When Your Roommate’s Dog Won’t Stop Barking [Reasons + Solutions]

Roommate’s Dog Won’t Stop Barking

Is your roommate’s dog barking non-stop? It can be a real headache for you. If you’re disturbed by your roommate’s dog, this article is here to help you.

Your roommate’s dog may constantly bark due to fear, separation anxiety, attention-seeking, lack of exercise, reluctance to be alone, or to warn you. However, this can be avoided with adequate exercise, basic obedience training, positive reinforcement, mental stimulation, and veterinary attention.

Don’t be frustrated – you can solve this problem. Start by talking to your roommate and working together to find a solution. It’s important to build a good relationship with your roommate before you complain about their dog.

Why is your roommate’s dog barking nonstop?

As I have already mentioned, barking is very normal. But if the dog barks nonstop, something is wrong. Let’s consider some reasons for this weird barking.

1. Dogs barks because of fear.

If your roommate’s dog barks frequently, go and check his dwelling place. Maybe there is something that makes him panic.

In such cases, you can make the dog’s dwelling place much more comfortable for him. Some dogs are fearful of darkness.

So they continue to bark the whole night. If your roommate’s dog barks because of darkness, turn on the lights in his dwelling place.

Maybe your roommate’s dog fears silence. Let me explain it. When the environment is very silent, small sounds can be heard a lot.

The ticking of the clock is comparatively a small sound. But it can hear well in calm and quiet moments.

That’s what I want to explain. When the dog is all alone in quiet surroundings, he hears a lot of sounds. Yeah, it can be scary for him. The answer to your problem is in your hand.

Do you know that some dogs are scared of musical instruments?

2. Dogs bark to warn you.

When you and your roommate are in danger, the dog tries to tell it. But you can’t understand your dog’s warning.

Maybe, some kind of wild animal has entered the yard. If he barks nonstop, go out and check around. That’s what your dog asks for.

If you neglect him, you will have to pay for it. Dogs bark to warn you about robbers and such evil things. So don’t get it simple.

3. Separation anxiety.

If your roommate spends most of his/her time outside the house, his dog may be suffering from separation anxiety.

As your roommate spends a lot of time outside, his dog may need someone to associate with. So you can be a good friend to your roommate’s dog.

By doing that, you can stop his nonstop barking. Your roommate will thank you for helping him. So the separation anxiety can be treated by giving training to your roommate’s dog.

4. Dogs bark to get attention.

Dogs need more love and care, and they always seek it. So your roommate’s dog may be trying to get your attention.

Why do children cry? They cry to get attention from their parents. Likewise, your dog is doing the same thing. He asks for your attention.

Maybe he likes you. So show some love to these innocent attention seekers. Then, they won’t bark nonstop.

5. They don’t like to stay alone.

Dogs are very social. They don’t like isolation. Dogs want to associate with other dogs and humans. Most social animals can’t live alone. 

The best example is humans. We are social by nature. We can’t live alone in society. Likewise, your roommate’s dog needs companionship.

6. Maybe the dog doesn’t receive adequate exercise.

When the dog lacks exercise, he begins to bark nonstop. The pets need regular exercise. Once they lack it, they will complain about it through barking.

So try to understand the message of your roommate’s dog.

By the way, here is the spiritual meaning of dogs barking at night.

What can you do if the roommate’s dog won’t stop barking?

1. Try to ignore it.

If your dog barks nonstop, ignore him. As I have mentioned earlier, this can be a trick to get your attention.

If you feel like giving him attention to solving the problem, give him some attention. But in most instances, it can worsen the situation.

Most dogs continue to bark vigorously when you give them attention. Petting, awarding food, and talking with him can intensify his barking. Just let him bark.

2. Keep fearful things away from him.

Here fearful things can be anything. It depends on the dog. Some dogs find small statues and structures as fearful things.

As I have already mentioned, some dogs are afraid of sounds and darkness. I discussed it already, so I am not going to comment on it again.

Let’s figure out what you can do about this. Simply remove fearful things away. If your dog bark nonstop looking at a statue or a small structure, remove it from his dwelling place.

Some dogs find insects, frogs, and other domestic animals as a threat. You can maintain the cleanliness of the place to avoid such circumstances.

Here is why do some dogs are afraid of shadows/light reflections.

3. Help him to cope with separation anxiety.

You can train the dog to handle separation anxiety.  Send the dog to a dog trainer. Then dog trainer will teach your dog to fight separation anxiety.

If not, you can train him. What you have to do is, let him be alone for a little time. Then, he will not find it challenging to be alone.

4. Give him an adequate amount of exercise.

Take him to regular walks. It is good for his health. When a dog doesn’t receive enough exercise, he will begin to bark nonstop.

So, providing him with exercise is very important. You can take him for a walk if your roommate is busy.

Will my roommate go crazy if I stop her/his dog from barking?

It depends. It completely depends on his/her personality. If your roommate is arrogant and impatient, he will go crazy.

If your roommate is friendly and cool, then he will understand. The way you are going to stop his dog is also influential.

If you start to hit the dog, your roommate will probably go crazy. So don’t do anything that makes your roommate angry. Your behavior is very much important.

When your roommate comes home after a hard day, don’t make him angry by complaining about the dog.

What to do if your roommate is upset with you.

1. You can talk to him when he is in a good mood

Don’t make him angry. Take time and talk with him. Before you talk, see whether his mood is good or bad.

Imagine he is bothering with a personal problem. Then he will not listen to you. So wait until the correct time comes. The weekend is good for friendly discussions.

2. Be patient.

You should have patience. If not, you will mess up everything. If you want to talk about his pet, you need to show him that you are also taking care of his pet.

Don’t tell him that his dog is boisterous. Explain to him, it is not good to ignore his barking. Then he will understand it.

3. Leave the place, if you can’t tolerate him.

After trying the above steps, you can leave the place if those steps don’t work. You should be happy with your surroundings.

If you feel so bad and frustrated, don’t stay there anymore. Find a new place to live. But try this, after trying the above steps. This should be the last option.

Things to be aware of.

1. Don’t give treats to the dog while he is barking.

When you provide the dog with food while barking, he will think that he is doing a good thing, which is why you offer him food.

I know you intend to calm down the dog, but that method is ineffective. Imagine you provide a child with a bar of chocolate when he cries.

Then, that child will think that he can get more chocolates by crying.

2. Don’t shout at the dog.

If you shout at the dog, he will continue to bark vigorously. You will not be able to stop him. I know you are angry, but your anger can make the situation more complicated.

So be patient. You should keep in mind that you are dealing with an innocent dog.

3. Don’t argue with your roommate.

Be careful when you are dealing with humans. Try to solve the problem without making it complicated.

Discussion can bring peace and solutions. So you gotta be very careful when talking. Try to speak politely.


Don’t think the dog is your roommate’s dog. He is living with you. So the dog is yours as well. Take care of that dog. Then the dog will not bother you by barking. Be nice to the dog. This will work for sure. The best way to control stubborn people is by showing some love to them.

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