Are Belgian Malinois Aggressive? [Veterinary Advice]

Are Belgian malinois aggressive

If you own a Belgian Malinois, you may be wondering whether these furry friends are naturally aggressive. It’s a valid concern, as Belgian Malinois are ranked among the 10 most dangerous dogs. However, with the right training and socialization, you can prevent aggression and create a loving and well-behaved companion.

Belgian Malinois can become aggressive due to a lack of training and socialization, as well as training using archaic methods. However, they can be tamed with positive reinforcement, Alpha, scientific methods, and mental and physical stimulation.

But what about native aggression? Is it in their veins or blood? If you are a police officer, you may be concerned about the potential danger. The good news is that there are steps you can take to prevent aggression and create a safe and loving environment for your furry friend.

In our upcoming discussion, we’ll provide you with tips for preventing aggression in Belgian Malinois and creating a positive and loving bond with your furry friend. Don’t miss out on this informative conversation that can help you and your Belgian Malinois live in harmony.

Are Belgian Malinois considered as a dangerous breed? Are they aggressive?

The Belgian Malinois is a medium-to-large breed of dogs. They are also classified as a variety of Belgian Shepherd dog. Female Belgian Malinois average 20–25 kg weight and males are heavier at 25–30 kg.

These Belgian Malinois are used as a working dogs for several tasks, including detecting odors such as explosives, accelerants (for arson investigation), and narcotics tracking humans for suspect apprehension in the police world and search and rescue missions.

And do you believe that The U.S. Secret Service uses Belgian Malinois to guard the White House’s grounds!

So are they really considered as an aggressive breed?

The answer is, as I said, Yes. But the essential thing to say is Belgian Malinois are not innately aggressive. This breed is a highly energetic and highly intelligent breed. They are highly physical dogs with more physical and mental stimuli.

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Their “play” is very dangerous. And did you note that they are more enthused than other dogs from food and toys, eh? That’s what police are using to have them knock down criminals.

For them attacking is a game. They’re following the commands of the handler so caching a criminal is a play game for them. Catch. Release. Rewarded.

Belgian Malinois are also good with children and other animals when properly introduced to them. Belgian Malinois are high-energy dogs and are strongly interested in moving objects because they are a kind of herding breed, exhibiting what is called high prey drive.

This behavior leads to chasing vehicles, children, or animals if the dog’s natural instincts are not guided toward acceptable activities.

The Belgian Malinois requires a daily exercise routine as well as exposure to people outside the family and to a variety of sights and sounds, which should begin early and continue throughout the dog’s life.

The Belgian Malinois requires a daily exercise routine as well as exposure to people outside the family and to a variety of sights and sounds, which should begin early and continue throughout the dog’s life.

Mr. Sudharaka ( Veterinary Undergraduate)

There’s something Belgian Malinois owners mention that they have a habit of mouth everything. That is the way they’re getting a sense of surroundings. This is not basically an act of aggression but yet can be dangerous.

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Reasons why Belgian Malinois are dangerous?

As I mentioned, Belgian Malinois is not a naturally aggressive breed but the most time

  • Lacking of training & socialization
  • Training using archaic methods

Makes them aggressive. So it’s mainly up to you whether to make them aggressive or not. Belgian Malinois is a highly active breed, so you have to keep them active unless they would be destructive.

They are not recommended for first-time owners.

That’s why they are not recommended for first-time dog owners. If you are an experienced dog owner, it would be easy for you to keep them away from being aggressive.

As sociable breeds, they need to be socialized! They are not the kind of dog that you can lock up in the house and leave. If you do… bye-bye your good looking couch.

By the time you’re getting at home, you might have lost some serious stuff definitely! And also, behavior imbalance can happen most often cus they are very sensitive breeds. And be careful!

Using old fashion training methods,

  • Yelling
  • Hitting

makes them even aggressive. You have to guide your pet in a genuine way. There are some rules you have to follow when you train your dog like a leader. Like an alpha in a pack. Dope!

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How to tame an aggressive Belgian malinois?

Belgian Malinois are protective dogs, and they need to WORK! Their physical and mental stimuli are very high, so if you didn’t keep them busy, they’d find ways to be busy.

So if you are an amateur dog owner, first, you need good guidance from an experienced about the correct dog training method.

So how long do you think Belgian Malinois has to be trained? 15 minutes? 30 minutes?. NO.they need at least 3-hour training, including running and walking.

Belgian Malinois need at least 3-hour training, including running and walking.

Mr. Sudharaka ( Veterinary Undergraduate)

You must provide physical activities and outdoor more often. Most significantly, you should give them some physical and mental challenges more often.

You need to have reasonable control, which can be achieved by reward-based methods. This dog needs to be channeled into suitable activities rather than controlled or suppressed by aversive methods.

And there’s some important thing you must know that not all Belgian Malinois are the same. They are unique to one another. Like us, humans!

Dog training is a combination of art & science. It is not only someone who can teach, but you have to learn cus; each dog needs to be trained differently. But there are basically three main training styles. Basically!

Try out these methods and eventually you will realize that your Belgian Malinois will no more aggressive.

  1. Positive Reinforcement method
  2. Alpha Method
  3. Scientific method

Positive Reinforcement method

If you own a Belgian Malinois with medium intensity, this method will work. You are not going to over-correct them as if they would actually backfire.

Basically, in this method, if they behave the way you want, you are gonna reward him/her with something he/she likes. So when they realize they are rewarded for what, they will be more likely to behave like this again!

