Bernedoodle Breeders in Australia [2024] | List Of 3 Local Breeders

Bernedoodles are one of the most popular dog breeds in Australia. Their fluffy coats and playful personalities are great for families with children and active adults alike. The Bernedoodle breeders in Australia listed below can offer you the best selection of Bernedoodle puppies from reputable breeders in Australia.

List of Bernedoodle Breeders in Australia

Brisbane BernedoodlesBrisbane, Australia  N/A[email protected]
Bernedoodles AustraliaNSW, Australia(477) 037 610
Lavender Lane PuppiesBrisbane, AustraliaN/A[email protected]

Brisbane Bernedoodles

Brisbane Bernedoodles is a family-owned business that breeds happy, loyal, and friendly Bernedoodle puppies. Before they meet your family, they are cared for and cherished. Surrounded by nature and engaging in numerous social interactions with children, they are perfect family members. To get to where Brisbane Bernedoodles are now, they have traveled around Europe and the United States in search of the best Bernedoodle lineages.

In addition, they ensure that they are reared in a healthy, loving, and caring atmosphere. They finally comprehend the breed in all elements of their journey and take their research, devotion, and relationship seriously. As a result, they only have a limited number of litters per year so their parent Bernedoodles can remain healthy and content and have their most satisfying canine lives.

Their Bernedoodle puppies are gorgeous, active, and brimming with personality. Soft fleece coats with low shedding and hypoallergenic properties are available in tri, black and white, party, and phantom. They are active members of the dog community in Australia and overseas and possess the following registrations:

  • QLD Government-registered breeder
  • National Companion Pet Institute
  • Royal Canin-registered breeder
  • American Kennel Club-accredited training
  • DAF government approval

As members of the National Companion Pet Institute, their puppies have previously been authorized for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) coverage, and many end up as companions.

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Website: Brisbane Bernedoodles
Email: [email protected]

Bernedoodles Australia

Having previously bred family pets and therapy dogs, these breeders quickly realized that Bernedoodles would complement Australian households. Thus, Bernedoodles Australia was established.

They specialize in healthy Bernedoodles and Bernedoodles from Australia. Their puppies have excellent temperaments and shed minimally to not at all. In addition to the genetics they’ve refined in Australia, their lines are culled worldwide. They were the first breeders in Australia to introduce Bernedoodles and Australian Bernedoodles in 2014.

In 2021, the beautiful Aussie Mountain Doodle was also presented to Australian families. They are situated on the outskirts of the Southern Highlands in New South Wales, Australia, approximately 1.5 hours south of Sydney.

They have raised highly bright, affectionate pets and therapeutic Bernedoodles since 1982. Their breeding program is founded on an all-encompassing philosophy. Puppies are born and reared in the homes of family members, children, and other pets. Each female breeding dog is limited to three liters before spaying or neutering.

Breeding dogs at Bernedoodles Australia are not merely pets but also cherished family members, as they all reside in family homes rather than kennels. Before breeding, all dogs undergo genetic testing and hip and elbow scoring.

Location: NSW, Australia
Phone: (477) 037 610
Website: Bernedoodles Australia

Lavender Lane Puppies

Last on the list of Australian Bernedoodle breeders is “Lavender Lane Puppies.” Lavender Lane is a tiny family-run business that breeds well-mannered, gorgeous Groodle and Bernedoodle puppies. Their puppies are socialized with youngsters and raised in a loving family environment, making them ideal family pets. Lavender Lane is dedicated to breeding responsibly and is an active member of its community.

They are National Companion Pet Institute members and are recognized with the Queensland Ethical Breeders Register. Lavender Lane Puppies aims to breed healthy, happy, and affectionate puppies.

They vaccinate, microchip, and treat their puppies for fleas, ticks, and worms. Puppies at Lavender Lane are sold with health reports that include thorough examinations. In addition, the breeders create a Lavender Lane Puppy Kit for each puppy to ensure a smooth transition.

Each puppy has a new manual, milestones brochure, training instructions, advice leaflet, toys, food, and a transition blanket. As a smaller Bernedoodle breeder, puppies are not always available. Therefore, they request that you register on their website to receive updates.

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Website: Lavender Lane Puppies
Email: [email protected]

Tips When Choosing a Bernedoodle Breeder

When choosing a Bernedoodle breeder, you’ll want to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy. To find out if a breeder is reputable, look at their website or contact them directly and ask them about the care of their dogs. If the breeder won’t talk about the health of their puppies or how they treat or train them, then it’s likely that they’re not doing things right.

When choosing a puppy from your chosen breeder, you should be able to see photos of each puppy before deciding whether or not it meets your standards, as well as any other requirements (such as being gentle around children). You should also check if there are any other breeds besides Bernedoodles at this facility so that if something happens with one breed, another option is available for replacement purposes!

Beautiful Bermrdoodle Dog in Australia
Beautiful Bernedoodle Puppy in Australia

Short History of the Bernedoodle Breed

The Bernedoodle is a cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle. The name comes from two parent breeds, Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, which breeders created in the United States in the 1990s. The first Bernedoodles were created by breeders in Australia who crossed their dogs with purebred Poodles or Australian Shepherds.

Do Bernedoodles Make Good Pets?

As a pet, Bernedoodles are very friendly and affectionate. They’re good with children and other pets, including dogs, cats, chickens, and even reptiles. Their high energy levels make them perfect for those who want to spend time outdoors but still have a dog at home. This is the breed for you if you’re looking for a dog that can keep up with your active lifestyle!


Bernedoodles are a fantastic breed of dog that can be great for family members of all ages. They are always happy and love to be around you, which makes them a great addition to any family. If you’re interested in getting a Bernedoodle puppy, contact the above list of bernedoodle breeders in Australia!

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