Bernedoodle Breeders in Massachusetts [2023] | List of 4 Local Breeders

Bernedoodle Breeders in Massachusetts

Are you considering adding a Bernedoodle to your family in Massachusetts? Bernedoodles are a popular hybrid dog breed known for their friendly nature and adorable appearance. If you’re looking for Bernedoodle breeders in Massachusetts, this article will guide you through finding a reputable breeder and bringing home your new furry companion.

List of Bernedoodle Breeders in Massachusetts

Bernedoodle BuddiesMassachusetts(317) 695-6930[email protected]
Windy Acres PuppiesMassachusetts(217) 722-9615[email protected]
Celebration Poodles and DoodlesMassachusetts(614) 580-6004[email protected]
Sterling Brook DoodlesMassachusetts(401) 487-4036[email protected]

Bernedoodle Buddies

Bernedoodle Buddies infants require substantial attention, socialization, and initial training at home. Puppies are exposed to various stimuli, including obedience training and other activities. In addition, the canines are raised using puppy Culture techniques. This extraordinary effort has an enduring impact on such adorable Bernedoodle puppies and enables them to receive the best possible upbringing before becoming cherished family companions.

Bernedoodle Buddies is a Good Dog Network member. All purebred canines are either OFA-approved or undergoing verification for elbow and hip dysplasia. Puppies are provided with a comforter with the scent of their siblings and mother, as well as a selection of objects, a leash, harness, and puppy food to get them started.

Name of Owner: Rachel Jones
Location: Massachusetts
WebsiteBernedoodle Buddies
Phone: (317) 695-6930
Email[email protected]
Facebook PageBernedoodle Buddies Facebook Page

Windy Acres Puppies

The owner of Windy Acres Puppies has always been surrounded by puppies. In 2005, he began his breeding activities, focusing on Labrador Retrievers. Since then, he has experimented with numerous dog breeds, particularly miniature Bernedoodles. You may also visit their website if interested in distinct dog breeds. Their tiny Bernedoodle babies are slightly shorter than the average petite Bernedoodle.

Small Bernedoodles weigh between 15 and 20 pounds, making them ideal for anyone seeking a smaller dog. Because they got more Poodle DNA, they have F1B Small Bernedoodles, which are generally hypoallergenic and don’t shed because they are only 25% Bernese Mountain Dog and 75% Poodle. In addition, they care for each puppy as if it were a family member, ensuring that they are properly socialized with children and will eventually acclimate quickly to your home.

All parent canines were health-tested, OFA-certified, and shipped with a two-year medical guarantee. The puppies are also distributed and conveyed throughout the entire United States. The price varies depending on the location, but you can expect to receive a healthy and energetic Bernedoodle puppy. Ensure that you schedule a meeting or contact them immediately.

Location: Massachusetts
WebsiteWindy Acres Puppies
Phone: (217) 722-9615
Email[email protected]

Celebration Poodles and Doodles

At Celebration Poodles and Doodles, we specialize in breeding high-quality standard and medium-sized Bernedoodles. With over a decade of experience, we are also proud producers of AKC Poodles. Our puppies are carefully conceived and nurtured in a loving home environment to ensure optimal socialization before they are ready to be adopted by their new families at eight weeks of age. Unlike other breeders, we believe in personal connections, so we prefer to meet every puppy’s forever family in person before entrusting them with their new furry companion. Located in Ohio, we welcome Massachusetts residents to contact us for assistance. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Goldendoodle puppies or need guidance regarding the Bernedoodle breed, our website is a valuable resource. Contact us today to help you find your ideal canine companion.

Location: Massachusetts
Celebration Poodles and Doodles
: (614) 580-6004
Email: [email protected]
Facebook PageCelebration Poodles and Doodles Facebook Page

Sterling Brook Doodles

At Sterling Brook Doodles, quality takes precedence over quantity, ensuring that each Bernedoodle puppy breed meets the highest standards. With a decade of expertise in breeding, they have perfected the art of producing exceptional Bernedoodle puppies. These puppies make perfect companions for households or anyone seeking a loving and loyal friend.

When you purchase a Bernedoodle puppy from Sterling Brooke Doodles, you can expect a comprehensive package of benefits. Along with your new furry family member, you will receive a year’s worth of medical records, immunization certificates, and worming certificates. To ensure your pet’s well-being and provide peace of mind, they also provide a neuter and spay contract. Moreover, if the Bernedoodle puppies have been nurtured on Nu Vet Plus Supplements, the health assurance period is extended to two years.

But that’s not all. Sterling Brooke Doodles goes the extra mile to establish a lasting bond between you and your new companion. They offer virtual training sessions to assist you in building a lifetime connection with your pet. Every aspect of your Bernedoodle’s well-being has been meticulously considered, from crate setup to toilet training and socialization.

Location: Massachusetts
WebsiteSterling Brook Doodles
Phone: (401) 487-4036
Email[email protected]

Short History of the Bernedoodle Breed

Early in the twenty-first century, the Bernedoodle breed emerged due to the growing popularity of hybrid dogs. Breeders attempted to combine the desirable characteristics of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle to produce an affectionate and intelligent family pet. The Bernedoodle’s popularity spread rapidly, and they became known for their distinctive appearance and endearing disposition. Today, Bernedoodles are beloved family companions in Massachusetts and beyond.

Adorable Bernedoodle dog in Massachusetts

Tips When Choosing a Bernedoodle Breeder

When choosing a Bernedoodle breeder in Massachusetts, selecting one with a solid reputation and a history of reliability is essential. Here are some suggestions to aid in your search:

  • Research and Recommendations: Research Massachusetts breeders and read testimonials from their previous clients. Seek advice from reliable sources, such as local veterinarians or other dog owners.
  • Visit the Breeder’s Facility: Plan a visit to the breeder’s facility to see how they care for their canines firsthand. Look for a clean and well-kept environment where the canines are cared for appropriately.
  • Inquire about the breeder’s health testing procedures. Reputable breeders will perform health screenings on their breeding canines to ensure they are free of inherited diseases. Additionally, they should provide you with documentation of these examinations and any pertinent certifications.
  • Choose a breeder who genuinely cares for their canines and places a premium on their well-being. Responsible breeders will be knowledgeable about the Bernedoodle breed and willing to guide the process.

How Much Does a Bernedoodle Cost?

The price of a Bernedoodle can vary depending on the breeder, lineage, size, coat type, and color, among other factors. Expect to pay between $2,000 and $4,000 on average for a Bernedoodle infant from a reputable breeder. It is essential to remember that purchasing a well-bred and healthy puppy is a wise investment in the long term.


Bernedoodles are a charming and affectionate breed that offers happiness and companionship to Massachusetts families. When searching for Bernedoodle breeders, it is essential to find one with a firm reputation, ethical methods, and a genuine dedication to the dogs’ well-being. By following the provided advice and locating the right breeder, you can bring home a Bernedoodle companion who will enrich your life for many years.

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