Alpha Method

Suits for more intense dogs. Positive Reinforcement methods might not be effective on them cus they don’t give a damn about what you are telling them.

So if you wanna make your Belgian Malinois listen to you first, you have to become the alpha of your two wolf packs. That means you have to outrank your pet. How would you do that?

You have to be a little more serious, firm in this case, .but this doesn’t mean you have to be dominating. More than that, you have to develop strong communication with your dog and convince yourself that you are the leader of the pack!

Just start trying from the simplest things like feeding your dog with your hand. Also, These methods worked for most people I know. So, just try this and your Belgian Malinois will not be aggressive.

Scientific method

In this method, you have to observe and educate your dog, like its motivations and learning style. Basically, you have to have a whole pretty good idea about your dog. And then you can approach in the way your dog desires.

How to understand the emotional situation of your Belgian malinois?

The major thing you wanna understand is that Belgian Malinois is never meant to be a pet. They are like guard dogs or working dogs, but if you are an experienced owner, you can make a good, loyal pet out of him/her.

When you are dealing with your lovely pet, you always have to get an idea about its mind and condition by the behavior. There are some postures you can get an idea about your pet’s situation.

Here is those postures,

  1. Arousal
  2. Aggressive attack
  3. Submission
    1. Active submission
    2. Passive submission
  4. Defense aggression


Dogs in the aroused position have been stimulated by something in their environment.

When a dog is aroused by something pleasurable

  • the hackles will be down
  • the tail will be carried up and bristled
  • the muzzle will be tense 
  • you may see the tongue

This Posture is displayed to subordinates in order to express higher ranking pack positions.

Aggressive attack

This Posture is used to chase another dog away or attack in order to protect themselves. Below are the characteristics.

  • Ears erect, titled forward 
  • Eyes staring
  • Heracles may be up
  • Tail stiff and raised
  • Lips curled 
  • Teeth bared, snarling
  • Charging, weight forward


There are two types of submissions. They are Active submission and passive submission.

Active submission 

The Posture is used when a dog acknowledges another dog or humans’ higher social ranking.

Inhibit another’s aggression. Characteristics are

  • Eyes half-closed
  • Ears backed
  • Mouth nearly closed, tongue tip darts out
  • Raised paw
  • Tail hangs low, slow wag

Passive submission

bellying up indicates a surrender pacifying gesture offered to a more dominant individual

  • Ears back.
  • On the back, belly exposed
  • Tail tucked, the release of urine droplets
  • Head turns away, indirect gaze

Defense aggression 

When they are fearful, a dog will give warning signals

These signals indicate that s/he doesn’t want to be approached. If these signals are ignored, s/he will bite to protect himself/herself. Characteristics are 

  • Ears back, pupils dilated
  • Hackles may be up
  • Muzzle tense, wrinkled and snarling, teeth exposed
  • Tail down and tensed

Are Belgian Malinois aggressive towards family members?

Belgian Malinois is a highly protective breed, but the nature of the dog is specific to one and another. You can hear some owners are saying their Malinois is aggressive towards them and their closest.

But it basically depends on how you treat your dog. If you are challenging for your dog, it will be tough for you too. First, you should have an idea that you are dealing with a dog that bred for herding and guarding.

So you have to train your dog in the correct manner from the first moment you have him/her.

Belgian Malinois is a playful breed, and sometimes people misunderstand it as an act of aggression. It is not aggression but the way they show love and beware about surroundings(the mouthing-the way they get the idea about the surroundings)

Belgian Malinois and the children is a topic that should be discussed, giving more priority.

It is better if you can raise your dog with your children at it’s a very young age. If not, it should be introduced more carefully to your children.

And also, your child has a job to do that be careful not to scare the dog during the early phase of socialization. This whole process happens under the supervision of an adult.

But sometimes some dogs could be jealous, overprotective, and possessive. This means they might not accept your children and children’s friends for the very first time.

And sometimes they will try to herd small children by circling and nipping at their heels cus it’s in their veins, herding!

Are Belgian Malinois aggressive towards strangers?

It depends. Belgian Malinois can either be bold and friendly or aloof to strangers. It is essential to opt for which type of dog you’re gonna deal with but be careful not to misunderstand aloofness from fearful aggressive temperament. 

Good temperament needs good breeding. If your Belgian Malinois dog is trained properly, it would be more socialized than an untrained dog and more friendly to strangers.

If you are willing to approach a stranger Belgian Malinois, you shouldn’t rush into physical contacting. This can harm you by getting bitten from the dog. First, you wanna get the attention of the dog. Follow the following steps.

  • Try to get your Belgian Malinois’ attention. 
  • Call your dog by his name and encourage your dog to come to you.
  • If your Belgian Malinois doesn’t come, slowly approach from the front.
  • Extend your hand, palm down. You need to curl your fingers into a fist to prevent nipping or biting of your digits. 
  • Let the dog sniff your hand. After that, slowly move your hand to touch the side of the face then stroke the top of the head.

Do not do the following things that will trigger the dog, and you will get damaged by him/her.

  • Getting closer to the dog without its consent( going towards from backside of the dog)
  • Use high pitch noises to call the dog.
  • Looking directly at his/her eyes.
  • Extending your hand without making a fist. If the dog bites, the chances of damaging the fingers are high.


So to sum up, all that I have to say is that Belgian Malinois dogs can be dangerous and aggressive or friendly and sociable. To be honest, it really depends on the owner, and the owner must be an experienced dog owner for this task.