When Your Dog Stands On His Hind Legs To Poop [7 Reasons + Solutions]

Dog Stands On Hind Legs To Poop

Are you concerned about your dog standing on its hind legs when it needs to poop? In this article, we will explore the seven main reasons for this behavior and possible solutions.

A dog may stand on its hind legs to poop due to back injuries, degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, anal gland issues, canine intervertebral disc issues, fecal incontinence, or perineal hernia. The only solution is to consult a veterinarian, and regular veterinary checkups should not be skipped.

Regardless of the reason, this behavior is abnormal. However, identifying the exact cause can help in the remedial process. Keep reading to learn more about possible solutions.

Why does your dog stand on hind legs to poop?

Important Disclaimer: This information is not a substitute for veterinary advice. Be sure to follow your veterinarian's instructions.

I have seen this unusual behavior on a handful of occasions over the past decade. Not from my dogs.

However, I decided to dig deep into this concern just to help my readers. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Here are 7 common reasons why a dog may try to stand on its hind legs when it needs to defecate.

1. Due to a back injury.

If your dog no longer assumes the normal defecating position, probably doing it with standing up or half squat, one of the leading suspicious causes could be back injuries.

First, check for injuries to the hind legs. Because some dogs are more inclined to bite other dogs’ hinds legs while they’re playing or due to several different reasons.

Usually, back injuries are common among young puppies and older dogs, and adolescent dogs are less likely to get back injuries. However, certain dog breeds are more inclined to be prone to back injuries without any age distinction.

Moreover, breeds like Bulldogs, Pugs, Dachshunds, Basset hounds, Beagles tend to have a higher percentage of back injuries as a result of genetic predisposition.

2. Degenerative myelopathy condition.

If a dog stands on its hind legs whenever it needs to poop, another highlighted reason could be the Degenerative myelopathy condition.

Often large dog breeds and older dogs are more likely to suffer from this condition, which can cause issues with hind legs.

This condition can start and progressively worsen during the 8-14 years of age with regards to older dogs.

3. Due to arthritis issues.

Arthritis is another most suspicious cause; why does your dog tend to stand on hind legs when it tries to defecate.

Here are common symptoms that indicate your dog has arthritis issues.

  • A significant change in behavior within several weeks, including prefer to have naps in quiet places in the house, don’t try to follow its favorite persons.
  • Showing abnormal Irritability behavior.
  • Biting, licking, chewing hind legs.
  • Check if it yelp whenever you touch hinds.
  • Limping on rear legs.
  • Hesitation to be active and move around.
  • Unusual tiredness.

Generally, obese canines, older dogs, large breeds including German shepherds, Golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, Springer spaniels, Rottweilers, Bernese mountain dogs are more likely prone to arthritis conditions.

4. Anal glands.

Having an anal gland is also another annoying condition that most canines encounter, especially when they face a hard time defeating, making them unable to find an excellent posture to complete their business.

Check for the following signs to make sure whether your dog has anal gland issues.

  • Unpleasant odor.
  • Always chasing the tail.
  • Constantly biting and licking the anal area.
  • Difficulty sitting.
  • Scooting rear end along the ground.
  • Constipation conditions.
  • Difficulty when pooping.

Regarding reasons, glands are not locating a designated spot, obesity, constantly pooping soft stools are ordinary circumstances that could cause anal glands.

Moreover, sudden traumas to their rectal area also can be another reason for anal glands.

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Other health concerns.

Apart from the above causes, several other reasons affect your dog’s pooping habits, positions, especially if it’s pooping by standing on hind legs.

5. Disc issues: Canine intervertebral disc disease is another common circumstance that many dogs suffer from.

6. Fecal incontinence: Generally, fecal incontinence can be another stressful condition for both the dog and owner. Basically, what happened here is these dogs lose control of their bowel movements.

7. Perineal hernia: This condition is another undesired condition that some dogs suffer from.

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What to do if your dog stands on hind legs to poop?

As I mentioned earlier, spotting the exact cause will help you to work on the remedy process.

1. First thing first, meet your vet.

If your dog usually stands on its hinds legs whenever it is defecating, one or multiple reasons mentioned above can lead to that unusual posture.

