Read This If You Hate Your Second Dog [This Can Help You]

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Bringing a second dog into your home can have both positive and negative impacts on your life. Have you ever worried or regretted getting a second dog? The answer may depend on several factors.

In short, you may hate your second dog due to a loss of freedom, lack of sleep, increased maintenance costs, difficulty balancing the needs of both dogs, and trouble training the second dog. If you feel guilty after getting a second dog, consider seeking support, training your dog well, or hiring a pet sitter.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a complete understanding of what to expect when getting a second dog and how to overcome any issues that may arise. By following the right approach and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that both you and your furry companions have a happy and harmonious life together.

Let’s explore the world of second dogs and learn how to make the most of this exciting and rewarding experience.

Why might you feel regret after getting the second dog?

A dog indeed is one of the blessed gifts you can ever have in your life. When you feel the need for another doggy, you might easily get one.

But, since the feeling is instant and with the workload, you may quickly regret the decision you took.

As mentioned earlier as well, it is a common condition to regret your second dog. But there can be several specific reasons for the issue.

1. Puppy Training.

No matter the number of doggies you have, you must train them well. If you buy a pup, the struggle becomes hard since you have to train them from the beginning.

It might cost not only the money but your time as well. You will feel that you have to dedicate the time you dedicated to your first doggy after having the second as well.

You will have to teach them good behaviors and manners from the very beginning while being patient about the mess they make in your home.

Perhaps, you will have to hire a puppy trainer or seek their advice when bringing up your second doggy.

2. Loss of Freedom.

When you have a second doggy friend, you will have to dedicate your freedom. You might want to clean the accidents, tolerate them when chewing your bed, and the list goes on.

Your mind will be restless since you have to stop the quarrels between your elder dog and the second one.

Perhaps your elder dog might be seeking your attention more because of the second one, and this blows your mind up when you have piles of work to do. You will also feel a little upset with both the dogs.

3. Lack of Sleep.

When having a pup as the second dog, you will have to dedicate your sleep as well. Since the puppies do not peacefully sleep for the whole night, you will have to wake up when they cry and play all around the house.

Because of this reason, you might regret having a second dog since you are not ready to dedicate your sleep like for the first doggy. 

4. Cost.

The cost of maintaining two dogs simultaneously won’t be that sweat when considering the list of health and physical needs they want.

You will have to spend more on dogs’ food, and their medical clinic bills will make you down. Perhaps you will have to spend on dog trainers and walkers as well if you are a busy person.

5. Balancing the first dog.

It is not easy to make the first dog understand the new one. Things will become hard if it is a puppy or another adopted adult dog.

You will have to give them both caring and love in equal values without harming their inner thoughts.

No matter how many dogs you decide to have, you should treat them equally with love and care since dogs are extremely sensitive pets.

Remember, you are not supposed to break their hearts.

Is it normal to regret having a second dog?

In short, yes, it is pretty normal to regret getting a second dog into the family. It does not mean that you are bad since the feeling is common with almost everyone.

As a percentage, 59% of new dog owners are exhausted of having them though there is joy and all the fun.

Well, there can be fair enough reasons to regret having a second dog. But you should consider them before buying or adopting a doggy, as they should not pay for your regression.

Though it is normal to regret getting a second dog, you are not allowed to harm their thoughts and break their hearts down under any circumstance.

Having a second dog is your own choice, and no one force you to have them. So you should be responsible and be ready enough to bring them up with love and care.

If you don’t want to overcome the feeling of regretting, don’t be shy to hand over your second pooch back to the place you adopted or bought him.

It is OK if you can’t handle the pressure and also it is the best thing you can do about him.

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What can you do if you feel guilty about your second dog?

Well, things like regretting a doggy fellow can happen in your day-to-day life. You may also feel guilty about the decision you made to have a second dog.

If you want to overcome the feeling of guilt and make your second doggy accustomed to your home with proper training, you can try the following strategies and find a solution.

Do not let the guilty continue since it will be a burden for yours as well as the dog’s state of mind.

1. Get support.

A good support system might result positively in the process. If you feel guilty and fed up with your second dog, you can ask the help of your homies or else dog trainers, daycares, and dog walkers.

But all they should be responsible enough since you are dealing with an innocent doggy life though you feel guilty of having them.

There are professional dog trainers and daycares where you can rely on. Developing the basic obedience of a doggy is a MUST.

Doggie daycares are also the best option, and you will start liking them, and things will become easy.

Discuss with the family and if they will give some of the doggy tasks.

2. Train well

Puppy training is a must for an excellent behavioral pattern. You will have to invest, but trust me, you won’t regret it.

Proper training from the beginning will positively result in your second dog, and you will feel the relaxation while enjoying yourself with your second dog.

3. Go to a pet sitter.

If you feel fed up with the behavior of the second dog, you can try and get help from a pet sitter. Especially if you are out for work, you can drop them with a pet sitter, or sometimes pet sitters come and take your puppy.

When the dog is away from you, there will be more time to prepare your mind to become ready with your second dog.

But, if you do not feel a real need for the second dog you bought or adopted, do not try to force the idea that you have to keep them anyhow.

It will only result negatively in you and the doggy as well. In such situations, it’s better to re-home them or hand them over the back to the place you adopted or bought them.

Do not ever keep a doggy fellow without your pure interest since it will cause severe anxious conditions in the dog since you are not affectionate towards them.

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Do dogs understand that you hate them?

Obviously YES! Dogs are a sensitive set of pets who can notice even minute changes in you. In the same manner, they can understand when you have hateful feelings towards them.

There can be fair enough reasons for you to bear hateful feelings towards a dog, but you are not supposed to keep them with you if you are not interested.

Doggy friends can easily get distracted and mentally down when they notice that you hate them. They display it by being with a sad face at a corner of your home.

As well as understanding your love and affection, they can also identify whether you like them or not.

So please, if you feel like you hate the new puppy, you bought or adopted, make sure to return them. No, any doggy should deserve hatred or ill-treatments.

Things to be aware of.

Be aware of their sensitivity and not harm their feelings by expressing hatred.

Select responsible dog walkers and doggie daycares when getting support.

Do not blame your doggy or treat them ill because you hate them.

Be patient until they become well trained.


Doggies are fur balls with an ultimate gift of love. So if you regret having a second dog, do not ever treat them ill. Having a second dog is your own choice and be careful when making a decision since you are dealing with doggy friends. Hope you got clear about the circumstances of hating your second dog and what you can do about it.

Cheers until next time!

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