put that weight down from your shoulder still, eh?
But your springer spaniel doesn’t need much supervision as you used to give as a younger dog or puppy.
Mature(from the middle to three-quarters of the life span)Less active than adult age
Senior( last quarter of the life span)Sleep more and less active. Need more attention.
GeriatricThis is the end phase of your dog’s life span. They would easily get sick in this phase, and you have to regularly take your pet to the veterinarian. Your attention is much needed at this age.

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How to train your springer spaniel to be left alone?

Have you heard something called “Housetraining”?. It’s okay if you are not. Let me explain. So puppies, as I said, they are like babies.

So in-house training, you are basically establishing a routine for your dog. Basically, there will be time for eating, playing, and time to doing their business on a schedule.

So it’s better if you can train your dog in the puppy age. Here are the tips. Follow these tips and you will be able to left alone your springer spaniels for a considerable time.

  1. Frequently take your puppy outside.
  2. Prepare a “bathroom spot” outside.
  3. Reward! When they go outside
  4. Feed them according to a schedule
  5. Pick up your puppy’s water dishes about two and a half hours before bedtime. 

1. Frequently take your puppy outside.

It’s better if you can do this after they eating, during, or after playing. Two hours is fine for a puppy.

2. Prepare a “bathroom spot” outside.

You might wonder, “Really?”. Yeah, it becomes a part of their life when they do it repeatedly. So you can pick a spot outside and take your puppy to that spot always when they are relieving.

3. Reward! When they go outside

You have to give a little treat to your puppy when it goes outside. But be careful! Wait until your Springer spaniel has done the business because they are easily distracted by gestures.

4. Feed them according to a schedule

A puppy should be fed at least thrice or four times a day. It would be great if you can provide your dog at the same time every day. So, It will be easier to do house training.

A puppy should be fed at least thrice or four times a day. It would be great if you can provide your dog at the same time every day. So, It will be easier to do house training.

Mr. Sudharaka (Veterinary undergraduate)

5. Pick up your puppy’s water dishes about two and a half hours before bedtime. 

It reduces their need to relieve themselves during the night.

It is very typical that your puppy is making a mistake in the process of house training. These things can happen, but don’t take these seriously. 

  • You might find your puppy relieving itself in the house. So interrupt your puppy when you catch them in the act. You can make a starling noise like you can say “outside” and give him a treat when they have done.
  • Don’t give your little puppy a punishment for eliminating in the house. If they are already done eliminating, it’s too late to make a correction. So you have to just clean it up and just clean it up roughly cus puppies tend to continue soiling the same areas smell like urine or feces.

You can’t leave alone your Springer spaniel until they’ve got a good house training and old and ready enough to leave alone. So if you are leaving your puppy, you have to arrange someone for sitting with your pet.

And you can alternatively train your puppy to eliminate in a specific place indoors. But be careful. This could prolong your house training process.

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What happens if you leave your springer spaniel alone for too long?

can springer spaniels be left alone

Dogs are needy. That’s a fact. That’s great because that’s the quality that makes them good companions. But have you ever heard the word separation anxiety?

No doubt, you mustn’t have. It’s the negative response from your dog for leaving him. It’s a common thing to see dogs follow their owners.

But you can notice that some dogs are always following their owners like they are not gonna let them escape from their eyes. So these dogs can behave low self-esteem, and they are carving for attention from their owners.

Their mindset is like, “omg! What would happen if my owner leaves me!”. So this is separating anxiety. But understand this.

From meaning some dogs, I don’t say other dogs wouldn’t get separation anxiety, but it can mostly affect those dogs who are very needy.

This could happen to the dogs. This can be crucial from barking to even household destruction. But the main thing you should understand is that they do not do that out of anger. They are just distressed by separation. 

Dogs need daily exercise. It is essential for their physical health. So if you are unable to walk your dog or play with them, it causes significant effects on your springer spaniel.

Tactics that will help you to keep alone your springer spaniel?

You can give your springer spaniel some exercises before you leave the house. It is good if you can walk your dog in the morning and evening.

See, having a pet also helps to keep your body shape, eh? So you can tire your dog and cut his attention, and at this time, you can leave home.

You can also leave your dog in an area where he’s comfortable.

Once your springer spaniel gets more accustomed to being left alone at home, he can then be on his own without any restriction.

You can train your dogs for the separations step by step. This is a proceeding that should follow very carefully and patiently. Follow the below steps.

Changing the idea of your “Getting-Ready-to-Leave” Cues.

  • Start your getting ready to leave sequence.
  • Start your getting ready to leave sequence.
  • When your springer spaniel gives an anxiety response like panting, whining you should break your leaving sequence and do something completely unrelated.
  • And again, in 5 or 10 minutes, when the dog is calm also, repeat the getting ready to leave sequence. And again, stop the activity when the anxiety behavior starts. Again do a different sequence of behavior until he gets calm.
  • So now you have to repeat steps 1,2,3 until you can get the entire sequence to the door. See, this is kind of fun, eh!
  • And once you get ready to open the door and go out, just hold the doorknob and again stop it and do a different kind of activity.
  • And when you, if your sequence of getting out no longer produces adverse behavior from your dog, you should lengthen your time outside. Then you can take your car and drive out of the driveway and come back. When you come back, be calm. Don’t make a scene. 
  • Your next step should be getting ready to leave with your dog. You can take him with you to a friend’s house or etc.
  • You should repeat this sequence until the dog doesn’t stress out by your behavior.
  • After several times you can lengthen the time you leave the house like from 2 minutes to 10 minutes.

Yeah, I know this is a long and challenging process to follow, which needs much patience. But if you can do this, your Springer spaniel would turn out to be a great companion with a great mindset even without your presence always.

If you follow the above steps, I’m pretty much sure that you will be able to left alone your springer spaniel for a considerable time.

Should you leave your springer spaniel inside or outside?

You must leave your springer spaniel inside the house. So, It would be much better if you can leave your pet in its comfortable place.

If you are done training house training, the smartest thing is going your springer spaniel inside the house. For what it’s worth also for the safety of your companion.

But if you are going to leave your puppy anyway, your house would be a battlefield when you return home, so the best thing is to leave your springer spaniel with someone until he is mature enough to leave alone, but I don’t think to leave your puppy outside is a good idea.

Things to be aware 

You shouldn’t leave your dog at the puppy age for too long. This is the puppy’s learning age, and he’s always trying to learn from the environment so willing to experience everything he surrounds. This can be dangerous for him. Wait until he’s grown up and trained enough.


Dogs are good life companions, and their unconditional affection for humans helps for that a lot. So they are quickly getting distressed and anxious when springer spaniels feel left alone. So always try to keep your dog company.

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