Since almost all of the above circumstances are very health-related matters, consulting a veterinarian is the best solution you have.

In fact, I would like to recommend you to meet the vet as soon as you figured out this unusual behavior from your loving pooch.

Moreover, I wanna mention that don’t try to make the following suggestions over your veterinarian advice. Again, an important disclaimer, this information cannot substitute for your veterinarian’s advice.

2. When the dog is in back pain.

As we discussed earlier, back pains are also another common reason some dogs stand on hind legs when they poop.

Having pain in the rear legs causes them to suffer, limiting their activeness and movements considerably.

Here are some of the things when your dog is suffering from back pain.

  • Lossing its weight.
  • Removing slippery surfaces in your house.
  • Buy a harness. You can help your dog to perform so many activities with the help of harnesses. Moreover, most dogs tend to display a strange calmness when the harness is on.
  • Supervice the dog and limit jumping.
  • Pain management is a must with the help of your vet.
  • Supervise its excercises.
  • Try physical therophy,
  • Due to various accidents.

3. When the dog is suffering from arthritis issues.

A dog is more likely to show strange popping habits, including defecating, by just standing on its hind legs. Earlier, we’ve discussed the common reasons for this arthritis issue.

Here are some of the things that are worth considering when your dog has arthritis.

  • The more heavier the dog is, the more pressure on to the joints, resulting much higher joint damage causing severe level or arthritis. Helping you dog to loss some weight is good thing to consider at the movement. How you do that? Well, you gotta discuss that with your veterinarian as it requires so many things to take to account.
  • Apropriate diet is the next most priority consideration you should work on if your dog has arthrits. Again, disscuss this with your veterinarian or canine nutritionist.
  • Another important factor is raised food and water bowl. Consider using an elevated stands to hold both food and water bowls. This can make your dog’s life easier.
  • When a dog has arthritis issues, bedding is another essensial factor dog parents should think of. Therefore consider providing orthopedic bed that has firmer sleep surface while it giving an extra support to your dog’s joints and bones.
  • Consider providing supports when it needed. Mostly dog ramps, dog steps, slings and harnesses, non-slippery surface, support wraps and orthotics, etc.

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4. When the dog has anal glands.

As I mentioned earlier, if a dog stands on hind legs to poop, the reason could be anal glands. We’ve discussed some of the causes and symptoms of this issue.

What should you do in such a situation?

Well, here are certain things that are worth considering.

  • First, you must make an anal gland expression appointment with your veterinarian. Note that, Do not try to remove this yourself. Because it requires expert knowladge and expertise.
  • Keep the dog in a healthy diet. Chat with your veterinarian to prepare an apropriate diet plan just for your loving pooch.
  • If dog don’t have issues like arthritis, consider providing plenty of excercises to prevent these kind of issues any furthure as obese dogs usully prone to anal glands.
  • Don’t let your groomer to do this job. Frankly, some groomers don’t remove them completely due to legel concerns.

Things to be aware of.

It feels so strange when a dog stands on its hind legs to poop without squatting. However, now you know the reasons for that and possible solutions. However, there are certain things you need to be aware of.

  • Since we cannot cover this whole topic within a single article as it requires tons of things to take into account and actually required to check the canine physically, I wanna remind you again that PLEASE, MEET YOUR VET AS SOON AS YOU SEEN SUCH BEHAVIOR FROM YOUR DOG!
  • Do not try online videos and information at home. Because it requries a huge expertise.
  • Don’t skip regular vet checkups.
  • Be consistant and keep the dog in a routine.
  • Don’t skip grooming sessions.
  • Keep the dog clean as much as possible.


Many doggy parents are just wanna know why some dogs stand on their hind legs when they need to poop. Is that something crazy posture where that particular dogs would like? Don’t worry. I’ve come up with 7 common causes why this can happen and how you can help such a dog do their business by squatting just like a regular canine. Hope you found this helpful.


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  1. I am fostering a young Lab mix, age 2 – 4, who frequently stands on her hind legs to pee. She was diagnosed with a UTI 2 days ago, and other than that, I know nothing else about this dog as she0 was in the shelter, unclaimed by her previous owner. Would you have any insight in regards to standing to pee? Is it the same issues associated with standing to poop?

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