Best Dog Insurance – How to Compare Prices and Policies

If you are looking for the best dog insurance on the market, you’ll find it’s big and seemingly complicated task!

I have scoured the internet and I have done all the hard work for you. I’ll show you what to do in a minute – but first let’s look at how insurance for dogs works.

Any dog insurance comparison must take into account several things –  there are 3 main factors when it comes to pet insurance:

  • 1. The AGE of your dog – this is obvious really. The younger your dog, the less chance of him being ill.
  • 2. WHERE you live – vets in expensive cities, (for example San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York) tend to charge more than in other areas, such as, say, Cleveland Ohio. It’s logical, when you think about it – buildings are more expensive, rents are higher and staff are paid more.
  • 3. The BREED of your dog – as an example, the most popular breed in America is the Labrador Retriever. We love them for their looks, kind temperament and loving personality, but they get more than their fair share of illness. Hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament damage and cancer can strike, even in young Labradors. NONE of those treatments will see you come out with change from $5,000.

The BEST dog insurance for you is the one that meets your own particular needs.


About $5,000.

No, that’s not the cost of your next car, or the payment for the family summer vacation next year. It’s actually your likely veterinary bill if your dog is unlucky enough to suffer from hip dysplasia during his lifetime.

Don’t have a spare $5,000 lying around? You can always add it to your credit card, but if you do that and make the minimum payments then it will be a total of $11,703 you’ll end up paying. In 23 years time.

At least that’s the worst that can happen, right?


Did you know that 47% of older dogs will get cancer? Putting aside the emotional grief for a moment, that could cost you somewhere around $16,000 if it’s treatable over a short period of time.

But if the worst happens, and your best friend needs repeat treatments over time then the cost can easily run to $30,000,  40,000 and sometimes over $50,000.

With the Best Dog Insurance, there would be no worries!

It’s no wonder then that a recent study showed that around 1.5 million pets are euthanized every year in America, mainly because their owners couldn’t afford the vet bills.

The Best Dog Insurance Comparison

Thankfully, now there’s an alternative.

Thanks to our friends at Pet Insurer, you can now compare dog and puppy insurance quotes in just a few seconds. As they’re NOT an insurance company themselves, but a free and independent comparison service, you can compare plans from loads of the big names at the same time, including Petplan, Nationwide, Pets Best and more.

And how much is this going to cost, I hear you ask?

Actually, you’d be surprised. In our research we ran a lot of sample quotes, just because we wanted to be sure that we were offering you the best deal in the market.

Here’s what we learned:

As you can imagine, the younger you insure your dog, the lower cost it is. Living in an average 98260 Zip code, with a 3-year-old Labrador, we found plans from under $20 per month. 

If you have the best dog insurance, he’ll be OK!

We all know that researching the best dog insurance can boring, and we all think our pet is super-healthy and nothing will happen. BUT you can’t possibly know if your dog will get into a fight on his next walk, or when he’ll swallow some of your clothing, or when he’ll jump and land awkwardly, causing an injury.

For the sake of one minute’s work, go and compare pet insurance. Just click on that link, enter your pet’s details and see what you can get for your money!

For LESS than the cost of a Starbucks coffee a day, wouldn’t you want the reassurance of knowing that you could afford to get the treatment your dog needs, if the worst happens? Your Best Friend deserves the Best Dog Insurance!

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