When Your Dog’s Nails Are Sharp [Do These 5 Things + Crucial Facts]

Dog’s Nails Are Sharp

Living with a dog that has sharp nails can be a significant challenge for many dog owners. In this article, we will explore whether dogs always have sharp nails and what you can do to keep them dull.

It is true that dogs naturally have sharp nails. However, their nails may remain sharp due to various factors such as lack of access to natural filing surfaces, infrequent nail clipping, and improper cutting techniques. To make your dog’s nails less sharp, you can try regularly and technically clipping their nails, using a nail grinder, filing the edges of their nails, and providing daily walks on hard surfaces.

Many dog owners make mistakes when clipping their dog’s nails, such as cutting their nails too infrequently or not knowing how to cut them properly. By following best practices for nail care, you can help keep your dog’s nails dull and prevent potential issues such as scratching or damage to floors and furniture.

Do dogs have sharp nails?

Absolutely, dogs do have sharp nails. It’s excruciating when you get scratched by a dog, especially by a puppy.

With regards to my dogs, they don’t scratch me on purpose but paw at me just to get my attention. Mostly it hurts when a dog does that.

However, I know how to keep their nails dull, and I’m glad to share it with you.

As I mentioned above, dog claws have been sharp since the time of their ancestors. But, they do file the nails with natural nail filers not to make them dull but to shorten.

We gonna look into some of the reasons why dog nails are always sharp.

1. When they don’t have access to natural files.

Regular walks, playing outdoors are excellent natural “nail files”. The main reason dogs get sharp nails is because they are not allowed for regular walks or spent much time outdoors.

Walking on surfaces like concrete can make the nails blunt, especially walking on the sidewalk or street surface.

2. Not clipping them regularly.

In general, dog nails must be clipped and filed every 3 to 4 weeks in order to keep them getting sharp and overgrowing.

With regards to overgrown nails, they are more likely to crack or snag on certain things like carpets. Cracked nails are torturing and leave an excruciating wound.

As a good rule of thumb to identify when to clip them off is waiting for the nails to get to a position where the tips of the nails start to curl.

So, not clipping them regularly is another reason why do dog nails are sharp.

3. Inability to cut them properly.

Cutting dog nails also requires a specific set of skills. That’s why you can find a grooming shop on every street corner.

Of course, even a beginner can cut dog nails as soon as he knows the right lengths and how to handle the relevant equipment.

However, you need to have specific skills and knowledge in order to keep them blunt after cutting. But, don’t worry. I’m gonna share with you every aspect you need to know.

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Why do dogs nails sharp after trimming

Clipping on time and filing them correctly is so important to keep your dog from scratching, especially if you have children or elderly householders in your house.

The main reason why your dog’s nails are still sharp even after trimming is the inability to cut and grind them properly.

Another common cause is not using the right equipment. Using the right and most efficient product is so vital just because you cannot play with dog nails.

I mean, breaking a nail or cutting it too short can be very painful for your dog and can cause bleeding for a long time, and perhaps the dog will be unable to walk properly for several days.

Here are my favorite nail grinder and clipper. The good thing about them is that they are affordable. (Click the link, and you can directly buy it from chewy.)

How to make dog nails less sharp?

Let’s look into some of the ways to make dog nails less sharp.

1. Regularly and correctly clip the nails.

As I mentioned earlier, dog nails should be clipped every 3 to 4 weeks to avoid overgrowing. But, this is just an average number; some dogs’ nails grow pretty much fast; therefore, they must be clipped every 1 to 2 weeks.

So, the cutting frequency depends on the individual canine.

The very first step of blunting their nails is clipping correctly. However, the nails are sharp just after clipping them.

But, there are some techniques of cutting them that take the top sharpness of the nail, leaving minimal sharpness of nails.

Usually, veterinarians and groomers are excellent at snipping the nails, learning by watching what and how they do, asking for specific techniques will certainly help on your specific dog as these methods aren’t universal for each dog. Therefore, the technique can be slightly modified depending on the appearance of the nails.

  1. However, if you aren’t a beginner, consider starting off with snipping the main part of the nail. Ensure not to make them too short.
  2. Then, tilt the nail just a bit and snip again.
  3. It will take the tiniest sharpness off from the top of the nail.
  4. Do this for each nail.

Note that the more you do this by yourself, the easier it will become as time goes. However, make sure not to hurt your loving pooch.

2. Use a nail grinder.

Some canines may have clipper anxiety. If the nail clippers freaked out your canine friend, a nail grinder is a good choice for you.

Getting rounded and smooth nails are pretty much straightforward with grinders compared to the clippers. Because clippers always tend to leave a sharp edge.

Moreover, grinders are a good solution for dogs with thick nails, especially on larger dogs.

You have to be always mindful to stay away from cutting the quick with the clippers. However, grinding off the sharp edges and points is pretty much easier with the nail grinder.

Note that the grinders are electrical and emitting a machinery sound, something which can scare off a dog, especially an unsocialized puppy.

3. Smooth out sharp edges 

As I mentioned earlier, you will always have sharp edges by using a nail clipper.

So, consider filing them out in order to smooth the sharp edges. Feel free to use a regular nail file to smooth the edges.

4. Give access to natural nail files.  

Giving access to natural files, including taking the dog on regular walks, playing in the backyard, are pretty much autopilot methods to smooth their nails.

Canine nails getting sharp as they grow. So, daily walks on hard surfaces like sidewalks, concrete surfaces are the easiest way to make your life easier.

5. Go to a local grooming shop.  

If you’ve found this doesn’t work for you, consider visiting your local grooming shop; trust me, the groomers are great at it, and it’s all worth your money and time.

But the good thing is it will only cost you several bucks.

Usually, I grind my dog’s nails. However, I seldom visit local grooming shops in a case where I don’t have much time grooming my dogs.

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Things to be aware of

Now you know whether dog nails are sharp, why do they sharp even after clipping, and how to make them less sharp. However, there are few more important points you need to know.

Visit a groomer: There are a few instances where you really need the help of a groomer to clip and sharp your pooch’s nails, especially when the dog is still a puppy, anxious dogs, anxious owners, dogs with black nails.

Dogs that have not been vaccinated: With regards to dogs who haven’t had all of their vaccines, it’s advised to stay away from clipping until the dog is fully vaccinated. But, you may get the help of your vet or groomer after discussing with them.

When the dog fidgets too much: If your dog seems anxious and fidgets too much, ask someone to hold a yummy treat for the dog. However, be sure to maintain a distance between the dog and the treat while not letting him grab the treat out of the other person’s hand.

Don’t rush: You should be extremely calm and focused while clipping or grinding nails. Patience is highly appreciable.

When the nails are too long: As I mentioned earlier, the clipping frequency can be varied with the dog. By the way, if you can hear its nails clicking on the hard floor, it indicates the nails are too long.

When the dog scratch you: If your dog has a behavioral issue to always scratches you by pawing, mostly known as an attention-seeking problem, make sure to correct that behavior prior to things gets worsen.

When buying products: It doesn’t really matter whether you gonna buy a clipper or a dog nail grinder, always make sure to buy well-branded products so that our dogs do not want to be harmed.

By the way, here is what to do to avoid your dog’s nail clicking on the floor.


Most dog parents desperately need to know whether dog nails are sharp, if so, how to make them smoother? Well, With this complete guide, we have discussed 5 main methods to make dog nails less sharp and other relevant important matters. Hope you found this helpful.

Be kind to leave a comment below about your experience of clipping your dog’s nails, certainly, that will be so helpful for future readers.


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