Are Male Dogs Stronger Than Female Dogs? [4 Facts To Know]

Depending on the breed, male and female dogs may look physically identical and be mixed in size throughout a litter. However, if you’re looking for a stronger dog, you may wonder which one is stronger, male or female.

Male puppies are typically more energetic, active, and independent. However, they can also be more aggressive, possessive, and easily distracted. Therefore, they are often considered stronger than female dogs. Female dogs are more affectionate with their owners and easier to housebreak and train. However, it’s not possible to precisely determine which one is stronger.

In this article, we’ll delve into more detail to help you identify the stronger breed between males and females. We’ll also discuss whether males are more protective than females. By understanding the differences between male and female dogs, you can make an informed decision and choose the best furry companion for your lifestyle and preferences.

Which dog is stronger, male or female?

The personality differences between females and intact (non-neutered) males are most noticeable. Male dogs are sometimes more aggressive, possessive, and easily distracted than females.

Males can also be more energetic, active, and self-reliant. So it is popular that the idea of male dogs is stronger than that of female dogs.

But, this mainly depends on the dog breed. Moreover, in some breeds, the males are referred to as “affectionate goofballs” or “big ol’ softies.” At the same time, the females tend to be a little “sharper” and more aggressive.

We cannot say that aggressiveness decides strength. But it can lead to the power or the strength of a dog. In fact, there is no superior gender for dogs and puppies.

Both genders show various characteristics that differ from each other. All of the aforementioned characteristics are observations made by several dog owners.

The universal fact that a dog’s gender will affect its strength has not been proven by any study.

Are male dogs more protective than female dogs?

Which is preferable, a male or a female dog, if security is one of your top considerations when selecting a furry buddy for your home? Which gender will be more watchful over you and your belongings?

Male and female dogs do not differ significantly in terms of protective tendencies. Any claims that male dogs make better pets than female dogs are based on personal experience and speculation.

The breed also impacts unmodified dogs and exhibits greater territorial or protective traits than neutered dogs. Some dog owners claim male dogs are more watchful and ready to defend themselves.

In contrast, others claim that female dogs are more protective and relate this behavior to maternal instinct.

The fact that there are no obvious differences between male and female dogs does not suggest that there are none.

Statistics show that male dogs of a particular breed tend to be larger than their female counterparts, which may be important to anyone searching for a strong watchdog.

But females are mentioned in the research as, in general, female dogs are less aggressive than male dogs. Because of their maternal instincts, they are more likely to be protective of people, especially kids.

Although the research shows that female dogs make better guard dogs than male dogs, this is not a universal truth. The most crucial element in this question is gender.

Training and socialization are key factors in a dog’s ability to guard. Regardless of gender, if you raise your dog with care, it will grow up to be a devoted friend and a naturally capable protector.

However, more than their gender, a dog’s breed influences whether or not it will be attentive or protective.

Who is the more dominant male or female dog?

Dogs that were considered to be dominant were more likely to: win fights; be the first to receive treats like marrow bones; have the best resting place; be in charge when defending the group; be more aggressive; lead the pack on walks (presumably off-leash); be the older of the two dogs; eat first when food is given at the same time; be regarded as smarter; be the first to bark at strangers; pee over the other dog’s pee; like that.

These characteristics are commonly seen in male dogs.

Our question is which gender of the dogs is more dominant, out of male dogs and female dogs. Male dogs might be more aggressive, possessive, and easily distracted than female dogs.

Although they don’t threaten as much, female dogs are generally more independent, obstinate, and territorial than males. So we can say that male dogs are more prone to displaying dominance-related aggression than female dogs.

Even though both genders of dogs can display this type of violence. But in general, male dogs show more dominance than females.

Do the Military/Police use male or female dogs?

A trained canine used by police and other law enforcement officials is known as a police dog. Both male and female assistance dogs for law enforcement are outstanding.

But the majority of military or police dogs in use are males. Female canines can also be utilized as support dogs. Still, male dogs are frequently more aggressive and powerful in their physical appearance and temperament.

Female dogs are frequently used as single-purpose specialist dogs. They have received training to recognize illegal substances, bombs, and other stuff. So, police dogs are frequently male dogs.

It is wrong to imply that a male breed is superior to a female breed in dogs. It matters how the dog is trained to work for you. However, there will be expected to be more female police canines as training methods improve.

Any dog can convince you that working in a professional setting is not an easy task, but some dogs stand out. In the end, it’s about a dog’s reaction to training and how they get along with their handler.

Police dogs, despite their gender, will always serve an important role in safeguarding communities.

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Things to be aware of.

So far, we have brought up which dog is stronger, male or female. Which gender is more protective, which is more dominant, and which gender of the police dogs is more prominent; and so many important facts.

But when discussing this topic, there may be certain things we should be aware of and want to pay more attention to. Let’s talk about what those things really are.

  • Never underestimate a female dog’s strength compared to a male dog. Sometimes, the female can be more aggressive than the male and attack you severely.
  • How a dog is raised and trained from an early age will determine its behavior as an adult. Because of the surrounding they were raised in, some dogs are more friendly or hostile than others. Selecting a male or female puppy is totally up to the potential owner.
  • If you don’t intend to breed your female dog, you might want to think about having her spayed.
  • When adapting to a second dog, two female dogs may experience dominance conflicts, resulting in dog aggression, similar to male dogs. So it is better to consider a dog of the opposite gender. (But this is not the only thing to consider)


Gender conflict is not exclusive to humans, even so. Some individuals claim that while male dogs are more friendly and easier to train, female dogs are more violent and protective of their owners and puppies.

Due to male dogs’ body appearance and high temper, we can say that they are stronger. But at the same time, with proper training and all, females are also not second to male dogs.

Actually, no one gender is thought to be stronger regarding dogs and pups. The observations mentioned above are only experiences made by several dog owners.

The universal fact that a dog’s gender will affect how powerful it has not been proven by any study. Both genders are stronger in different ways.

So, I hope this article has clarified some issues related to this matter for you, and I look forward to seeing you in the next article.

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